Doctrines Of Demons ... Interesting Parallels!
by JMS, 2000

Dear DITC,

I was looking at your web site with interest, I noted you make reference to several cults regarding word/faith doctrine.

I am sure you are probably not aware of this, however, there are a few of their doctrines that can be located in "Satan's Bible" authored by the high Priest Egan of the first church of Satan. The doctrines are a part of the doctrines of the Church of Satan. Among them are "the little God's doctrine' the "creative doctrine" (you have what you say" and even a loose version of the prosperity doctrine. (Satanism teaches indulgence rather than abstinence ... rule 1 in Satanism).

The gold dust is nothing new in the occult.  It is practiced by those who embrace to "The third road" or Fae wicca or shamanism, it is associated with the presence of "faerie spirits" which are just demons. And there is also a sect that is into alchemy. In the occult 'gold dust" is referred to as "faerie dust" "stardust" and "the gift of fae". This is thought of as "white witchcraft". Shamanism and wicca also practice astro-projection and it is said it is in 3 phases. among them is "mental'  or just doing this in one's mind. That is the beginning of it.

Here is a copy of the article I wrote. I have been researching this for sometime and before I was a christian I used to be involved in some of this stuff (long time ago). Anyway, if you can use anything within the article you're welcome to it.

God bless
Jan S.

Doctrines of Devils

by JMS

."....for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness......." [2 Cor. 11:14,15]

Very much like christianity, satanism is broken down into various denominations or sects, each containing it's own set of beliefs and practices with some more evil than others in method (if such a thing is possible). For example, christianity contains baptists, pentacostals, charismatics, etc, whereas satanism contains 'The order of the nine angles', 'The Cult of Mastema' , The Order of the Dragon, 'The Order of the Left Hand Path, etc, just to name a few. Then there are the splinter groups and cults that stem out of these. Wicca likewise has it's roots within Satanism (though they vehemently deny this) and is a strong advocate of witchcraft and magic. Wicca also has several sects and it's tenets largely hinge upon who the witch is, what form of magic is practiced (white, gray or black) and which type of magic has been implemented (golden dawn; chaos; etc.). Each of the above mentioned as well as those I haven't mentioned has their own set of writings and books they abide by (very much like our bible). For example, some sects of satanism have the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey; some have "Satan's Bible "(a newer version) by Daemon Egan; then there is the Black Book of Satan; volumes 1,2,3 and many more. Wicca uses something called the Book of Shadows and this also varies in versions, not to mention the writings of Aleister Crowley, some sects divide his many writings and use them as they will. Crowley is probably best known for writing 'The Book of the Law (containing information on how to practice magic and witchcraft as well as the [satanic] philosophy on these. {parenthesis mine}. Crowley was quoted as saying "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word, I wanted to get a hold of him personally and become his chief of staff." {The confessions of Aleister Crowley, Chapt.5 (1929; rev. 1970).

There is actually far more that could be said regarding the above, but the purpose is simply to show the reader, that Satanic philosophy is not contained to the First Church of Satan out in California, nor is it always associated with the christian view of an evil that is always obvious. Sects with satanic roots do speak of love, and unity...many within wicca and shamanism hold to the concept/belief of love. The New Age religion incorporates doctrines from satanism as well as christianity; while many of their beliefs also stem out of information given by "spirits" and I might add 'evil spirits'. These "spirits" speak through channeling (through a person) and relay teachings void of any biblical truth or acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Diety or Lord. Tragically, some of these teachings ( as well as these demonic spirits) have gradually infiltrated the church which is what I want to demonstrate as the article progresses.


Writing Rituals/spellcrafting (name it and claim it)

Within the occult and it's various sects is a practice known as ritual writing, resulting in rituals, resulting in spells, resulting in witchcraft. Another way to think of this would be composing a formula to obtain one's desires.

Anyone can write a ritual, it may be as simple as 'prayer' or consuming food or as complex as a ceremonial satanic black mass. And while the contents of the ritual may vary from sect to sect , the goal is the same...for the end to obtain the means.

The goal of ritual/spell writing may be defined as follows:

1. to put one in a certain frame of mind

2. to specify a purpose with an outcome

3. to focus on magical or spiritual energies

4. to dedicate or re-dedicate yourself to a higher power or purpose

5. to alter or transform a situation, a thing, another person or yourself

6. to discover an answer. (taken from the occult library references and index table on rituals)

Some wiccan sects define 'magick' (or the result of ritual /spell writing and various methods) as this; "Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will."(taken from living the magic; quote from Aliester Crowley)

"Satanic magick is simply the use of magical forces or energies to enhance the life of an individual or individulas according to their desires. This usage can be of two types- the first is 'external' and the second is 'internal'. External magick is essentially sorcery; the changing of external events, circumstances or individuals in accordance with the wishes of the sorcerer. Internal magick is the changing of consciousness of the individual magician using certain magick techniques "(I will add visualization here)- [The Black Book of Satan by Conrad Robury; vol.1)

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." [Aleister Crowley; Liber Legis-the Book of the Law]

The New Age method of "name it and claim it" is a method called "manifesting". The doctrine is a way for the "average" person to perform 'miracles' or magic without the need of 'divine' powers.

This teaching was given by a "spirit" [devil] named 'Omni" through (chanelling) a man named John Payne. Payne is quoted as saying "manifesting is the art of creating what you want at the time you want it".[parenthesis mine].

"Manifesting is an eclectic hodgepodge of creating your own reality, visualization techniques, possitive thinking, goal setting, self-analysis, selective thinking and post hoc reasoning, supported by tons of ancedotes. The purpose of manifesting is to get what you want by actively making your dreams come true, rather than passively waiting for someone to fulfill your dreams. Anne Marie Evers recommends "affirmation" [possitive confession] as the best way to manifest one's desires." [Info taken from the 'Skeptics Dictionary' by Todd Carroll; on Manifesting; (parenthesis mine)].

Actually all "manifesting really is, is an acceptable and perhaps palettable version of spell crafting, and invocations; in other words, it is a nice acceptable rendering of practicing nothing more than witchcraft. The devil is simply making his evil look pretty by covering it up, disguising it and giving it a nice respectable name.

The point of citing the above (and there is much more on this subject) is to simply show the reader, if you are using little formulas, gimmicks, or tricks to obtain what you desire, if you are using doctrines outside of God's will and His Word, if you have some little "ritual" or pattern or technique you are using...then you are engaging in witchcraft, even if it is unknowingly. The doctrine of "YOU can have what YOU say" is a doctrine void of the biblical principals of seeking God for His will on an individual basis.You may note from the above, YOUR will is the only one that matters in getting what you want, God is not sought nor considered. It is my opinion (within some christian circles) the Bible has been used as a type of "magick book" to get what one may want.. even more, this seriously depletes the sovereignty of Almighty God. reducing Him to that of a spirit that has to do our bidding, very much like the occult. You can have what YOU say, according to witchcraft you can, for example within New Age and Wiccan philosophy :"saying mantra's (a form of witchcraft and magick) is a wonderful way to raise your light levels. Mantra's are holy words or expressions which when thought, spoken aloud or chanted (recited) draw great light to us and build a spiritual force."[Taken from Mantra's and Meditations; elevated therapy; author unknown] This doctrine may be likened to word of faith philosophy on "faith being a force".

Yes, YOU can have what YOU say according to witchcraft and it's components....I strongly urge you to check your source.


The Prosperity Doctrine

"If you will learn to follow that inward witness I will make you rich" [Kenneth Hagin]

"According to Dave Hunt in his book "Beyond Seduction"(p67/68) when interviewed by Time magazine the question was put to Mr. Copeland (Kenneth Copeland) as whether he wasn't "tithing to get". (Time Feb. 1986) Copeland is quoted as saying "Yes, yes, yes! I want to get healed, I want to get well, I want to get money, I want to get prosperous." [Taken from an article by Cecil Andrews of 'Take Heed Ministries']

"Poverty is from the devil and that God wants all christians prosperous"[Benny Hinn TBN 11/6/90]

"The whole point is I'm trying to get you to see- to get out of this malaise of thinking that Jesus and the disciples were poor and then relating that to you- thinking that you, as a child of God, have to follow Jesus. The Bible says that He has left us an example that we should follow His steps. That's why I drive a Rolls Royce. I'm following Jesus steps." (Fredrick K.C. Price 'Ever increasing faith' program on TBN , Dec. 9,1990).

We've heard from the faith teachers, the devil doesn't want us rich...but guess what? In beginning to respond to the above claims, I would like to show you the first tenet of the "rules" guiding satanism; written by Anton LaVey;

1. "Satanism represents indulgence instead of abstinence"

In other words, follow your own greedy desires and the desires of your flesh.

Moving on.....

"Learn to be gentle with yourself. The word Indulgence teaches us the importance of ourselves. It reflects both delight and reason. We must fill our lives with our own comforts." [Taken from the Church of Satan; Uncle Setnakt speaks; Become evil and rule the world].

