Upgrade Your Old Hymns For The New Paradigm!
by Sandy Simpson, 9/01


Time for a rewrite of the old hymns.  In this day and age of Third Wave revival movements and Word-Faith dominion, the old hymns just aren't cutting it anymore.  Not only are they old fashioned musically, but the lyrics are, for the most part, particularly depressing. They talk of sin, death, repentance, the cross, the blood of Jesus and a whole host of other disgusting subjects.  There are also too many lyrics in them, frankly, which takes away from the "worship" atmosphere. Repetitiveness is what we need, not dead doctrinal concepts. The old hymns are just too biblical. Give us a beat to move our feet, not concepts to move our hearts and minds!

Here is a list of some hymns that could be "upgraded" to meet the criteria of the Third Wave, Word-Faith, Latter Rain, Manifest Sons Of God, New Apostolic Reformation.  This list is by no means complete.  If you don't recognize the hymns mentioned perhaps it would be worth your time to go back and read them, then compare what they say to the new doctrines.

Traditional Hymn Lyrics Upgraded "Third Wave" CCM Rock Lyrics
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow Where We Lead Him, He Must Follow
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Joyful, Joyful We Fall Down Laughing
How Great Thou Art How Great Hinn Is
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Stand Up, Stand Up For Benny
Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down Come Let Us Raise Our Hands And Ascend
Seek Ye First Declare Ye First
This Is My Father's World This Is The Church's World
There's A Wideness In God's Mercy There's A Wildness In God's People
Thou Art Worthy We Are Worthy
All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name All Hail The Power Of The Holy Spirit
Take The Name Of Jesus With You Take The Transferable Anointing With You
Joy To The World Joy To The Churches
Angels We Have Heard On High Angels We Have Seen On High
Go, Tell It On The Mountain Go, Blow It (Shofar) On The Mountain
I Wonder As I Wander I Wander As I Wonder
Good Christian Men, Rejoice Good Christian Men, Bark
The Unveiled Christ The Corporate Christ
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus Tell Me Any Good Story
Lead Me To Calvary Lead Me To Power
Were You There (At Calvary) Were You There (At Brownsville)
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory In The Transferable Anointing I Glory
When I Survey The Wonrdous Cross When I Survey The Wondrous Signs
There Is Power In The Blood There Is Power In My Touch
Rejoice, The Lord Is King Rejoice, The Church Is King
We Shall Behold Him He Shall Behold Us
While We Are Waiting, Come While We Are Reigning, Come
Breathe On Me (Holy Spirit) Breathe On Me (Benny Hinn)
Heavenly Spirit, Gentle Spirit Heavenly Spirit, "No Gentleman" Spirit
Breathe On Me, Breath Of God Breathe On Me, Breath Of Benny
Praise Ye The Triune God Praise Ye Jesus Only
O Word Of God Incarnate O Manifest Manchild Company Incarnate
Wonderful Words Of Life Wonderful Words Of Power
Standing On The Promises Rolling In The Premises
Holy Bible, Book Divine Holy Bible, But Give Me A Sign
How Firm A Foundation How New A Foundation
The Church's One Foundation The Church's New Foundation
They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Anointing
There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing There Shall Be Showers Of Gold Dust, Feathers, etc.
Revive Us Again Revive Us Again (For Real This Time!)
I Love To Tell The Story I Love To Tell My Stories
Rescue The Perishing Rescue The Unanointed
Share His Love Share The Impartation
People Need The Lord People Need The Anointing
Lord, Thy Church On Earth Is Seeking Lord, Thy Church On Earth Is Declaring
Pass It On (God's Love) Pass It Forward (The Money)
Let Your Heart Be Broken Let Your Mind Be Broken
According To Thy Gracious Word According To Thy "Old, Dusty Tracks"
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face To Face There, O My Lord, I Saw Thee Face To Face
Have You Any Room For Jesus? Have You Any Room For New Doctrines?
Room At The Cross For You Room At The Front For You
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Turn Your Eyes Upon Cindy Jacobs
At Calvary At Toronto
Be Still, My Soul Be Drunk, My Soul
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Leaning On The Pew Arms (Because I'm Drunk In The Spirit)
Trusting Jesus Trusting Paul Crouch
I Surrender All I Surrender All My Money
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus I Have Decided To Follow Creflo Dollar
More About Jesus More About Transformation
My Hope Is In The Lord My Hope Is In The Church
My Faith Looks Up To Thee My Faith Looks Into Me
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say (Through His Word) I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say (Through The Air)
No One Understands Like Jesus No One Understands Like Richard Roberts
Tell Me The Old, Old Story Tell Me The New, New Story
I Need Thee Every Hour I Need The Impartation Every Hour
I Must Tell Jesus (All My Trials) I Must Tell Jesus (What To Do)
Sweet Hour Of Prayer Sweet Hour Of Declare
Take Time To Be Holy Take Time To Be Holier Than Thou
Give Me Jesus Give Me Power
Something For Thee Something For Me
I Will Serve Thee He Will Serve Us
Make Me A Blessing Make Me A Toronto Blessing
Come All Christians, Be Committed (To The Service Of The Lord) Come All Christians, Be Committed (To Taking Dominion Of The Earth)
The Battle Is The Lord's The Battle Is The Church's
We Will Stand We Will Fall Down Backwards
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Fall Down, Fall Down For Jesus
The Battle Belongs To The Lord The Battle Belongs To The Saints
Faith Is The Victory The Force Of Faith Is The Victory
He Keeps Me Singing He Keeps Me Drunk
Like A River Glorious (Is God's Perfect Peace) Like A River Glorious (Is The Third Wave Revival Movement)
Peace Like A River "Pandemonium" Like A "River"
Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting Jesus, I Am Falling, Falling
He Touched Me (Jesus) He Touched Me (Benny Hinn)
I'd Rather Have Jesus I'd Rather Have The Impartation
It Took A Miracle (To Put The Stars In Place) It Took A Miracle Crusade To Get People To Attend
All That Thrills My Soul (Is Jesus) All That Thrills My Soul (Is Signs And Wonders)
No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus No One Ever Cared For Me Like Steve Hill
Satisfied Never Quite Satisfied
Happy The Home When God Is There Happy The Home When TBN Is There
As For Me And My House (We Will Serve The Lord) As For Me And My House (We Will Watch TBN)
O That Will Be Glory For Me (When By His Grace I Shall Look On His Face) O That Will Be Glory For Me (When By Joel's Army We Shall Dominate The Earth)
Soon And Very Soon (We Are Going To See The King) Soon And Very Soon (We Are Going To Be The King)
We Gather Together (To Ask The Lord's Blessing) We Gather Together (To Get The Toronto Blessing)
For Health And Strength (And Daily Food We Praise Thy Name, O Lord) For Health And Strength (And Daily Wealth We Pray The Prayer Of Jabez, O Lord)
If My People's Hearts Are Humbled If My People Ascend To The Highest Heaven
The Wise May Bring Their Learning (To Offer To The King) The Wise Should Leave Their Learning (At the Door)
Come Let Us Reason (Together) Come Let Us Party (Together)
Spirit Divine, Hear Our Prayer Spirit Divine, Answer Our Summons
Let The Words Of My Mouth (Be Acceptable In Thy Sight) Let The Words Of Mouth (Create Reality)