Benny Hinn Claims "A Dead Man Raised" In Ghana

Here's an e-mail we recently received about Benny Hinn's appearance in Ghana.

Dear DITC,

This is an email that I recently sent to Benny Hinn & Rod Parsley ministries after seeing Benny on his program.  It is just more proof of his lies.

Dear Brother,

I watched you on TBN the other night preaching to Rod Parsley's church. You made a statement that a man in Ghana was raised from the dead while lying on the platform.  Although you yourself did not pray for him.  I remembered an article that I read on the CNN web site.

or this alternate transcript

I copied it and will supply the link for you.  Could you please respond to this?  Did CNN do a smear job on you or were you just mistaken?

Thank you,

But it's often Benny Hinn's mouth that gets him in trouble.  When the camera's on, he's prone to make wild claims that cause his staff fits.  In a recent show he told the audience, "I was in Ghana just recently -- we had half a million people show up -- and a man was raised from the dead on the platform.  That's a fact, people.  A man was raised from the dead on the platform.  We have it on video"  IMPACT asked Hinn's television producer, Jeff Pittman, for a copy of that video.  But we were told Hinn misspoke, and the cameras weren't rolling at the time.  When IMPACT asked Hinn about the resurrection claim, he backtracked from his original story.  "God can raise the dead.  Absolutely.  I have not seen it.  In that one case we did hear about it."