Beni Johnson: Stressed Out
by Bud Press, Research Consultant,
Christian Research Service
July 8, 2012
Beni Johnson is the wife of Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California. In a blog entry dated June 30, 2011, Beni admitted to suffering from sinus problems, stress, depression, and adrenal fatigue ( ).
Note that the remedy she sought for her suffering was not "divine healing," but visits with her "natural path doctor" and an "organic product called Maca".
Everyday, reports of "divine healing" flood into the hyper-Charismatic camp. Yet, hyper-Charismatics and their leaders continue to suffer the effects of sickness and disease, and seek medical treatment.
Of course, Beni Johnson's stress-related medical problems don't sit well with Bill Johnson's May 2012 book, HEALING unplugged: Conversations and Insights from Two Veteran Healing Leaders; nor does Bill Johnson's book sit well with his own medical problems, as mentioned in this "Prayer Alert" at .
And, both Beni and Bill still wear glasses: