"Signs And Wonders" Not Confined To The Third Wave
Weeping goddess draws crowds in southern India
Biblical Prophesy Report, 9/00

I have been trying to help Christians see that "signs and wonders" are by no means confined to the Third Wave movement.  In fact they have been going on in the occult world for a very long time and often with dramatic results; results that so far have not even begun to be seen in Third Wave circus shows.  This begs the question: are all miracles attributable to the Holy Spirit?  If not, then why do many "miracles" in other occult religions seem to be far more powerful than the "miracles" of the Third Wave?  But not only has the occult invaded Christianity, but now we are seeing "signs and wonders" popular in the Catholic church and the Third Wave Christianity showing up in occult religions.

Ed Tarkowski comments: "This is so much like the weeping statues of Catholicism. It is striking because such phenomena is usually centered around Catholic images. It will be interesting to see if this is the beginning of a trend."  The "trend"I believe is a device of the enemy to dupe the world into a world religion, evidencing "signs and wonders" universally among religions.  Christians will also be in danger of being fooled into thinking that the Holy Spirit has been poured out on all mankind ... without the need for Jesus Christ.

Here's the story ...

'Weeping' goddess draws crowds in southern India
HYDERABAD, India, Sept 4 (AFP)
Monday, September  4  5:11 PM SGT

Thousands of devotees of the Hindu goddess Durga flocked to temples in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad for the third straight day Monday, amid claims that statues of the deity were shedding tears.

The crowds snarled traffic around many temples as they wrestled with each other to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.

The "miracle" was first noticed around noon on Saturday at a temple in Dhoolpet in the old quarter of the city. In a few hours, reports of weeping Durga statues in other temples were flying in thick and fast.

"The right eye of the goddess moved like a real human eye and I saw water on her cheeks," said Yerramma, a 45-year-old housewife who was among the first to arrive at the Dhoolpet temple.

"The goddess is crying because she is sad about recent floods and political disturbances in the state," she said.

Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, where devastating flooding over the past three weeks has claimed 160 lives and left tens of thousands homeless.

Others saw the tears as a warning for the future.

"The tears could mean something tragic is going to happen in the coming days," Maharaj Tulsiram Pujari, head priest at one of the city's Durga temples told AFP.

By Monday, the tears seemed to have dried up, although late arrivals did not leave disappointed.

"I didn't see the tears myself but the goddess is shining and looking very different," said devotee Vasudev Raju.

Local police were more sceptical, pointing out that all the temples had been washed on Friday at the start of a nine-day religious festival.

"Some of the idols may have been shining and looking new because of the clean-up," said sub-inspector Sudharak Rao as he tried to control traffic outside the Dhoolpet Durgar temple.

"People's imagination can be quite powerful sometimes," Rao said

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