by James Sundquist, 9/12/17


I received an email from Os Guinness (Guinness Book of Records).  He spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church.  He said he teased Rick Warren that the Guinness Book of Records sold more books than Warren’s PDL Book.  He would know.  But Guinness own site states 138 million sold. They sell 2.5 million per year.  So in 2012 that figure would have been about 123 million, when Warren had sold 32 million, when they made their claim they attributed to PW.   That is about 7 times Warren’s sales (both are nonfiction).  But even 123 million does not make the top ten.

So this is one more proof of Warren and Zondervan and HarperCollins have committed have published false claims and false advertising.

Now for anyone to name their book as number one, it always comes from a list.  Where is the list?  All other books in top twenty, 50, or 100, lists the book and the number as well as the ranking of everyone who is NOT number one.


Rick Warren and his publisher Zondervan (now Harper-Collins) claim that Publishers Weekly stated that Rick Warren’s is “the bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history.”  If this were true, Warren’s book would appear on PW’s own website list of best selling non-fiction books in history.  PW does have such a top 25 list, here it is, and Rick Warren is not on it!:



Secondly, note that on that link PW and the industry at large does not use the term “hardback”, rather they use the term “hardcover”.


For example, you can type in Publishers Weekly site search engine any book such as Purpose Driven Life, or Southern Baptist author Daniel Darling’s IFAITH book:



The printed version of the review in Publishers Weekly shows the page number.  In the case of Darling’s book, page 54, and date of the PW Issue: December 13, 2010.


Go to Publishers Weekly search engine to verify anything Publishers Weekly ever said about any book.  In other words, if a statement is made by Publishers Weekly about a book, it is in Publishers Weekly.


One more thing here is a statement by George Slowik, President of Publishers Weekly regarding Rick Warren’s statement about his PDL book:


George W. Slowik, President of Publishers Weekly:

“I’ve checked our site which includes all of our content from about 1995.

Also touched base with our religion editors and there is no finding of a quote like that…We don’t generally use the term hardback.” September 30, 2013 11:33:08 PM EDT


I am trying not to editorialize or comment on this because the facts speak for themselves.  I simply copy what Warren claims and compare it to the various lists.




Sometime books are fiction, but because they are based on a real character or real life story like Ben Hur which is the story of Jesus, I include them in non-fiction list!


Amazon.com posts the top 20 “best-selling nonfiction books of all time”.



(scroll down)  Rick Warren’s book is not listed in the top twenty.


Ranker puts Warren’s PDL book at 36:



James Clear’s Best Selling books list:


(Warren’s book does not even show up)



(No sign of Warren’s book)



Warren is not even in the top 1,000


Amazon list puts Rath’s Strengthfinder book as the number one best seller, but the list does not even include Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book on their Top 20 best-selling nonfiction books of all time


This was quite shocking in light of the fact that Rick Warren's website as well as his publisher post the following statement:


"Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history” according to Publisher’s Weekly


http://www.purposedriven.com/books/pdlbook/#purpose (Rick Warren’s website)


http://www.zondervan.com/the-purpose-driven-life-1 (Warren’s publisher)



What I find even more amazing than these facts, is that most pastors and professors and denominations who have been promoting Warren learn of these revelations concerning him, don’t even care about the truth, keep right on promoting him, and even attack me.


Here is the complete original expose on Rick Warren re this matter:


Finally, here is the link to my original white paper report:





Now there are 196 countries in the world. Rick Warren identified Purpose Driven Countries, based on his list of even potential Purpose Driven Countries from above list, is twelve nations. 12 divided by 196 = .06 or 6% of the world's countries that would be in Rick Warren's matrix. Again this is assuming that every single country on his Global Peace Plan is, or has gone Purpose Driven Country. The only country that is in reality listed as an official PDC Country is Rwanda, which has now rejected him, and the Rwandan Embassy in Washington D.C. Confirmed on March 16, 2017, said there is no official connection to Rick Warren's regarding calling Rwanda a Purpose Driven Country. Also see:

according to AfroAmerican Network sources in Kinshasa. ... We praise God for the fact that Rick Warren has not been in Rwanda for a while,”




  1. Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Countries Percentage of earth by square miles = 8%
  2. Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Countries Percentage of earth by population = 14%
  3. Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Countries (12) Percentage of total number of countries on the earth (196) = 6%

Do these figures constitute a Global Peace Plan to you?

And, like Warren's boast about his PDL book sales being the best-selling hardback book in history, which raises the obvious question, who was second in sales, likewise, which country is the Second Purpose Driven Country, if Rwanda is First?  Fifth? 54Th? Where is there a list? If there is such a list, it would be a list of one, at one point, but now would be zero. The fact is that the truth and the true number of Rick Warren Purpose Driven Countries percentage is closer to zero percent. Now one of my close friends once told me many years ago when I was touring the country in concert ministry when I was discouraged about concert attendance. He had both the wisdom of being a Christian songwriter and concert minister himself, but grew up in a legendary Gospel music singing family. I will never forget what he said to me: “Which is better, ten thousand screaming fans, or one whole person from your music ministry?” This edifying word of exhortation is something I will never forget. The point here is that the Great Commission and ministry is not a contest. The Apostle Paul rebuked Christians in Colossians for doing this. But it is Rick Warren that has turned this into a contest in his so-called God's dream for him and God's dream for you, with his Global Peace Plan. So where in Scripture does it tell us that God dreams? Is this God's Dream, or God's Nightmare? Rick Warren compares his Global Peace Plan to Nehemiah's Wall. But Nehemiah succeeded in his righteous act of building the wall around Jerusalem. Warren tries to call Nehemiah's building of the wall a “vision”. Really? Who's vision? There is nothing in the Book of Nehemiah about a vision.  The Prophets Moses, Ezekiel, Micah and Daniel had visions, clearly recorded in Scripture as such. Nehemiah did not! Then Warren would have us believe that God gave Nehemiah a dream (to build the wall). I challenge everyone out there to do your own search in the Book of Nehemiah, and show me one verse where the word “dream” even occurs, let alone that God gave Nehemiah a dream. So not only did Rick Warren get the facts wrong about the Book of Nehemiah, he has misappropriated what applied only to Nehemiah for himself and applied it to the Church today! This is also highly presumptuous that his Global Peace Plan is for the the entire church, not just his church or Purpose Driven Network. Read the entire book for yourself. Rick Warren wrongly presumes that his Global Peace Plan is from God. It should be obvious at this point that it could not have been from the Lord. Warren's wall has collapsed...total failure! Warren's wall more closely resembles the Walls of Jericho, than it does the Nehemiah's Wall. Rick Warren is no Nehemiah. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers as he boasts with both his book sales and number of countries he as recruited or hopes to integrate into his Global Peace Plan! And it has been more than a decade since he launched this Global Peace Plan, and this is all he has to show for it? (Using his argument, not mine!) What a track record! And what a contrast what the Macedonia's would have had in their report on the Apostle Paul vs. Rwanda's report on Rick Warren! And what a model for Rick Warren to call RWANDA the “NATIONAL MODEL” for his entire GLOBAL PEACE PLAN? (This is nothing against the nation of RWANDA or its people, but Warren's own catastrophic failure of his own Global Peace Plan blueprints for the total of 196 nations on the earth (the Globe)). In fact, let's look more closely at what Rwanda really thinks about Rick Warren:

Rick Warren’s first Purpose Driven Country, Rwanda, has virtually rejected him.  See:



There was a story that just ran in Rwanda in September 2016, documenting that his program there has completely collapsed.  

Here is the story: