May's Rogue of the Month 1997
Benny Hinn


Benny Hinn - a.k.a. "Pastor Benny", Gumby-hair, The miracle man
"Crimes" - extremely poor memory when it comes to facts about his life and ministry
Consider his teachings extremely dangerous to your spiritual health (and do not let him lay his hands on you).
Guilty of taking advantage of his covenant partners. Below is an example proving his guilt. Keep in mind a covenant partner is someone who faithfully gives a set amount to his ministry each month, anywhere from $25.00 per month on up. Below is a mailer I received and in it notice these crimes against the Body of Christ:
#1 - He is seen "touting" THE UNLIMITED ANOINTING! No one but God Almighty has unlimited ANYTHING, especially the anointing. But if you go to this meeting for 5 teaching sessions you will learn how to obtain an unlimited anointing.
#2 - He is shown "imparting the Holy Spirit" or "throwing the anointing" on a crowd of faithful. Please see the direct occult connection to this.
#3 - Back side of the mailer details how you as a partner can attend these meetings for a mere $129.00 per person! So not only have you been giving MONTHLY you have to pay as a partner another sum to have the privilege of being in his august presence.

Benny Hinn's ministry made an estimated 50 million last year. His Church is in Orlando Fl. yet he is fundraising to build a television studio in California. This will mean he will have to buy a private jet to travel back and forth or take commercial flights between his 2 locations weekly. Either way this is an added expense which he will pass along to his faithful partners. Why is he building in CA? Why not Orlando or Miami? Is it getting too "hot" from Pastor Benny in Orlando? From reports I have read people line up near his church and picket it/him during services. It does not make spiritual sense nor economic sense to build in LA and pastor in Orlando. . .yet you do not have to look too far regarding Benny Hinn to find things that do not make sense.

An excellent book to buy about Benny Hinn, that if FILLED with documented facts is The Confusing World of Benny Hinn by G. Richard Fisher and M. Kurt Goedelman published by the Personal Freedom Outreach P.O. Box 26062 Saint Louis, Missouri 63136 for $9.00 (I think). For some strange reason it is not available in Christian Bookstores, but Benny's book Good Morning Holy Spirit, The Anointing, etc. are....go figure?

Also, please check out a prior "Benny" section on our site.

In closing, I am sure Benny is a "nice guy" to hang around with. My wife and I sang in 3 of his choirs, in fact my wife even got an imparation of something or other from him on the platform (she still has sinus problems however).

Bascially, Benny needs to go to Seminary and truly gain a solid theological base. He lacks a basic doctrinal understanding of the Christian faith and this has, and will continue to keep him in hot water with all of us heresy hunters.