P S Y C H O L O G Y   D E B U N K E D
Review by James Sundquist

I just could not wait to read and review PSYCHOLOGY DEBUNKED after hearing its authors, former psychotherapist Lisa Bazler & Ryan Bazler, in their hour-long insightful interview on Chuck Crismier's VIEWPOINT Radio Program on the Internet. Upon reading the book, I would mark five stars for every stellar point they made. I kept wondering, “will they cover this issue?” Or, “I hope they don't say something doctrinally unsound!” Well I was not disappointed. Virtually every question that you might pose regarding the viability of psychology was answered. And every question whether it offers any hope to Christians was answered.

In reviewing the book, I first simply wanted to list all of the great specifics why psychology is not compatible with Christianity, why it is not science, and why there is no pathology to support it. But I love to talk in pictures or parables. Then it struck me. I saw a picture of a huge ball of yarn which had been completely tangled, mangled, gnarled, and knotted. I thought to myself, who can possibly untangle this ball of yarn? This ball of yarn is Psychology. Well, the authors have managed to do just that. They dismantled and removed every knot in the ball of yarn. What is even more amazing is that when they finally completed their mission of unraveling the ball of yarn, the yarn had completely vanished. There remained no yarn left to make anything...not enough for a sweater, not enough even for a hot pad, and certainly not enough to build the emperor's new clothes. Tragically, the world and the Church is so smitten by this ball of yarn, they continue to knit imaginary garments for the emperor and all mankind. But there is no garment for the king and there are no real garments for anyone to wear with this ball of yarn.

This book is so easy to understand, but that should not be surprising. The Scripture tells us to not stray away from the simplicity of Christ. Psychology has complicated and knotted the yarn. When the authors finishing demolishing every argument that defends psychology, it was so obvious and simple, a child could understand it. But that should not be surprising either, since the Lord also tells us to come as a child...in fact it is the only way we can come. Just some of the examples the authors make as clear as the water that flows down from the Oregon mountains is that the Bible teaches that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Psychology counsels no fear of the Lord at anytime in any of its therapies, let alone at the beginning. So there is no wisdom in it. The Bible teaches that there is body, soul, and spirit; psychology says there is only the body and the soul. The Bible teaches us that it is Holy Spirit that will lead us in all truth and that it is sharper than a two edged sword, dividing even the soul from spirit. Psychology doesn't even believe in the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches us about our eternal destiny. Psychology offers no hope for eternity. The Bible teaches us to lay up for our selves treasures in heaven. Psychology offers no concept of heaven to lay up your treasures for. The Bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things (our needs) will be added unto us. Psychology doesn't seek first the Kingdom of God, in fact it never seeks the Kingdom of God. The Bible teaches that our help comes from the Lord. Psychology tells us our help comes from one or more of unproven theories and tens of thousands of psychotherapists whose ideas were drawn from paganism, divination, astrology, humanism, and evolution. The Bible teaches that being lovers of selves is mankind's problem. Psychology teaches that being lovers of selves is the solution. Bible teaches that we can come freely to drink the waters of life. Psychology charges for it. The Bible offers the opportunity of becoming a new man in Christ. Psychology offers an improved or even damaged version of the old man. The Bible teaches that our strength is perfected in weakness and that in suffering, sin loses its power. Psychology teaches us how to balance our strengths and weaknesses with personality profiles derived from paganism and divination. The Bible esteems the contrite and broken spirit. Psychology esteems self-esteem. The Bible teaches us to rejoice in the suffering or being persecuted with Christ to produce character and overcome the world. Psychology has no interest in Christ's suffering, our suffering with Christ, or sees any redemptive value in his shed blood. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ believed in demon possession and delivered those possessed. Psychology teaches that there is no such thing as demon possession...so there is nothing to be delivered from. The Bible tells us how to be blessed in the Beatitudes. Psychology doesn't even comprehend blessing, so it can not offer anyone a blessing because it omits the person required to administer these blessings, that is Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us we can't produce the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control without abiding in the vine which is Jesus Christ himself. Psychology attempts to bear this fruit by abiding in the teaching of such founders as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud who opposed Christianity!

The Bible teaches that there are primarily three things that are required of every Christian: (1) Salvation, (2) Sanctification, and (3) Carry out the Great Commission so that others may receive. Psychology can't offer Salvation, Sanctification, and is unable to and does not even pretend to offer the Great Commission in order that others might be saved and sanctified.

So Christians, Pastors, and every “Christian Psychotherapist” needs to be asking the question: “So then why are we offering Psychology?” The authors answer this question so thoroughly, that it should be required reading in every Christian College and Seminary (and that is most of them) that teach Psychology as a valid tool for sanctification and training in righteousness and helping people. The Church needs to wake up too and stop integrating integrating and mixing the Gospel with the Religion of Psychology in its programs too! You can not serve two masters! Choose today whom you will follow -- the Mighty Counselor and Intercessor, or your flawed psychotherapist as your counselor! Psychology is based on myths while Paul in his Second Epistle to Timothy said to turn aside from myths! As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun, and Psychology, showing it true colors, draws its ideas from the foundation right back to the Garden of Eden..... “someone else made me do it!” Adam and Eve could not blame their problems on their environment or their ancestors. Psychology implies that everyone is a victim and no one is a sinner (no one is guilty)! Lisa & Ryan hit the nail on the head with this book because they lead you right back to The Book for the right answers to all of your problems. They list every major reason a person goes to a psychotherapist, then give you every Scripture that will really solve your problems and your imaginary problems...and your life. The authors prove that Psychology offers no help to the secular world which is not Christian and it certainly does not offer any hope or help to a Christian. Therefore, I must give it my highest rating and commendation...fives stars. I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants to be delivered from bondage!!