"Satanic Knowledge (contained within this site) will make you rich. As you begin to apply the advantages, you will become as Satan, himself. Wealth and knowledge will be yours!" [Taken from the website of Nate Leved (a Satanic Priest; Church of Lucifer) on his article "Satanic Advantages"]

"This then is the book of the Children of the Black Rose , The Family of Lucifer, and when seekers learn the Gnosis , they will belong, be successful and know fulfillment. Their limitations will vanish, and they are free to grow in stature. They will also prosper and live in harmony with one another in the land of plenty." [Taken from 'Satan's Bible; compiled by Daemon Egan; The Seven Scrolls; scroll 1]

The New Age teaching of "rebirthing" teaches this about "money"

"Above all, as you rid yourself of old, stale feelings of guilt and obligation, you will understand that indeed, YOU DESERVE WEALTH, and you will feel greatly empowered to change your life so that you are now able to let this wealth into your life". []

The New Age Movement also provides a "formula" as well as some "prosperity affirmations" in it's article "Four Weeks to Prosperity" edited by Ted Decorte. The following are a few 'confessions' (a doctrine taught by word/faith) or 'affirmations';

'I live in Infinite abundance'

'I now open my mind to receive my good'

'With God as my source, nothing amazes me"

And the list goes on.

I will simply ask you this, is this is what Jesus was about? Money? Wealth? How much "stuff" we can have? Does God really care what kind of car you drive? Is that what is important to God?

The gospel of Father, Son and Holy Spirit has become the gospel of me, myself and I.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." [Matt 6:21]

"...supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself" [1 Tim.6:5]


The 'Creative' Doctrine

"If you keep talking death, that is what your going to have. If you keep talking sickness and disease that is what your going to have, because you are going to create the reality of them with your own mouth. That's a divine law" [Fred Price, Realm 29]

"What you are saying is exactly what your getting now. If you are living in poverty and lack and want, change what you are saying....The powerful force of the spiritual world that creates the circumstances around us is controlled by the words of the mouth. "[Kenneth Copeland; The Laws of Prosperity; Kenneth Copeland Publications].

Let's take a look at the satanic teachings on the above doctrines;

"A Word, as defined by this Initiate, is a conceptualization of those trends, actions, and forces set in motion which have taken Magicians to a certain point in time ........" [The Power of a Word by James Lewis; Magus of the Temple of Set (a satanic coven)]

"Here is something to ponder; adepts who practice the right way to live also practice the right way to think. They have learned to work hand in hand with the force. They have learned to adjust their thinking accordingly. Being chips off the old block, they realize they are creators, some to more extent than others. Of course this all comes with practice.[Satan's Bible by Daemon Egan; The Book of Leved; The Seven scrolls] the 'force' mentioned is Satan.

"Why settle for what someone else has created, when instead you can create your own realms to absolute perfection? Afterall, you are the God, the creator and master of all you survey in your very own heaven"[Satan's Bible by Daemon Egan; The sermons of Lucifer].

"Possitive thoughts concerning yourself and others will produce possitive results, and negative thoughts will result in just the opposite."[Satan's Bible by Daemon Egan; The Book of Leved; The Seven Scrolls; Scroll 3]


The 'Little gods" doctrine

"You don't have a God in you, you are one ! [Kenneth Copeland; The Force of Love audiotape]

"He [God] doesn't even draw a distinction between Himself and us....You know what is else is settled then tonight? This hue and cry and controversy that has been spawned by the devil to try and bring dissension within the body of Christ that we are gods. I am a little god....I have His name. I'm one with Him. I'm in a covenant relation. I am a little god! Critics be gone! [Paul Crouch; Praise the Lord program; July 7, 1986].

"When you say, "I am a christian" you are saying 'I am mashiach' in the Hebrew. I am a little messiah walking on the earth, in other words. That is a shocking revelation.....May I say it like this? You are a little god running around. [Benny Hinn; Praise-a-thon program on TBN, November 6, 1990].

This doctrine actually goes all the way back to Genesis when the serpent (Satan) lied to Eve about this very thing. Satan hasn't changed his mind or his lie. The following is from Satan's Bible;

"Yes, ye shall become as Gods! That is the word, the promise and the power and the plentitude of Lucifer; it has not changed. It has not diminished, and everyone who has accepted Lucifer at his word has already become a God in his or her own right." [Satan's Bible by Daemon Egan; The Sermons of Lucifer].


The Gold Dust Phenomenon

Within the revivals taking place today are reports of gold dust mysteriously appearing out of thin air. While many theories as to why this may be occuring have been put forth to prove this "weirdness" (my word) is not from God (and I am discounting none of them) I would just like to present yet another perspective on why this may be taking place.

