Word-Faith Founder Kenneth Hagin Sr. Dies 9/23/03
by Sandy Simpson

Following is the news clip from Charisma News Service announcing the death of false teacher Kenneth Hagin.  Notice that it propagates the old story of Hagin being healed of a "deformed heart" and blood disease, yet he died in a "cardiac intensive care unit" where he stuggled for life from 9/14 to 9/23/2003.  If he had been truly healed of heart problems, why did he die of them?  Does God take back divine healing?  The fact is these false healers who claim to have a special healing anointings and such an abundance of faith that they can heal multitudes always run to the emergency room of the local hospital the minute they get sick.  Read Healer? Heal Thyself! for more information on this issue.  They never heal themselves, nor do they get other braggarts like Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland to heal them either.  Hagin is responsible for bringing the cult of Word-Faith into mainstream Christianity, while most Christian leaders stood by and let it happen.  This is why we are plagued by his followers like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne, Creflo Dollar and thousands of others today.

                     Charisma News Service
                     September 23, 2003 edition
                     People & Lifestyle

                     Rhema Founder Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. Dies

                     Known as the "father of the modern faith movement," Kenneth E. Hagin Sr., founder of
                     Broken Arrow, Okla.-based Rhema Bible Training Center, died at age 86.

                     Hagin, who started an international charismatic ministry renowned for its message of faith
                     and biblical prosperity, died last Friday morning, a spokesman said, the Associated Press
                     reported. An exact cause of death was not immediately known. Hagin had been
                     hospitalized in a cardiac intensive care unit since Sept. 14, when he collapsed at home.

                     Hagin's ministries include Rhema Bible Training Centers in 14 nations and Rhema churches
                     in more than 110 nations, including the 8,000-member Rhema Bible Church in Broken

                     His ministry began at 17 when he said God miraculously healed him of a deformed heart
                     and incurable blood disease. "He wrote in his Bible, 'The Bible says it, I believe it and that
                     settles it!'" said his son, the Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr., pastor at Rhema Bible Church and
                     executive vice president of Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

                     "He preached what he lived," the younger Hagin said. "His great legacy of faith will live on
                     in the countless lives that have been healed, touched and changed through his ministry."

                     Hagin's ministry was part of a nationwide healing revival in the 1950s and '60s. He moved
                     from Texas to the Tulsa area in 1966. He founded Rhema Bible Training Center in 1974,
                     and it now has 23,000 alumni.

                     Hagin is survived by his wife, Oretha, two children, Kenneth Hagin Jr. and Pat Harrison,
                     five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. A memorial service is set for Wednesday
                     at Rhema Bible Training Center.