Blood Moons For The Second Time Proven To Be A Baseless Hoax

The Boy Cries Wolf Yet Again

by James Jacob Prasch. 10/12/14



I happened to be in Israel for Sukkoth, the second of the supposedly festal Blood Moons concocted  by Mark Blitz, whom given his abysmal track record - many now can only consider to be a religious con artist out to sell books about the 'Blood Moon'  hoax that he invented.


As even a cursory visit to the NASA website confirmed to any serious inquirer, only one of these festal eclipses is even partially visible in The Middle East. Yet Mark Blitz merchandised his silly books predicting sensationalized rogue speculations falsely linking his fanciful inventions with the Joel chapter 2 prophetic predictions recounted in the Book of Acts of signs in the celestial cosmos referred to in the Olivet Discourse by Jesus. 


The ludicrous nonsense manufactured by Mark Blitz quite predictably never transpired. There were no eclipses or blood moons in Israel. The eclipses were thousands of miles away from Israel in the southern hemisphere and the Blood Moons were only in the Pacific basin, again thousands of miles from Israel, just as NASA and every actual astronomer in the world correctly had said.


Being in Israel the first night of Hag Sukkoth, and the full moon was marshmallow white without a trace or hint of red. I spent the next day at Tel Meggido (Armageddon) with Israeli friends and some believers from South Africa. We remained until closing time but still - no eclipse and no blood moon. How can anyone look upon this fiasco as anything other than a scam? It was quite literally 'religious lunacy'. The Middle East was in its usual turmoil, but this was largely focused on ISIS. Nothing unique or unusual took place in Israel.  As with Y2K, Harold Camping's date setting for the parousia, and Gerald Coates' fixed date New Zealand earthquakes that never came, John Hinkley's “evil being tanked from the earth”, Kenneth Copeland's 1 billion Moslems being saved, the prophetic predictions of Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson concerning Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn's imprecatory prophecy about the destruction of homosexuals, the 1991 UK failed prophetic predictions of Mike Bickle and his Kansas City false prophets, and Pensacola apologist Michael Brown having people up half of the night in Jerusalem at a messianic conference awaiting the second Pentecost geo-prophetically predicted - the boy has again cried wolf, and the boy's name is Mark Blitz.


The deadly problem with this kind of crackpot charlatanism plainly orchestrated by the devil in order to discredit The Body of Christ as a reliable voice is that when something of an authentic prophetic importance actually does take place, the world will think it is just the boy crying wolf again. Courtesy of theologically ignorant hucksters like Mark Blitz, the damage inflicted upon the credibility of The Body Christ so undermines our credibility at the instigation of Satan acting through those intent on behaving like irresponsible buffoons, that we cease to be the divinely commissioned hortatory mechanism of  warning we are appointed by God to be.