by Bud Press, Research Consultant,
Christian Research Service
March 29, 2012
A popular faith healer advertises a one-day "Healing Revival" in the local news, and promises healing to all that attend. Thousands crowd into the convention center, many of whom are sick, dying, and in wheelchairs.
During the revival, once the donation buckets are distributed, filled with cash and collected, the faith healer walks on-stage and informs the crowd that, "God told me that all manner of diseases and afflictions have been healed! All you have to do is come forward and claim your healing!"
Hundreds crowd the stairs leading to the stage. The faith healer calls them up one-by-one. Adrenalin courses through their bodies at breakneck speed and dominates their minds. Overwhelmed with euphoria, they fall backwards into the arms of the catchers, slained by an electrical charge from the faith healer's touch. They lay slumped on the floor shaking and contorting out of control, as if their minds and bodies were invaded by an alien from another world.
The faith healer confirms their healing by shouting, "Lady, you are completely healed!" "Mister, run back-and-forth across the stage!" "This leg has been made whole!" "No more back problems!" Eventually, they leave the stage with their hands held high, laughing and praising the faith healer.
Walking canes, hearing aids, leg and back braces, and oxygen bottles litter the stage.
At the end of the revival, the faith healer glances out of the corner of his eye at the wheelchair section in the rear of the building. He leaves the stage escorted by his stone-faced bodyguards. His faithful followers strain to see him one last time. He relaxes in his luxurious hotel room, dines on expensive food, counts his money, checks the time on his expensive watch, remains dressed in his custom-made suit, boards his muti-million dollar jet, and flies away to his next revival.
The sick and dying leave the revival still sick, still dying, and still in wheelchairs. The adrenalin dissipates, and the feelings of euphoria disappear, but they claim their healing, adore the faith healer, and cherish the brief moment they spent in his presence.
And as the faith healer's jet levels off high into the clouds, the one who brought false hope to thousands grins and whispers to himself, "In your face deception. It still works every time."
"For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting." (Romans 16:18)