Globalism & Interfaith - Here We Come!
by Sandy Simpson, 9/16/01

As the days wear on in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, we are watching a globalist, interfaith agenda unfold on worldwide television.  I am here to say that if this continues the full wrath of God is bound to come upon our nation and the world!

If the response of Christians is to band together with heathen and non-believers in prayer to "the power" or any "god of your choice", then it is a sign of how spiritually bankrupt modern Christianity really is.  But it's not unexpected.  This has been the general direction of Christianity for a long time, and the true believers have not had the courage to confront this heresy and denounce it publicly.  It's roots spread through globalist organizations, Freemasonry, the Roman Catholic church, cults, and every ecumenical/interfaith organization out there.

It is important to for Christians to understand what is driving this attack on the U.S.  Islam considers the U.S. to be largely pagan based on the abuse of its freedoms in terms of all kinds of sin exported worldwide via movies, television and the Internet. This perception is true.  Of course Islam has always had just a many problems within such as abuse of women and children, tolerated yet hidden immorality of all sorts, and a teaching that fosters a very low regard for human life that God created.

But then Moslems turn on the TV to see what Christianity has to say about it and all they can get is TBN and 700 Club! Mixed in with some good biblical messages they are also treated to the worst forms of insanity and bad teaching, jumping around, laying on the floor, espousing wacky doctrines, using any method to part people from their money, and basically acting like idiots.  It's no wonder the U.S. is under condemnation in their eyes.  The problem is that much of the debauchery that emanates from the U.S. is from non-believers, which is to be expected.  But what is seen of U.S Christianity is, for the most part, of the heretical kind because the Christian leaders have been unable to "judge those inside" the church and "expel the divisive man (heretics)".  So where does this leave us?

It leaves us in an almost hopeless situation.  The judgment of God has already begun.  Yet Christianity is still traveling headlong to destruction without so much as a hint of true repentance, evidenced by what is going on in the wake of the terrorist attacks.  Oh, there will be public statements made claiming "group" repentance.  Pastors will preach repentance from the pulpits.  But will they "judge those inside" the church and cast out the divisive man so that Christianity can be pure and without spot in the eyes of the world?  There is hardly any indication of that.  Will they get rid of the heretical materials they are selling in their bookstores?  I doubt it.  Will they name names and warn people about going to meetings or watching heretics on TV?  Hardly.  Instead they will likely end up joining together in the spirit of ecumenism, the spirit of interfaithism, the spirit of antichrist and stand by in unity as prayers are made by pagans to pagan gods for protection.  How can we be salt and light to the world and compromise by going to ecumenical prayer meetings that, in reality, have no impact at all in the spiritual realm?

Discernment ministries have been trying to wake up the church to these deadly compromises for years, but the churches have largely responded by vilifying the messenger and ignoring the message.  The point isn't about us, or even that we are naming names and comparing what is being taught to the Word Of God.  The point is that what is being done and said in the name of the Lord in the face of a dying world is killing Christianity today.  How can we purport to preach the gospel and live the truth while tacitly, or even directly, supporting those who do not preach the whole truth and who are effectively inoculating people from ever knowing the true gospel message on a worldwide basis through TBN and 700 Club?  Christianity has lost its saltiness and, I now believe, cannot get it back again.  There is only a remnant of true believers left who have stood for the truth in the past and will continue to do so into the future with no compromise.

The Church needs to repent ...  repent of allowing itself to be leavened away from true evangelism into territorial spirit binding; allowing itself to be stripped of the hope of the return of Christ bodily to set up His Kingdom on earth by those who say the Church must set up His Kingdom for Him; allowing itself to roll on the floor laughing while the world is going to hell in a hand basket; allowing false prophets to speak blasphemy and false prophesies in the name of the Lord without challenge; allowing the name of Jesus Christ to be brought low with commercialism and false promises on a global basis without denouncing those who do such things publicly.  We have allowed the wolves to do the talking for us and for that we MUST repent.  We need to get the leaven out and turn to the Lord, an unleavened people.

Instead what we ought to be doing has been replaced with patriotism, feelings of unity, and corporate prayers to deities that are nothing less than demonic, including Allah and every other God except the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.  There is only one Jesus Christ, and only one God, the Triune Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  There are NO OTHER GODS in, around or above this earth.  To compromise by going down the interfaith road at this time will seal the fate of the U.S. and of the "Christian" churches.

When Jesus Christ returns, will He find faith on the earth?