FYI: Jenn Johnson of Bethel Church talks about angels farting
Commentary by Sandy Simpson, 1/20/16

In a YouTube video Jenn Johnson, daughter-in-law of Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, "shares about our need to define things as "black" or "white", but there is a whole realm of "gray" that needs to be dealt with. Black and white are exclusively composed of shades of gray... and the only way the gray is defined, is because of how the light is shone through the color".  As one example Jenn talks about angels having farting contests around God's throne.  The angels she is seeing cannot be angels of God because they would not be around the Throne in the third heaven if they were taking pleasure in farting.  What she is likely seeing is demonic in nature and a delusion.  This type of stuff is par for the course at Bethel.  I will be releasing a review on their new "Holy Ghost Reborn" movie soon.  Tim Wirth and I have already done a video review on the first Holy Ghost movie.