Bill Johnson: Fowl Language
by Bud Press
January 27, 2012
The Bible contains references to a wide variety of animals and birds, including owls. Owls are nocturnal and were created with large eyes. Generally, they rest during the day and hunt at night, and use their unique night vision to locate small animals and insects.
But did you know that because owls can see at night, they represent the prophetic? That's what Bill Johnson believes. In fact, read what Johnson said about owls to one of his Facebook followers on January 23, 2012:
Donna Granger: Owls are coming into Washington and Oregon now. I had a vision of a white owl flying over a forest of dark leafy green trees at Theresa and Pat's house in Klamath Falls 2 weeks ago. The next day the Sunday paper had a picture of a snowy owl and an article about scientist not understanding why they are coming down here from Alaska and Canada
Bill Johnson: Owls represent the prophetic. They see in the night
Bill Johnson's comments raise a lot of questions, such as: Is the owl the only animal that represents the prophetic? What about the other animals that see in the night, such as deer, racoons, dogs, and cats? If they don't represent the prophetic (like the owl), does it mean they misrepresent the prophetic? Does this mean that all animals (except the owl), are false prophets?
Bill Johnson's comments could cause a catastrophic calamity within the animal kingdom. In a jealous rage, animals of all shapes and sizes could ban together against owls and launch an "attack" of epic proportions. Owls would have to flee (or fly) for their lives. Any animal that sided with the owls would be labeled a "hootetic hunter". The results could be disastrous!
Yes, that's ridiculous--just as ridiculous as Bill Johnson saying that "Owls represent the prophetic".
Final question: Where does the Bible say that owls represent the prophetic? Well, it doesn't, but because Bill Johnson said it, his followers believe it.
Owls represent the prophetic? That's fowl language from one who spends too much time hooting heresy.