Brownsville Gets It's Second Wind
by Orell Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Vol. 6, No. 2, March/April 2001

Remnant Magazine has recently posted preliminary reports of what it calls the "Second Wind" of Revival at the famous Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Florida.  This comes as a surprise because there was never any suggestion on the Brownsville Website that this well publicized "move of God" was in any need of some kind of spiritual resuscitation.  In recent times, however, there have been major changes at Brownsville.  Some months ago Steve Hill, AOG Evangelist, who sparked the Pensacola outpouring, without warning, left to pursue his own worldwide ministry.  It was suggested that this was an amiable parting of the ways but, in Pastor Kilpatrick's announcement of Hill's departure, to the congregation, he implied that Brownsville was ready to move on in the Spirit without any hindrances.  That very week Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hamon came to instruct the congregation on moving in the prophetic.  The Hamons represent perhaps the purest form of Latter-Rain prophetic teaching in the world today.  Apparently, however, the Hamon's prophetic teaching did not remove all the hindrances.  Now, through the reporting of Remnant magazine, we learn that the long lines at the Brownsville meetings had all but disappeared. More recently, Charisma Magazine reported the abrupt firing of Michael Brown, president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM).  Brown then promptly formed a new organization called the Fellowship of Revival and Evangelism (FIRE).  There are now two rival schools of revival operating in Pensacola.

Now in one week in February (17-23), Brownsville has gotten it's "Second Wind." Remnant magazine has released its coverage with a full color title page with big letters referring to "The Second Wind, The Brownsville Revival." The Remnant reporters repeatedly refer to a recovering of that which had been lost at Brownsville.  In one report it is said that "revival was back to the place where it had been in the period of 1995 and 1996." Elsewhere it is reported that "there is tremendous change going on at the Brownsville revival.  You could even say it was Me the early days of the revival but to be honest you have to say it went far beyond that." The reporter continues: "on Tuesday night there were lines again and there was overflow in the Family Life Center." It sounds like 1995 all over again but something new is in the air.  The prophetic voice of Cindy Jacobs is calling forth new works at the Brownsville Sanctuary.  Old friends are showing up and John and Carol Arnott have brought the Toronto Blessing to Pensacola."

Indeed it does sound like 1995-96 all over again.  Listen as the Remnant reporter describes the ministry of the Arnotts: "It began softly, similar to a light snowfall that progressed to a full-blown blizzard.  The manifestation of shaking and twitching is back ... few were able to leave.  I went to the Orange (sanctuary at the BRSM) just in time to see students being carried out to their cars.  Many were vibrating on the way out the door.  Those that could were helping the others to gather their things together and get out of the building.  Cars that would normally be zooming out to the highway were sitting still while drivers tried to stop shaking long enough to get their keys in the ignition."

There were three speakers, during this week, that can be credited with bringing the "Presence" back into the Brownsville Sanctuary.  John and Carol Arnott came from Toronto.  These two are famous for the so-called "Toronto
Blessing" of which we do not hear very much anymore.  Cindy Jacobs also came and ministered that week.  Jacobs is billed, on her Website, as a "Prophetess to the nations." She ministers widely in river/Apostolic churches.  C. Peter Wagner is on her board and Dutch Sheets is her pastor.  She has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Bishop Bill Hamon.  She sees prophetic intercession as commissioned by God to pull down spiritual strongholds in the heavenlies which impede evangelism.  Her ministry is called "Generals of Intercession" and in the time of war "it is the generals who make battle plans." (By the way, you can partner with her by entering a "Shunamite Covenant" for as little as $25 a month).  She, as well as others in the prophetic warfare movement, have picked up the Latter Rain teaching of the birthing of the manchild based on Rev. 12:5,6.  This teaching asserts that an endtime church of overcomers will birth the "manchild." This manchild is said to be a world wide revival.  In her most recent issue of Generals of Intercession News, the feature article is "Revival is in the Birth Canal." In the same issue she asserts that "Christians have pushed and pushed and it was like a postpartum depression." She prophesied, "but the Lord would say to you surely the baby has been born." Obviously she seems confused as to whether the baby has been born or is still in the birth canal.  At the meetings in Brownsville, Jacobs reminded the Brownsville church that she had prophesied last fall that there would be a unique move of God that would open the door for the supernatural.  Brownsville now sees this prophesy as having been fulfilled.

Finally, Claudio Freidzon ministered during this week in a conference called "Bridging the Americas." This is an attempt to link the revival in Argentina with Brownsville and other hot spots in North America.  Freidzon is an Argentinean evangelist who is credited with transferring his anointing to John Arnott of Toronto Blessing fame.  The reporter tells of Friedzon inadvertently swinging his arm around toward the Brownsville choir and they were all mowed down by the spirit.  Many current revival enthusiasts feel that the Argentinean evangelists were those who really pioneered the current "River of Revival." The same kinds of physical manifestations often reported in North America have been reported in Argentina for decades.

How shall we respond to all of this?  This is being heralded as a new and greater move of God - greater than previous moves.  But, actually, there doesn't seem to be anything really new in the reports from Remnant.  We have all heard about the various physical manifestations ascribed to the Holy Spirit. Actually, there is one thing new in the reports.  Not only was the "glory cloud" sighted in the church but it apparently entered into the mouths of some people, Pastor Kilpatrick included and they referred to is as a "thickness" in their throats.  Other than this, it sounds like just another go at the same 'ole same 'ole.

More important, in the long run, are the new teachings that Jacobs and Arnott bring with them.  The coveted bodily manifestations will wane again and require another wind of the spirit.  But, Cindy Jacobs is teaching, among other things, The Third Day Church, which is simply a variety of Latter Rain teaching of a generation past.  I am sure this "Second Wind" will be published abroad and others who need a second wind of "the Presence" will get their second wind.

About the Author:

Orrel Steinkamp is publisher of The Plumbline newsletter and director of Plumbline Ministries.  He has served as a missionary to Viet Nam, Professor and pastor in Australia, as well as America.  Most recently he has retired from the pastorate to pursue Plumbline Ministries fall time. (He received his M.Div and Dr. of Ministry degrees from Bethel Seminary).

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