Heresy ... The Result Of The Toronto "Blessing" Revival In Britain?
by Sandy Simpson

The Belfast Berean News reported on 12/27/99 the following story:

"Only a few public figures - including senior churchmen - believe God made the world in six days, says a BBC survey. Of the 103 Anglican, Catholic and Methodist leaders questioned in the Radio 4 survey, three believed in the literal version of the creation story. Only thirteen of the church leaders said they believed Adam and Eve existed. But most of those questioned said God could influence events on earth and the Ten Commandments are still applicable."

It's one thing to be a Theistic Evolutionist, believing that God allowed evolution to happen over millions of years to do His creation work.  This of course is an untenable position since the result of sin, which is death, would have had to proceed the result of sin and death because of Adam and Eve.

But to state that Adam and Eve did not literally exist is abject heresy.  That would mean that there is no such thing as original sin in one man, nor is Christ the literal second Adam who came to redeem the world from Adam's sin.

Since the Anglican church is one of the denominations in England hit so hard with the Toronto "Blessing", the question arises as to the published effects of "revival" there.  No true move of God harbors heresy of this nature.

The Belfast Berean News