Steve Hill Leaves Brownsville The Way He Changed It
by Sandy Simpson, 6/22/00

Steve Hill is finally leaving Brownsville the way he changed it -- a place of disorder and "pandemonium" as John Kilpatrick termed it back when it started.

In the following article you can see that nothing has really changed there since the Toronto "Blessing" style counterfeit revival was brought there by Steve Hill, who received the false anointing from a pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton in England and practically forced many of the Brownsville church members to get "it".  As evidenced on video that first "revival" day on Father's Day in 1995, Hill told John Kilpatrick the head pastor at Brownsville to move out of his way. Later Hill zapped Kilpatrick to the floor. Kilpatrick subsequently testified to his flock that he felt the "glory of the Lord" go through his legs like a telephone pole.  How he knew this experience was from the Lord is beyond me.  The evidence is overwhelming that it was not, judging by the fruit.

I am not talking about "fruit" as defined by the Macdonalds-style tote board they had out in front of their church claiming thousands saved.  I am not talking about the purported healings and testimonials that have come as a result of people getting "slain" to the ground by one of the church leaders there.  I am talking about "fruit" in the context of Matt. 7 -- the message of the messenger!  The message of Brownsville has long mixed truth with error in both teaching and practice, both explicitly and implicitly.

The following story will show you that the "fruit" of Brownsville remains as unbiblical and heretical as ever.

C U R R E N T   N E W S   S U M M A R Y
by the Editors of ReligionToday, June 22, 2000

An evangelist who intended to preach just one sermon has left after 5 years of continuous revival meetings. Steve Hill is moving his ministry to Dallas after preaching hundreds of times at Brownsville Assembly of God, a Pensacola, Fla., church that has been the center of an international charismatic revival movement. About 3 million people have visited the church during that time, pastor John Kilpatrick said, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

...The revival fervor "didn't happen because of Steve and I know it sure did not happen because of me," Kilpatrick said. "God came down and kissed this place." Hill's final service June 18 turned raucous. "For almost 20 minutes people raced through the aisles, danced, laughed uncontrollably, jumped, jerked, and collapsed," the newspaper reported.

..."If somebody who is not Christian dropped in this morning, they would look at us and think we went bonkers," Kilpatrick
said, according to the Journal. "Well, we have gone bonkers. People go bonkers over football and baseball. Why can't we go
bonkers over Jesus?" He said he hoped that, even though crowds have diminished to about half what they were a few years ago, the revival will not stop, but go to "a different level."