The Forgotten Facts about Michael Brown of Brownsville

by Sandy Simpson, 7/8/19


Dr. Brown has been making the rounds of evangelical church gatherings and conferences presenting himself as an authority on Judaism and the truth of Scripture.  His latest conference, where he is listed first as a plenary speaker, is the NCCA (National Conference on Christian Apologetics) put on by Southern Evangelical Seminary (SBC) and held at Calvary Church in Charlotte. Looks good except for one glaring problem.  Michael Brown.  This guy has been inserting himself in all kinds of apologetics and Jewish studies conferences.  He carries with him an unrepenant participation in the Brownsville "Outpouring" that split hundreds of churches worldwide with the false teachings of the Latter Rain.  He lied to Holly Pivec of Spirit of Error by saying there was no such thing as the New Apostolic Reformation.  He is a clear wolf in sheep's clothing.  There are some good knowledgable people particiapting in this conference but I would not spend a dime to hear his diaprax.  Please warn others about this.

This from a man who is actually an adherent of Latter Rain teachings, associate and participant with many New Apostolic members (for an older membership list go here:, and who has never repented of the false teachings of Brownsville in which he participated as a leader and that split many churches around the world along doctrinal lines.  I have a number of articles about him on my site.  I started collecting articles exposing the Brownsville “Revival” back in 1996 because of the lies being told by its leadership.  I wanted to leave a historical record of what went on, of the false teachings and false prophecies, so that they could not dupe people with false information they are putting out there.  Such is the case with Michael Brown, one of the leaders in that movement.  Following is evidence of his guilt by participation in the Third Wave.  My hope is that Bible-believing, Christ-centered Christian organizations will quit associating with him.

Brown has made a number of false statements and false prophecies.

Michael Brown’s False Prophesy


By now we are all familiar with the prophecy - first denied to be a prophecy, then admitted to being a prophecy, then denied to be a prophecy - issued by John Kilpatrick on April 6, 1997 against CRI and its president, Hank Hanegraaff. However, it has been discovered that John Kilpatrick is not the first Brownsville Assembly of God staff member to have prophesied falsely. As far back as 1987, Dr. Michael Brown, Brownsville's chief apologist, issued one of his own.

One of the foremost theologians and spokesman for the Messianic Jewish Congregation (MJC) has informed us of an embarrassing prophecy given by Dr. Brown. Given the international nature of his ministry, this spokesman wishes to remain anonymous, but reader inquiries related to any cited material will be forwarded to him and he will reply privately with the inquirer.

This spokesman of the Messianic Jewish Congregation wishes to make it well and formally known that Dr. Michael L. Brown is not reflective of, nor does he represent, on any level, national or international, the MJC. Furthermore, beyond speaking in and through the local MJC church he once belonged to, he has never been a formal spokesman, either nationally or internationally, for the MJC. He did indicate that he
 thought Brown was an elder in the MJC church he once belonged to and that he was involved and spoke at some meetings, including the Conference of Messianic Jewish believers sponsored by Israeli Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, Israel back in '87 or '88. This was a collaborative effort between American and Israeli Messianic Jewish believers, encompassing a diversity of theological backgrounds ranging from charismatic to non-charismatic.


While speaking at that Jerusalem gathering, Michael Brown proceeded to tell the attendees that "tonight," that night, would be a "history-making" night insomuch as the Holy Spirit would descend in power and fire as earth-shaking and monumental as the literal day of Pentecost detailed in Acts, chapter 2. On a video of this speech in the presence of Israeli Messianic leaders including such leading scholars as Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum who all witnessed the false prophetic predictions, Michael Brown went so far as to interpret the national disaster of forest fires destroying 20% of Israel's reforested land as emblematic of the outpouring. [Reported in the Moriel Newsletter Number 9; Jacob Prasch Ministry] Somewhere around 2 am, when it became apparent nothing "earth-shaking" was going to occur that evening, Brown's "prophecy" fizzled and he subsequently issued a letter of apology, attempting to claim that the reason nothing came of it was because several people in attendance were allegedly praying "against" his "prophesy". He would ultimately go on to admit that, in fact, he must not have been "in the Spirit" when he made the aforementioned proclamation. (Article by Bob Hunter and Debra Bouey,


Brown lied about Hank Hanegraaf.  I’m not a fan of Hanegraaf since he admitted to being a Pretereist, but Hank was lied about repeatedly by Brownsville leadership because of his book exposing counterfeit revivals.


