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The Global Day of Prayer - Part 1 by Sarah Leslie, 2005

“Over the past five years a vision was born and is being realized that is and has been the blessing of millions of people and whole continents. This dream has been the hope of many, including the prophets, and is now being joined with a critical mass and modern technology to bless the earth. Certainly, this story represents a call and a movement of God. Soon, the whole earth will be affected.” On May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday, the Latter Rain apostles have cooked up the biggest prayer extravaganza that the world has ever seen. Stadiums all over the world are to be filled with believers who pray scripted prayers in unison while watching others do the same via high tech satellite hook-ups. 

The Global Day of Prayer - Part 2 by Sarah Leslie, 2005


Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!... Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace; and one built up a wall, and, lo,  others daubed it with untempered mortar: (Ezekiel 13: 3, 10) The first Reformation was about belief; this one’s going to be about behavior. Pastor Rick Warren, May 15, 2005 On May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday, the Latter Rain apostles held a huge global prayer meeting. Believers filled stadiums all over the world and prayed scripted prayers in unison while watching others do the same via high tech  satellite hook-ups.  A poster advertising the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) told us in advance what was supposed to happen: “On
Sunday, May 15 The greatest power known to man will be released.” If God’s people got together and prayed with “one voice” in “one day” that God would “reveal His glory and bless the nations of the earth.”

What is DOMINIONISM? by Sarah Leslie, 2005

The following material was included in 3 separate presentations I made at Discernment conferences this Fall. The presentations were accompanied by clips from DVDs to illustrate the points. The basic outline of these talks is below. This is a work in progress, and at some point there may be a webpage where further examples are posted, including the visual clips. The reader must keep in mind that this report illustrates the problems inherent in the Dominionist worldview. Many of these false teachings are actually part of denominational doctrines, some were concocted in the past several decades, some come out of the occult. There is a dearth of solid theological refutations of these heresies and errors. Why is this? There were great and grave compromises in the seminaries over the past century, where these heresies were allowed to co-exist with fundamentalism, and where they were permitted to gain ground and become more acceptable—to the point that common people, humble pastors, and concerned professors in small Bible colleges and seminaries were silenced. Furthermore, these false teachings went mainstream through the rapid rise of the modern televangelists, Christian books and seminars, and parachurch organizations. 

Dominionism Booklet by Sarah Leslie, 2005

Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism -

This kingdom being built is not of Jesus Christ OF the Bible. It is not FOR the Jesus of the Bible. It has nothing to do with Him, but everything to do with an antichrist zeitgeist that is frightening, appalling and massive in its build-up.

At the present time it is still possible for seekers after truth to access the old doctrines and old sermons in books and on the Internet. The time has nearly come when these traditional Gospel doctrines will be declared heretical and a threat to the false king and kingdom that are being set up.

The Pied Pipers of Purpose by Lynn D. Leslie, Sarah H. Leslie and Susan Conway

The architects of church reform believe that it is possible to measure the intangible things of the spirit, to set behavioral standards upon which to judge effectiveness in spiritual matters, and to set criteria upon which "results" can be attained. Obviously, some people won't measure up. They will not exhibit the proper amount of "spiritual" maturity (spiritual capital) to succeed in their local church. And what will happen to these poor servants, when they compare themselves with this elite corps of "leadership"? What will happen to those fragile sheep, newborns in the Word, who have never heard the Gospel of Grace but have only been taught Purpose-Driven, results-based Christianity?

Joel's Army by Jewel Grewe

What you are about to read exposes some of the most pure forms of the New Apostolic Reformation doctrines – unadulterated – that can be found. They are wholly heretical and deeply disturbing. As this book goes to press as a second edition, these teachings are rapidly gaining impact and influence in the wider Christian world. What would have shocked fifteen years ago is now easily accepted. May the Lord use this book to lead many back to His Word. - Sarah Leslie

Freda & Fanny: A Pharisaical Farce by Sarah Leslie & Melanie Fields, 1998

Later that night, Fanny sat down at her computer. She began to pen a letter ... "Dear Internet Friends of the Remnant of the True Body of Christ, It is with grief and sorrow that I must warn you of wolves among the sheep…."

