Tossing Glory Grenades

by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp, The Plumbline,

Volume 11, No.4, August/September


The title comes from a spectacle I witnessed on God TV from the Lakeland Outpouring and the Todd Bentley Meetings. On this night it was a little more than Bentley imploring for people to come up and get "some glory", or "Come and get a drink of the glory of God." In fact at this particular meeting there was a stand in for Bentley. I don't know his name and don't know how I could get it. People I guess weren't coming down so he began tossing glory bombs to people in the front rows who on cue would fall and stagger. The speaker would quickly mm his back apparently to avoid the blast of the explosion of glory. Why he would avoid the supposed explosion of glory is odd. This tangible packaging of the glory as a product to be tossed around seems reprehensible.


In this network of hyper-charismatic practitioners there is an oscillation of what they refer to as the "anointing" and the "glory." Perhaps beginning with Benny Hinn, all of these visible purported displays of power such as all the versions of what is referred to as "slaying in the Spirit", blowing people over and fanning a spirit on people are purported to be a special anointing given to specially endowed personalities. Conversely, in the Scriptures anointing is preeminently a reference to Jesus as the Messiah, which in Hebrew means "the anointed one." Beyond that, all believers already have an anointing. "I write these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you. But the anointing from him (Jesus) abides in you." (1 John 2:27). In the new covenant there is no longer the anointing of Kings as in the OT. There is no teaching about specially anointed ones. Ordinary believers receive "spiritual girls" given as the Holy Spirit determines, for special occasions and needs. These girls are dispersed by the Spirit "for edification, encouragement and consolation" for Body life. (1 Cot. 14:3). There is no suggestion of special practitioners and stage personalities performing purported Christian versions of stage magic and hypnotism.


These hyper-charismatic specialists in addition to allegedly dispensing the Holy Spirit at their will and calling it '~the anointing." also claim to dispense the "glory of God." As the Holy Spirit dispenses and gives spiritual girls at the Spirit's control, these specialists purport to have domesticated and packaged God's glory and they assert they can give God's glory to others at their will. To be able to do this implies that the glory of God is under their control. It arrogantly implies they can command the glory of God and God's glory is their possession to give.


The word glory in the OT is based on a number of Hebrew words. One Hebrew word kabab has a base meaning of "heavy." This word actually refers to honor, reputation, majesty, beauty ahd fame. Ones honor fame and power is considered heavy as opposed to being light and lacking in honor and praise. It has no reference to certain people saying that while in an altered state they actually feel a heaviness. Actually this feeling of heaviness is a characteristic of people under hypnosis. But "glory" in the scriptures points to praise, fame and honor. It is something people can give to God. Man can give "praise" (glory) to God, But this refers to "glory" which originates with man. This must be sharply distinguished from God's Glory He has in himself...

In the NT man can also ascribe (honor/glory) to God. "Do all to the glory (fame and honor) of God" ( l Cor. 10:3 l). But God's own personal Glory, which belongs to Him, is totally different than mans glory. God himself declared that "He will not give His glory to another." Even Moses himself was rebuked when he asked to see God's glory, and was placed in a cleft of a rock as God's glory passed by. God in this instance describes His glory as His goodness. In the OT God would choose when and how he would display His glory, whether in the Holy of Holies or other expressions of God's glory. But always God's glory was His Glory and Man could not control it or predict it. God's glory belongs to His sovereign person and He will not share His glory with another. It cannot be dispensed as mans possession to give to another man. In the NT the same distinction avails. Man can give man's honor and praise and glory to God. But God's personal sovereign glory belongs to God alone. More specifically glory relates to God's Son in the days of His flesh. John 1:14 declares, "And we have seen His glory, glory as of the only Son of God.' At Jesus' transfiguration the three apostles "beheld the glory of God." But again it was an event under God's sovereign will. Later Jesus return to heaven is described as Jesus "entering into His glory."(Lk. 24; 26). Jesus looks forward to the time when His disciples can behold His glory in heaven. (John 17:24). Finally Jesus glory will be displayed on the day and the hour Jesus returns, "when He comes in the Glory of His Father" (Mk 8,38).


