Modern Heresy Timeline

The Flow of Current Heretical Beliefs

E.W. Kenyon 1886-1948 

Father of the Word of Faith Movement

Franklin Hall, William Branham, George Warnock

Fathers of the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God/Kingdom Now Movements

1946 Frankin Hall wrote "Atomic Power with God Through Prayer & Fasting"Gordon Lindsay's "Voice of Healing" newsletter and Thomas & Evelyn's Wyatt's worldwide radio broadcasts spread his fasting message.
Major Ministers Impacted by Franklin's Hall teachings 

Gordon Lindsey

Oral Roberts

William Branham

A.A. Allen

W.V. Grant (senior)

Tommy Hicks

Dr. Waltrip (Katherine Khulman's husband) 

Kenneth Hagin

Word of Faith Movement 1967-1985

Kenneth Hagin starts Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa and is responsible for launching 1,000's of Word of Faith Churches and Ministries globally. Main center for propagation of Word of Faith Doctrines

Post World War II Healing Revival Sweeps America & the World 1946-1967

William Branham 

A.A. Allen

Oral Roberts

Little David Walker

Katherine Khulman

T.L. Osborn

Buddy Harrison

(Kenneth Hagin's son-in-law) 

Founder Harrison House Publisher, main publisher of Word of Faith doctrines 

Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship Church (FCF). 

FCF Tulsa serves as the "covering" for 100's of FCF congregations worldwide, all of which teach Word of Faith doctrines

1947 William Branham's ministry was beginning to be widely accepted until his death in 1965. Coined phrase "Latter Rain"
Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

(got initial tapes of Hagin from Buddy Harrison) De-facto leader of current Word of Faith Movement

North Battleford Saskatchewan

1947 George Hawtin & Percy Hunt run the Sharon Orphanage: Read F. Hall's book & see Branham's ministry. Fast & Pray according to Hall's principals for one year and begin to teach Hall's principles at their Bible School. Elim Bible Institute also is teaching Restoration at this time with no apparent connection with N. Battleford.

Other Word of Faith Proponents 

Jerry Savelle (Copeland's disciple)

Jesse Duplantis

Norval Hayes (Lester Sumrall disciple) 

Charles Capps (ordained by Copeland)

Marilyn Hickey

Robert Tilton

Benny Hinn (Assembly of God )

Discipleship/Shepherding Movement


Derek Prince (Florida)

Don Basham

Juan Ortega (Argentina)

Ralph Martin (Word of God Community)

"Covering" concept, Authoritative rule

June 1948 George Hawtin teaches on the Restoration of Apostles & Prophets to the Body of Christ to the Sharon Assembly. That same year Israel becomes a nation again. 

February 11, 1948, young woman prophesies at great revival is about to take place at the school

Television Ministries Rise
Trinity Broadcast Network

Paul & Jan Crouch

World's largest Christian television network disseminating Word of Faith Teachings & Kingdom Now Teachings globally - showcases Benny Hinn's crusades 

Praise the Lord Television Network

Jim & Tammy Bakker

Christian Broadcasting Network

Pat Robertson (Kingdom Now Proponent)

July 7-18 1948 Sharon camp meeting, 1000's attend and the teachings of the Latter Rain begin to be widely taught among Pentecostals. Including doctrine of laying on of hands for Holy Ghost Baptism, Apostles & Prophets, Present Day Truth concept, Ascension Gifts,
1949 George Warnock begins to teach on the "Restoration of all things" involved with Sharon Brethren
1951 George Warnock publishes "Feast of Tabernacles" a manual for Latter Rain Doctrines & Practices
  1956 Assembly of God begins to denounce Latter Rain Doctrines as Heretical and movement dies down
Latter Rain Doctrines Become Prominent Again in Word of Faith & Kingdom Now Ministries
Some of the Modern Day Prophets & Apostles 

(Restoration of the Ascension Gifts)

Kenneth Hagin - Apostle/Prophet 

Kenneth Copeland - Prophet 

Paul Cain - Prophet (past associate of William Branham) 

Frank Hammond - Prophet (largely responsible for Prophetic Movement & started "School of the Prophets") 

Bernard Jordan - Prophet 

Rick Joyner - Prophet 

Bob Jones - Prophet (Vineyard Church) 

Alan Vincent - Apostle 

Turnel Nelson - Apostle 

Jefferson Edwards - Apostle/Prophet

Prophetic Movement

(1985-1991- ongoing

Frank Hammond

Bernard Jordan

Rick Joyner

Kansas City Five Prophets

Apostolic Movement


Archbishop Earl Paulk

Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Alan Vincent

Turnel Nelson

Signs & Wonders

Benny Hinn Ministries

Mehesh Chavda

Morris Cerello

Rodney Howard Browne

Toronto Airport Church

(formerly Toronto Vineyard)

Vineyard Church Movement

John Wimber

Laughing Movement 

Rodney Howard Brown

Randy Clark John Arnott (Toronto Vineyard)

From Toronto Airport Church to various churches world-wide

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