Within Wicca and Shamanism sects are many splinter groups that embrace something called "fairy magic" . There is Fae Wicca, Fae Shamanism, The Third Road, Celtic Shamanism, etc. each of these sects practice something called "fae magic", "faery magic" "faerie traditions" etc. This "magic" is often thought of as "white witchcraft" which is allegedly "good" witchcraft. Faeries(also known as sidhe, pixies, elves, sheoques, brownies, pookas, goblins, etc) are actually demonic spirits and I don't care how "cute" some of them are reported to be, this type of ideology only serves to enhance the satanic deception of being involved with them. (note there are even churches that worship faeries, though not many in number)

The idea of gold apparitions (gold teeth?)or gold dust also known as faerie dust, pixie dust, stardust, and the gift of fae within the occult, is allegedly representive of the highest "spiritual" attainment and is associated with the presence of faery spirits.

"Suddenly, the closed door swings open, and a gentle breeze beckons us to be on our way. Stepping on small cobblestone steps, gold dust begins to sparkle and dance beneath our toes, and we are reminded that our visit will be like none other ever" [Taken from 'Elderberry Cottage (regarding faerie guides) Author unknown.

While there are many legends tied in with these "spirits" the fact is, they are real, they are demonic and they are to be avoided by anyone who claims to know Jesus Christ.

The tools needed for basic "faerie magick" are as follows;

Symbols (the mind) e.g. visualization

Motions (the heart) e.g. emotions

Sounds (the soul) e.g. powerwords, music [Taken from the Lavendise library on faeries and faery magick]

Interestingly enough, these "spirits" also have a language called 'The Eldanar Toungue' which appears to be alot of babble and symbolism from what I could see. {eldanar tongue info taken from the Lavendise Library}

Moving on to Alchemy and strange occurences

Alchemy is thought of as pseudo chemistry of transmuting metals or the transmutation of inner self to a higher more spiritual plane . (Occult library glossary introduction ..den elder).(the transmutation to gold)

There is "heavenly alchemy" said to come from "the air" , the method is witchcraft and can be found in Liber TVRRIS in Ra-Hoor-Khuits Network Magical library.

There is also something called "spiritual alchemy" which is said to come from within and is also witchcraft and can be found within the Satanic Council Library on Alchemy.

And there is "natural alchemy" or a means of transformation; the alchemy of the individual. Taken from the Order of the Nine Angles (a satanic coven).

The point is, whatever method of alchemy is being utilized it requires witchcraft and magic to operate.( and possibly some "faerie spirits".)

Many of the (mystical) writings on alchemy are heavily coded and require extensive reading and attention to comprehend; for example; spiritual or heavenly alchemy refer to "salt " or the "water of life"(which is actually gold dust in some writings) or "mercury" which is said to be the soul or spirit in others. While yet others refer to the "philosophers stone" as Jesus Christ, e.g. 'The elixir' by George Herbert. Amazingly enough, the Bible is even refered to as type of justification for 'alchemy' using the incident of Jesus turning water into wine.

"The tradition of interior alchemy (natural or spiritual) is pursued by mirroring the transformations and processes of alchemy from within our soul. As with any esoteric practice, this internalising of alchemical opperations can create disturbing patterns in the powerful psychic energies that we evoke through inner work. ........*parenthesis mine*

I hope these few indications might help us to see how the philosophy and symbolism of the ancient alchemists can still be effectively used today, as a vital living force for the inner spiritual transformation of our souls. " [The Alchemical Vessel as Symbol of the Soul; by A. M.]

"Some of the earliest alchemical manuscripts are concerned primarily with spiritual or mystical matters. For example, the Buch de Heiligen Dreifaligkeit, one of the earliest German alchemical manuscripts (dated to 1515) deals with parallels between Christ and the alchemical process."[Alchemy and Mysticism; author unknown].

It should be stated that "alchemy" and it's processes are well within some Wiccan and Thelemic sects. The process requires "witchcraft" to opperate.

One theory behind magic is this "....if magic technique is sharply delineated it will work...."[The Pact, by Pete Carrol].

In other words, magick does not require a set definition of instruction to still be able to opperate. For example, if "some" of the ritual or spell is applied as opposed to the entirety, the same result can be aquired.

If you are engaged in visualization (picturing what you desire in your mind), perhaps even if you are simply praying for "gold dust" chances are good you may encounter it, not because the God of the Bible has heard you, but because you are practicing a form of magic and therefore releasing demonic spirits.