To play around with God's glory is not a light matter rather it is heavy with judgment. In fact it could be dangerous because whatever kind of altered state experience is being tossed around can hardly be God's personal sovereign glory. To claim to take possession of, take control of and dispense God's glory by a mere man is rebellion, for God will not share His personal glory with any mortal.


Patricia King an Extreme Prophet


I feel free to call her an extreme prophet because she has named her ministry and website "Extreme Prophetic." After listening to some of her prophesies, I would have to say she underestimates her ministry when she uses the term "Extreme Prophetic." Patricia Krug is married to Ron Cocking. She headquarters in Kalewna BC Canada and Phoenix. Until recently she was known as Pat Cocking. She relates that God called her to change her to CoKing, which she later, however, changed to her maiden name King. In an interview with Steve Schultz of the Elijah list she related her pre-Christian life. Apparently, in her early 20's she became despondent and entered the occult world. While she was hospitalized she had her first vision, a vision of satan. But then there was a peaceful presence in the room, which believed, was Jesus. She then began to follow Jesus using her occult beliefs and techniques. But still empty and despondent, she called an Anglican pastor and he told her of a relationship she could have with Jesus. She felt clean and happy. It seems to be the description of a valid conversion experience. However, she relates that almost immediately she took a class on how to hear the voice of God. She told Schultz that God is speaking all the time and we just have to learn how to tune in. Since those early days she has moved into extreme prophecies. She took over a ministry in BC of another lady. A little later King became involved with Toronto and its extreme manifestations. She then brought them back to Kelewna BC and it became known as "Toronto West." She has moved into union with a whole range of extreme prophetic ministries with the likes of Randy Clark and Stacey Campbell of Toronto vintage, Graham Cooke, Bobby Connors Lou Engle, Keith Davis, Bill Johnson and Bob Jones. Jones deserves special mention. He was a prophet with the KC prophets. But he had to be shut down, not because of his absurd prophecies, but because he used prophecy to get women to take off their clothes. He has since been "restored" and now is viewed by King and others as a sort of master prophet in some ways succeeding Paul Cain. Bentley, who says he was converted by reading Hinn's book, "Good Morning Holy Spirit" was picked up by King and was mentored by her. King was a "mother in God" to him and was ordained by King 10 years ago on "mothers day." Her specialty is teaching and arranging trips to the third heaven. I listened to a conversation of Bentley, Jones and King in which they talked of daily trips to the third heaven. Here they learn new revelation. One of her associates, Joshua Mills. just straight out uses the term "astral projection." He defends this New Age term by boldly stating that astral projection was first of all a God thing, which satan later copied. Going to the third heaven means they have to pass through the second heaven, which is declared to be the demonic realm. On the way through they overhear demonic strategies and use this divine spying to assist spiritual warfare on the earth.


To choose a sampling of her visions/prophecies is not easy because there are so many found on the net. One of her visions portrays a common motif of opening portals from and to heaven, sort of like a heavenly "sky light" through which there is traffic to and from heaven. She describes what seemed to her to be golden ladders connecting locations in the earth to the portals to and from heaven. Angels and believers were ascending and descending (were there any traffic jams?) while releasing heavenly glory into the earthly realm. (Patricia King: Portals of Glory).


The Blue Flame


"Recently while teaching at the Glory School in Dudley England. I had a spiritual encounter regarding the Blue Flame of the Lord. In this encounter, I could feel myself soaring like an eagle, looking toward the sun while in flight. Eagles (often biblical symbols of the prophetic in the natural) have an extra membrane over their eyes that other birds do not have this allows them to look directly into the sun without any damage to their vision. As I gazed at the sun, I could feel myself being drawn toward its center and then I saw it - the blue flame. It was so beautiful, I could feel its strength and its passion ... May we gaze mm the fiery love of God. Let us prepare to receive revelation into the deep mysteries of God "(Patricia King). This vision, however, in not original to King, and is replicated exactly in New Age teaching. Listen to an incantation to the ascended master and the I AM. "I invoke the blue flame which represents the divine power of my father God."


The usual repertoire of gold dust, and precious stones and oil is normal fare for King and her network. Joshua Mills who ministers with King reports of eating gold leaves from the tree of life served up by angels and having a piano that plays by itself.


