Hyper-C's need to wake-up and smell the truth!
by Bud Press, Research Consultant,
Christian Research Service
May 25, 2012
Gifts? What gifts? I find it amazing that those within the hyper-Charismatic camp who claim to operate in the gifts have no gifts at all.
It goes without saying that false prophets do not have the gift of prophecy. False teachers do not have the gift of discernment or the ability to properly interpret Scripture. False healers do not have the Biblical gift of healing.
It angers me to hear about all the great prophecies, "anointed" teachings, and super-duper healings going on within the hyper-Charismatic camp when, in reality, it "ain't" happening.
Hyper-Charismatic leaders churn-out false prophecies faster than a locomotive. Then, they have the unmitigated gall to say, "Gee, no harm done. It was a simple mistake, because a prophet can foretell a false prophecy and still be a prophet of God."
Hyper-Charismatic leaders are among the worst teachers on the planet. They twist and shred the Bible just like the cults, but use the excuse that "God is doing a new thing".
Faith healers within the hyper-Charismatic camp are a bubbling ulcer on the rear-end of their false belief system. They have no faith whatsoever. If they did tens of thousands of sick and dying people wouldn't leave their "healing crusades" sick and dying.
Again, gifts? What gifts? The only gift they have is the gift of deception from the one who overshadows them (2 Corinthians chapter 11). And God is against them (Jeremiah chapter 23; 2 Peter 2:1-2).
Hyper-Charismatics need to wake-up and smell the truth!