Michael Brown lies about Hank Hanegraaf (John Kilpatrick falsely prophesied and cursed Hank Hanegraaff to death from the Brownsville pulpit while Steve Hill stood by and agreed with everything he was saying, even calling anyone who disagreed with them "devils" (


First and foremost let me emphasize that my meetings with John Kilpatrick, Stephen Hill, Michael Brown, et al., should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the "Pensacola Outpouring." Not only I, but Pensacola leaders have underscored this fact. In the words of Michael Brown, "Hank Hanegraaff is not now saying that he endorses the revival." Rather than an endorsement, my meetings with Pensacola leaders should be viewed as an encouragement to carry on a dialogue with those with whom you disagree, in a manner that reaches rather than repels. (CRI Statement on December Meetings Between Hank Hanegraaff and Brownsville Revival Leaders, 1997,


As the Brownsville “Revival” waned, there was a fallout among the leadership.  Following is what happened.


Power Struggle At The Brownsville School Of Ministry (BRSM)? 
Holy Laughter /Toronto Blessing Research Information web site, 1/01


There appears to have been a power struggle at the BRSM, between the AoG and John Kilpatrick on one side, and Dr. Michael Brown on the other side, over the operation of the school.Though the facts are not entirely clear, which both sides disputing the details, the following things are clear:


- There was a dispute over the running of the school 
- Dr. Brown was fired.

- Dr. Brown is starting a competing school in Pensacola.

- Dr. Brown has managed take some of the staff of the BRSM with him.


Here are the official announcements by each side. Please note that the original BRSM annoucement was altered after Dr. Brown put his statement up to respond to comments made on his site.


Please note that these web pages have been taken down as has most of what happened there, which is what I expected when I started colledting and storing articles about Brownsville.  You may still be able to view some of them on


Official Statement from The Brownsville Revival School of Ministry Regarding the firing of Dr. Michael Brown (

Official Statement from Dr. Michael Brown Ministry Regarding the firing of Dr. Michael Brown (

Dr. Michael Brown's Q&A concerning the event (


This firing come close on the heels of Stephen Hill, another one of the top leaders in Brownsville, leaving for his own ministry. There does not appear to be any connection between these incidents.


Charisma Magazine reported the abrupt firing of Michael Brown, president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM).  Brown then promptly formed a new organization called the Fellowship of Revival and Evangelism (FIRE) (Brown is still the vice president of FIRE which he started after Brownsville  There were then two rival schools of revival operating in Pensacola, but now Fire Church is located in Concord, NC. (


Another fabrication by Brown regarding Hanegraaf


But, perhaps the most significant fabrication that I’m concerned with at this point, is the fabrication made by a gentleman named Michael Brown who says that Hanegraaff misused Edwards material to suit his own purposes.” He’s saying that “in “Counterfeit Revival” I (Hank Hanegraaff) do not fairly represent Jonathan Edwards.” And he points out that he himself “has consulted scholars working under Yale University’s “The Works Of Jonathan Edwards” a project that they have “who have lent their academic credibility to his critique of my book “Counterfeit Revival”.”


Now that’s his fabrication. The facts are that (a) man who leads (another) project, his name is Dr. Bowman, he is the coordinator for the STEP Publications “The Edwards Project” which is releasing the complete works of Jonathan Edwards on CD-ROM, was concerned enough about this fabrication coming out of Pensacola and Michael Brown’s lack of scholarship and (his) fabrication to release the following statement:


“Having just finished Hanegraaff’s “Counterfeit Revival” I do not see any inaccuracy in his review of Edward’s “Distinguishing Marks” treatise. Overall, I felt that Hanegraaff’s analysis was right on. Edwards did not condone excesses but felt that they could be present in true revival. Edwards realized that the remorse that the repentant individual feels when they realize what they have been saved from can occasionally lead to emotional outbursts. The bizarre and drunken behavior in the counterfeit revival movement has nothing to do with repentance. What concerns me most about this issue is that mainstream Christianity does not seem to seriously and forceful condemn this movement.” So again, far from this project leader saying that I have not dealt with Edwards fairly, it is the people in Brownsville who are not dealing with Edwards accurately. (


Michael Brown joined Steve Hill in mocking and cursing anyone who disagreed with the unholy antics at Brownsville.

