Holy Laughter /Toronto Blessing Research Information web site, 1/01

There appears to have been a power struggle at the BRSM, between the AoG and John Kilpatrick on one side, and Dr. Michael Brown on the other side, over the operation of the school.

Though the facts are not entirely clear, which both sides disputing the details, the following things are clear:

- There was a dispute over the running of the school
- Dr. Brown was fired.
- Dr. Brown is starting a competing school in Pensacola.
- Dr. Brown has managed take some of the staff of the BRSM with him.

Here are the official announcements by each side. Please note that the original BRSM annoucement was altered after Dr. Brown put his statement up to respond to comments made on his site.

Official Statement from The Brownsville Revival School of Ministry Regarding the firing of Dr. Michael Brown

Official Statement from Dr. Michael Brown Ministry Regarding the firing of Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown's Q&A concerning the event

This firing come close on the heals of Stepehn Hill, another one of the top leaders in Brownsville, leaving for his own ministry.
There does not appear to be any connection between these incidents.