"Ekstasis" Worship Dancing and Club Mysterio.


King introduces Caleb Brundidge on her website and the spiritual experience of ecstasy worship dancing. Caleb is a DJ who brings heavy Rock beat music designed for youth groups. He describes this dancing as going beyond the mind to a place of ecstasy with God the dancers are called to give way completely to emotion. This dancing claims to lead to a deeper union with God. Words bypass the mind to the cellular level and become a part of you. You intercede with your dancing etc. etc. It really appears to be total abandonment to bodily movements. It is a spiritual equivalent to "Rave Dancing."


"Listen to how one New Age writer defines and describes Ekstasis dancing. 'The purpose of a trance dance is essentially to bring you to a place in the sacred zone where the spirits can reach you. In trance dance the rhythms and movement combine with the music to create an altered state of consciousness that allows entry into the sacred realm... Allowing the body and parts of the body, to move and to and express rhythms. Engaging in the moment, this meditative state of mind allows entry into deeper mythic reality." (adapted from Circle of Shaman). by ,Karen Berggren 1998, (From


Now listen as Patricia King describes "Ekstasis Dancing" on her website Extreme Prophetic.


"DJ Caleb and his 'Club Mysterio' combine ekstasis worship, beats, electronic expressions, dance prayer and powerful prophetic flow to create a Christian rave experience... This new expression of abandoned worship allows one to press into the presence of God and experience the deep mysteries of intimacy with the Lord, the One who is truly worth raving about." (Patricia King).


"It is a well established fact that many of the eastern and esoteric religions employ the techniques of trance dancing. The hypnotic sounds and movements elevate dancers into ecstatic, altered states of consciousness. It is while they are in these altered states that they are most open to suggestion, mind control, seduction by deceiving spirits, and spontaneous kundalini awakenings." (deceptionbytes.corn).


The conclusion to all of this is simply this. ! Don't' allow your young people to be seduced into this version of rave dancing!


Are Wagner's Apostles About to Defect?


Bentley may indeed prove a stone of stumbling for Wagner's worldwide network (NAR) which he purports to be the setting in place of apostles to rule the global church. For those not aware, Wagner is the presiding apostle of 500 people worldwide assuming the title of an apostle. These apostles include Lee Grady editor of Charisma magazine and also a relatively unknown apostle who was a friend of mine in Australia. But some of these apostles are getting restive and ready to leave the network. Some apostles reject Wagner's endorsement of Todd Bentley. This relates to an apostolic commissioning at Lakeland. With Bill Arnott (Toronto), Bill Johnson (Redding CA), and Che Anh standing behind him, Wagner made this proclamation "I take apostolic authority that God has given me and I decree (papal bull?) to Todd Bentley. Your power will increase, your authority will increase, your favor will increase and your revelation will increase."


But some of Wagner's apostles are apparently embarrassed that none of the heralded resurrections can be verified and even the doctors and EMTs reject the claims. Other apostles are appalled at the focus on angels and trances. Other apostles resent that they will be called on to endorse the likes of John Crowder. And now Bentley has announced that August 23 will be his last day in Lakeland, telling his followers that God has instructed him to move, walk the land, and take the ark of God's glory to the nations. Che Anh has already told the faithful at Lakeland that He, Bill Arnott, Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson in response to a Jones prophecy met in Hawaii in a 5 star hotel provided by Bill Johnson. They called Bob Jones and he prophesied that "this is the 3rd Wave. The first Toronto, the second Pensacola, and Lakeland the third. This wave will cover the whole earth. Then Anh told the crowd that at that very instant a huge wave came out of nowhere and engulfed them at the beach cabana on the green 50 yards from the beach. This is suggested to be a physical prophetic endorsement of Lakeland.. Che Anh then states that this outpouring will go all the way to California. and then international. But a recent Bentley foray to L.A. was a dud by anyone's expectation and the words of Wagner are already beginning to ring hollow. Now there are whisperings that Lakeland is over. Increasingly, people who endorsed Bentley are already looking for the ne.ct Latter Rain outpouring to fulfill the prophecies of their own false prophets. (Jackie Alnor). The first two waves were prophesied to spread to all the earth. Will the designated third wave succeed where the first two failed?