Steve Hill and Michael Brown of BAG have learned not only the defense of fruit-proof but the attack of intimidation to silence those who ask them to explain biblically the bizarre manifestations which both occur regularly and are promoted as signs of a new and end time anointing.  Hill’s first offensive play from scrimmage is the “God Mocker”.  In his book bearing that title he states:


“God Mockers scoff and hold in contempt everything they don’t approve of.  The second mark of a God Mocker is a fear of confrontation and change.  They are so stuck in religious tradition that they are closed to a new revelation … God Mockers have much to fear.  God will recall every curse uttered against His revival.  He will repay every blasphemy whispered … He will remember every word spoken against the weary pastors … God Mockers have disturbed and confused this country … We normally never give the time of day to critics and accusers … The bible says touch not God’s anointed, and do my prophets no harm (Ps. 105-15).  That’s a deadly warning to every God Mocker on this planet … Be careful God Mocker!  Do you know who you are messing with? … You are messing with God Almighty.  When He moves, you had better back off.” (Steve Hill, The God Mockers, Destiny Image’s Revival Press, P.O. Box 310, Shippenburg, PA, 1996, chapter one.)


Michael Brown, not to be outdone by Hill’s God Mocker attack, pulls out of his playbook the well-used "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" ploy.  Michael Brown writes:


“Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  It is a terrifying sin, a horrible sin, a sin of disastrous consequences.  It is the only sin specifically described in the Bible as unforgivable.  Just the thought of it is enough to send spiritual chills down your spine … Are you totally and absolutely sure that you are right in attacking the current revival?  Are you willing to wage your salvation on the fact that you are correct? (Michael Brown, Let Not Man Deceive You, Destiny Image’s Prophetic Press, Shippenburg, PA, pp. 13-14)


Dr. Michael Brown Defends Word Faith Heretic Benny Hinn


Charismatic theologian, author, and radio host Dr. Michael Brown on the eve of the conference posted an open letter to Dr. John MacArthur stating that he “attributes the extreme errors of a tiny minority to countless hundreds of thousands of godly leaders worldwide.”[1]


From this statement it is apparent that Brown does indeed recognize that there are “extreme errors” in the charismatic movement.  Not to worry, however, because those who propagate such error constitute only a “tiny minority” of the mighty charismatic army.


I’m not a social media guy but a few of my more technologically astute friends alerted me to a tweet from Brown dated January 2, 2014 in which he stated that he “just recorded five wonderful TV shows with Benny Hinn.”

Brown has often been seen sharing the platform with people as spiritually whacked as his longtime friend, New Apostolic Reformation’s Rick Joyner.  Brown is also friends with Mike Bickle and Lou Engle, participants in the NAR.  So his statement that there is no such thing as the NAR is ridiculous. (


Some other links to check out on Brown:


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Here is Brown’s statement about the NAR to apologist Holly Pivec


During a recent podcast interview, Alisa Childers asked for my response to Brown's claims. You can read what I said below, starting at 29 minutes into the interview. The bottom line is that Brown hasn't clearly defined NAR. Nor does he seem to understand the essential thing that makes the NAR, NAR: i.e., the belief in the present-day governing offices of apostle and prophet. Because he doesn't clearly define NAR, Brown errs in his conclusion that it doesn't exist, at least not to any significant degree. It seems that Brown just doesn't know what he ought to be looking for.


ACT Note:  Brown should not have even been invited to participate in a discussion of what the NAR is.  He has been duplicitous for a long time and was a leader for years in the counterfeit revival of Brownsville where a spirit of deception was given full access to that church, and from there to hundreds of other churches.  Brownsville caused division everywhere due to their false teachings and unbiblical practices. He has been trying to legitimize himself since then but obviously is still telling lies about Latter Rain doctrines, which he promotes.  He is the epitome of the "spirit of error" in my estimation.  (


Here are some other articles to read exposing Brown.  Though I am not necessarily endorsing these ministries they have valid points when it comes to what Brown has been doing.


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