False Prophet Oral Roberts
False Prophecy at Pastor Ron Clark's Living Water Church, Tampa, Florida
by Anonymous, 1/05

The Pentecostal pastor prophesies special prophecies in church publicly over different members that God is going to make them millionaires, make them super anointed, give them a world wide ministry, or give them great fame! As a result the members
are hooked on their wonderful pastor who prophesies good things even though over the years none of the prophecy ever come to fruition. And the pastor attributed it all to lack of faith or unbelief or hidden sin on the part of the member that the prophesies failed.
About six years ago in Living Water Church, Tampa, Florida, Oral Roberts in person prophesied that God was going to raise up many millionaires in the church who would be rich and support the work of the kingdom.
A few months ago I checked with the St. Petersburg Times to see what was happening with the Living Water Church?1  And boy was I surprised! The church filed for Bankruptcy.  Since 1992 this large church was not able to meet its budget. And then the Pastor Ron Clark and Belinda had gone off the deep end with a public divorce which only compounded the matter.

Living Water, a once thriving, 2,000-member non-denominational Christian church, sought protection from creditors in bankruptcy court last October. By then, the church's checking account balance had dwindled to $60 and the congregation had fewer than 500 members.
Congregants left as details emerged from the divorce of Ronald and Belinda Clark, the couple who founded Living Water in 1988. Ronald Clark accused his wife of being mentally ill, unfaithful and a thief. Belinda Clark claimed in court papers that her husband had a secret plan to sell the church and funnel the proceeds overseas with the help of church board chairman Melvin
The rancorous divorce of the Clarks began to attract publicity a year ago, and has been blamed for the defection of nearly three of every four members at the Living Water Church, which was founded by the couple in 1988.
Ronald Clark, the $138,000-a-year church pastor, accused his wife of being unfaithful, suffering from mental illness, dabbling in pornography and stealing church mail filled with Easter church donations. It turned out that Pastor Ron enforced tithing in his church and collected three offerings per service, but he, himself, never tithed!
Belinda Clark, Living Water's $70,000-a-year associate pastor who was fired in the wake of the allegations, accused her husband of domestic violence, of lying to church trustees to ruin her credibility and of having a secret plan to sell the church, place the proceeds in a trust, then have funds funneled to him at a foreign location.
Hence I am very suspicious of prophets who only prophesy good things happening to people and not telling them to repent from their hidden sins. And I pray that such prophets will be discerned and not allow to operate.

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