John Crowder, the new comic book hero of mysticism
by Sandy Simpson, 12/8/11

Just when I thought I had seen it all from Todd Bentley and friends, here is the latest DVD series from John Crowder.

John Crowder
Sons Of Thunder Web Site

The Physical Phenomena of Mysticism
Physical Phenom PageTwo-Hour Teaching
Digital Download Only

In this two-hour teaching session, John Crowder outlines a wide range of supernatural manifestations that occur as a result of practicing the presence of God in divine ecstasy. John gives in-depth historical examples from the lives of Christian mystics, who experienced ecstatic encounters with God. Many of the miracles discussed on this set are largely unknown or not recognized by modern charismatic/prophetic streams. However, there is both Biblical and experiential precedent for these unusual signs and wonders in the church age. Supernatural phenomena discussed on this teaching set include:

Levitation miracles
Translation & Transportation
Talking with Animals
Nature Miracles
Body Elongation
Shape Shifting
Long-life Miracles... and much more

This teaching includes activation and impartation prayer for experiencing more supernatural encounters in your own life. John points to the core issue of living a life of intimacy with Jesus in a revelation of the finished work of the cross as our foundation for experiencing these phenomena, which demonstrate God's Glory to the world!

You can't help but wonder what comic books or super hero DVDs this guy has been watching.  It is clear he is living in a fantasy world when he states the "miracles" are happening like "body elongation", "shape shifting" and "invisibility".  This guy is talking about a real "Fantastic Four"!

I guess we can all have our comic book fantasies and then go to Crowder to have them literally fulfilled.  This type of delusion is what ultimately happens when people get into "slain in the spirit" and "drunk in the spirit" and end up being fooled by demons.  These things he is ascribing to God are not Divine miracles at all but are directly linked to lying wonders of the occult.