Rick Joyner, Paul Cain,
Knights Of Malta, And Saddam Hussein
End Times And Victorious LIving Newsletter, September/October 1998
by Paw Creek Ministries

Something breathtaking is happening among key Charismatics (Third Wave "prophets") like Rick Joyner and Paul Cain.  Rick Joyner recently announced that he was knighted by the Knights Of Malta.  Apparently, Paul Cain had already been knighted or was knighted at the same time.  The entire story, as told by Rick Joyner, has come into my possession.  Included in this knighting was country singer Ricky Scaggs, Mahesh Chavda, Bobby Conner, and others.  The Knights of Malta is clearly a Catholic order with a military persona.  The American order is called on the Internet, "Sovereign Military Order Of Malta."

Here is a constitutional statement from the charter:

"The Order has as its object to promote the Glorification of God by the sanctification of its members, service to the Faith and to the Holy See (pope of Rome) and helping one's neighbor, in accordance with its secular traditions." (Spiritual Guidelines For All Members Of The Order, Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, Federal Associations, U.S.A.. web site, http://www.smom.org/spiritual/guidelines.html)

What is amazing is that Rick Joyner tells all about this on a tape and includes in the story how a key member of this order arranged a meeting between Paul Cain and Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq.  He states that the leaders in Iraq as well as Saddam had heard Paul Cain and were convinced that he was a true prophet.  If Saddam Hussein and his henchmen are convinced that Paul Cain and Rick Joyner are true prophets then you know who they prophesy to serve.  Remember, the Antichrist will (very likely) be an Assyrian, right out of the geographical area that includes Iraq, Southern Turkey, Northern Iran, Syria and probably Lebanon.

Something breathtaking is happening between key Charismatic leaders and the organizations of the world working toward a One World Order.  This bit of information lets us know how close His marvelous Rapture of the Bride really is.  Stay tuned for more information.  Share with us anything you have on this subject.  Send e-mail to:


Items in parenthses and bold were added by "Deception In The Church" for clarification.