December 4, 2011
Letter to the Editor
Express News
Dear Sirs:
Based on your December 4 article, 'BEWARE OF THE TATTOO PREACHER', it is obvious that Todd Bentley is still in the business of spinning tall tales.
In 2008, during a revival here in the U.S., Bentley claimed that over 30 people were raised from the dead. He also claimed that a dead man came to life from his coffin at a funeral home. The claims were proven false.
The revival ended in disgrace when Bentley was caught in an adulterous affair with his nanny. Later, he divorced his first wife and married the nanny, and is still living in adultery.
Todd Bentley is a part of the Prophetic movement, which is largely viewed by Christians as heretical and blasphemous. Many within the movement, including Bentley, are prone to wild, outlandish stories that involve gold dust, diamonds, and "angel feathers" from heaven, personal visits with Jesus and angels, visits to heaven through invisible portals, teleporting bodies from one country to another, howling like dogs, shaking out of control, talking to animals, and much more.
The title of your article is correct. People need to "BEWARE" of Todd Bentley. He does not have the gift of healing, nor does he represent Christianity.
Free articles and information on Todd Bentley and the Prophetic movement at .
Sincerely in Christ,
Bud Press
United States