Peering Into the Peers by Lynn & Sarah Leslie 

But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the
world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. (Gal. 6: 14) 
  How can you find out what your children really think about a variety of issues, and how
can you quickly bring them up to speed on the worldview alternatives - including what and
why you believe? Here's one way. First, you give your child a test that identifies how close to
or far away from a conservative Christian worldview he or she is. That's Nehemiah
Institute's "PEERS" test... If the child scores poorly on the test, he or she then has the
incentive to brush up on his or her worldview via this course. (Mary Pride, Practical
Homeschooling 1 )
It seems to be a strange quirk of sinful human nature that we are constantly compelled to
compare ourselves with one another. In this present generation we use a vast array of gadgets,
inventions, and other artful contrivances to make ourselves "better". A massive advertising
industry plays off our worst fears - that we might not pass the muster, measure up - that
someone else might have beat us to the punch, reached the destination ahead of us, or trumped
us in some aspect of life. Enter into this arena the diverse psychobabble industry, publishing
books galore that hype our deepest, darkest needs and urges. How can we possibly attain
perfection? How can we reassure ourselves that we are "okay"? Let's take that latest magazine
survey to see if we are compatible with our husband or wife! Let's try that latest pill, cosmetic,
or health food!
  Is it any wonder, then, that we turn to psychological testing methods, which we believe
are fail-safe and scientific, to reassure ourselves that we, and our children, are "okay"; that we
measure up to the expectations of the "experts", whoever they are? 

The 7M mandate was co-created by Loren Cunningham of YWAM and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade For Christ by Bruce Wilson, 6/13/22
The 7M mandate was co-created by Loren Cunningham of YWAM and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade For Christ, then aggressively pushed by the NAR, most notably by apostle Lance Wallnau (a dues-paying member of the International Coalition of Apostles.) But it was hardly a new idea.

Sarah Leslie's Testimony - Part 1 Video (12.27.2022).mp4

Sarah Leslie's Testimony - Part 1 Audio (12.27.2022).m4a

Sarah Leslie's Testimony - Part 2 Video (1.3.2023).mp4

Sarah Leslie's Testimony - Part 2 Audio (1.3.2023).m4a

Wormy Straw Men by Sarah Leslie, 6/22, 2006
"Unfortunately, there has been some misguided teaching in some of our churches; teaching that we should denigrate ourselves in order to please God. Supposedly pious phrases like, "We are nothing" are common. One of Charles Wesley's [sic] songs has us singing, "Such a worm as I." God did not create us to be nothing or to be worms. He created us to be the head, not the tail (see Deuteronomy 28:13)." [emphasis added]

A Testimony & Analysis by Sarah Leslie, Herescope, 7/23/24

“…they came here because America is a beacon of liberty and opportunity….” (Alina Habba)[i] “…one little Word will fell him…” (Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God) In 1988 I attended the Republican National Convention as an invited guest. I was a right to life leader and had been working developing grassroots activism across the state of Iowa which had become the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses. I had arisen as a high profile political activist and if I endorsed someone or something it carried weight. So I nominated a man born in India and a Hispanic woman to be delegates. Unlike most evangelicals who entered the political realm in the 1980s, my pathway was quite different. My activism arose in direct reaction against the narrative pumped by the establishment media at that time that an unborn baby is “just a piece of tissue.” My friends and I, young mothers having babies, began to tell the truth, to unmask the lies, and to teach fetal development in the womb to the uninformed. Despite the deceptive rhetoric about “a woman’s own body,” the rapidly emerging science of neonatalogy was demonstrating that the baby in the womb was a unique living human. By 1985 we televised Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s ultrasound film The Silent Scream of an actual abortion procedure (I received a death threat after this showing)