"prayer" that is prayed or recited (that opposes God or His Word) even in faith, could be thought of as a type of Mantra, an invocation or even a spell, which is witchcraft.

"an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of the prophet Jonas:"(Matt 12:39)


It is my opinion that what is taking place within these revivals, e.g.;. "laughing", "animal sounds" "shaking" "visions" "screaming" "angelic manifestations and visitations" "trances-altered physical", etc. these seem to wreak of shamanism, wicca and the occult.

For example: Shamanism and some sects of wicca use what is termed "totems or animal spirit guides" there is no set regimen on the kinds of animals that are to be used, it is basically up to the witch to make her/his choice.('What might your Animal Guide be? by Wylcat) I find myself wondering if this is what the animal sounds present within these revivals is actually about.( it should be noted Shamanism advocates possession)

Trances, altered states , which can lead to astral-projection are a definite part of shamanism as well as wicca. (The book of Shadows/ alexandrian tradition by Stewart and Janet Farrar) includes instruction how to accomplish this "altered state".

Here' what Satan's Bible has to say about it;

"Daemons (demons) can communicate with human kind, behaving not unlike computer modems. This conversation occurs when the consciousness is in an altered state......."[Satan's Bible by Daemon Egan; The gospel according to Egan].

While astro-projection has a number of names , e.g. soul travel, sacred silence, astral travel, spirit travel etc. within Shamanism it is known as ecstacy and is a tremendous part of their doctrine (House of Satan on-line Library regarding Shamanism).

"Atral projection may be subdivided into three basic types: mental projection; astral projection (proper) and etheric projection. And your OOBE may shift between them. Metal projection is really simple clairvoyance, [remote viewing] and 'travelling' in your mind. Imagination plays a key role. The experience of mental projection is not particularly vivid, and you will more than likely be an observer rather than a participant. Nevertheless, mental projection is a "way in" to astral projection proper."[taken from the occult library on atral projection]

Invocations, incantations, summoning, etc. are methods used in witchcraft to bring a demonic spirit (though some would claim angels or faeries), forth. It is a type of "prayer" and in some cases a direct call or summons, depending what the witch or cultist is hoping to obtain.

This is why I believe praying in line with the word of God is so utterly important, because if you are pressing in to a spiritual realm (or the supernatural) and you are outside of God's Word and His will, there is no telling what you are apt to encounter. You are on dangerous ground. Within witchcraft there are several names for various "spiritual " realms, the "astral plane" is the one that comes immediately to mind. (This is allegedly the "realm" you visit when you are playing around with astral projection. it may be noted as well devils are said to inhabit this region according to witchcraft teachings).

Not long ago I saw a clip of film from one of the revivals where Rodney Howard Browne was preaching, three ministers stood mute on the platform as the audience looked on and roared with laughter.

I am reminded of a passage of scripture regarding this incident ;

"And he (Jesus) was casting out a devil, and it was dumb. And it came to pass, when the devil was gone out, the dumb spake; and the people wondered." Luke 11:14.

I can't help but wonder if the above was a demonic manifestation of sorts.

"Shaking" has also been reported within these revivals. It is interesting to note, the manifestation of "shaking" in known to happen within some occult circles when a demon shows up after an invocation or summons. The idea behind this is to induce "gnosis" or to "open up your consciousness to the "spirit".

"Open your consciousness/charge up/induce gnosis. (seething/shaking worked nicely for me)." [taken from the Awful Invocation Ov Tzeentch; author unknown]

Some other manifestations reported at the revivals are; convulsing, eyes, fluttering, changes in skin color, screaming , violent rolling, etc.

It all sounds more like a frontal assault then a visitation by the precious Holy Spirit described in Galations chapter 5. Once again I am reminded of a passage of scripture regarding the "manifestations" yet this is a scripture that pertains to demon posession. Remember the boy the devils convulsed and threw down? Remember the violent manifestations of the demon? (Luke 9:38-42)

What has been termed the "manifestation of the Holy Spirit" looks a whole lot more like the manifestations of devils from a biblical point of view.

There is a teaching inside of one of the very dark regions of Satanism that Jesus and Lucifer have been "united" (unbelievable a scripture is even given, of course it's totally out of context) This "union" is said to have reculted in "unity in shadow light". The "attributes of this "spirit" called Lucifer-Christ, are said to be unity, light, knowledge and love.

If such a teaching offends you (and I certainly hope it would) I would like to point out two things here. First, the manifestations going on at these revivals, and second, the teaching by word/ faith that Jesus was taken to hell, tortured and overcome by Satan. My point is simply try and mix the things of God and the things of satan together only results in the most repugnant evil.