"Cross-Pollination" - A New Term Coined By The Third Wave
by Deception In The Church

It seems that the Third Wave leaders spend a lot of time trying to coin new phrases.  C. Peter Wagner is famous for this and recently indicated that instead of attempting to coin the term "post-denominationlism" he had decided to call his "Third Wave" movement (another term he coined) the "New Apostolic Reformation".  Since apparently everything always has to have that tantalizing "new" flavor to it for the false doctrines The Third Wave espouses to be palatable to the general public, especially wayward Christians, a new term has just been coined.

Toronto and Brownsville have joined forces, as if they were ever really apart, in the latest round of New Age introduced to the church via Carol Arnott (TACF) and Brenda Kilpatrick (Brownsville) in trying to bring together this "New Apostolic Reformation" by "cross-pollination".  This technique is described in this and other articles detailing the edicts of the "anointed" apostolic sisters at the "Keys to Freedom" conferences, and now in the new Women's Conferences 1999.  It was taught that the women needed to take the transferable anointing back to their own churches and "cross-pollinate".  This "cross-pollination" will supposedly bring about the end of evil denominationalism and bring together all Christians.  The fact that the signs and wonders of Toronto/Brownsville are being done much more effectively in the occult should also soon bring a reconciliation with other religions, since, as it states in Joel, God has poured His Spirit out on all mankind.

The sexual overtones in this new rhetoric are also unmistakable.  As some of you are aware by now, there are documented accounts from Toronto "Blessing" churches in England where women have had their genitals "anointed" with oil by ministers, in fact, in one instance, one pastor was caught having intercourse with women there so they could have an "internal anointing" from him.  Reports of "holy orgasms", "stripping" and other sexual acts in Third Wave churches have come out.  Now that the women in this movement are being told to "cross-polinate" I think we can expect to see more of this immorality as time goes by and many more people get swept away in the current tide of apostasy.

The new reports of dental fillings being changed by "God" into gold, and gold falling from the hair of a "holy woman" from Brazil are only the tip of the "cross-pollination" iceberg (to mix a metaphor).  This lying sign will cement the Word-Faith prosperity health and wealth gospel crowd with the Third Wave "River" bunch.

What's kind of monkey business can we expect to see next?  A picture of Mary weeping at Toronto?  A Hindu with stigmata?  Where will "cross-pollination" end?