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To the question:

"Does Todd Bentley do Divine miracles?" the results of the poll of 147 votes were as follows:

Yes - 5 (3%)
No - 128 (87%)
Don't know - 8 (5%)
Don't care - 6 (4%)

You got this one right.  What troubles me though are the 9% who said they either didn't know or didn't care.  For those of you who said you didn't know, it is time for you to find out what has been going on with this false teacher.  For those of you who said you didn't care, that is not really a Christian response.  We are all to care about false teachers who are wolves in sheep's clothing.

To the question:

"Who might be your current pick for possible AntiChrist?" the results of the poll of 422 votes were as follows:

Barrack Obama 61 (14%)
The Pope 46 (10%)
Hillary Clinton 118 (27%)
Maitreya 22 (5%)
Benny Hinn 16 (3%)
Javier Solana 38 (9%)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 9 (2%)
Bashar al-Assad 6 (1%)
Don't know 85 (20%)
Don't care 21 (4%)

Looks like Hilary Clinton won.  Don't you guys know the AntiChrist will be a man? :)

To the question:

"Is Allah the same as the God of the Bible, YHWH?" the results of the poll of 480 votes were as follows:

Yes - 15 (3%)
No - 465 (96%)

I am happy to note that most Christians still say they do not believe that Allah is YHWH.  So for those of you who voted no, please contact the Bible Societies and tell them to stop putting the name of a specific (false) god of Allah in place of the word for "GOD" (YHWH) in the Bible.  "In the beginning Allah created the heavens and the earth."?  I think not!! For those of you who got this answer wrong, read our new book called "Idolatry In Their Hearts"!

To the question:

"Can Jesus Christ be worshipped in the name of the supreme beings of Gentile nations?" the results of the poll of 600 votes were as follows:

Yes - 53 (8%)
No - 547 (91%)

Great to see many have learned to discern.  For those of you who got this answer wrong, read our new book called "Idolatry In Their Hearts"!

To the question:

"Do you think Eastern practices like yoga and martial arts should have a place in the Church?" the results of the poll of 229 votes were as follows:

Yes - 7 (3%)
No - 222 (96%)

Good job, folks!  Now, please write to people like Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, Richard Foster, Rick Warren and many others involved in the Emerging Church and tell them to stop promoting these types of practices!

To the question:

"Does the Bible teach the Church is to 'overthrow' the governments of the world?" the results of the poll of 283 votes were as follows:

Yes - 44 (15%)
No - 239 (84%)

Apparently the 15% of you who voted yes don't bother to obey the Scriptures.  There is no place in the Bible that commands the Church to take over the systems of government, the businesses, etc. for Christ.  This is heretical Dominionism, but as you can see it is rapidly taking over the churches and the lives of many "Christians".  For further information on this issue, read the following Ten Reasons to Reject Kingdom-Dominion Teachings & The Agenda & Teaching Of The New Apostolic Reformation transcript of C. Peter Wagner, Arise Prophetic Conference, Gateway Church, San Jose, CA, 10-10-2004 with forward by Sandy Simpson, 5/23/05

To the question:

"If you were to guess, is Pope John Paul II in heaven?" the results of the poll with 614 people voting were as follows:

Yes - 338 (55%)
No - 276 (44%)

I guess the Catholics chimed in on this vote.  It is a little scary to think that God is now accepting people into heaven by their works instead of by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, at least according to the majority of you.  According to those polled, God is now inviting those who teach heresy to come and join the bridal supper of the Lamb.  I think 55% of you are going to get a big surprise on judgment day, not just over the popes but in regards to some of your favorite teachers who think that the RCC is a biblical Christian organization.

To the question:

Is the Koran the 'ultimate tool' to evangelize Muslims? (Christianity Today, 1/4/05) the results of the poll with 185 people voting were as follows:

Yes - 14 (7%)
No - 171 (92%)

As usual our discerning readers see clearly that groups like YWAM employing the Koran to witness to Muslims are completely off the beam.  The Bible is the tool we use to witness period!

To the question:
"Do you recommend The Passion Of The Christ movie" the results of the poll with 651 people voting were as follows:

Yes - Saw it = 196 (30%)
No - Saw it = 173 (26%)
Yes - Didn't see it = 16 (2%)
No - Didn't see it = 229 (35%)
Maybe = 16 (2%)
Don't know = 21 (3%)

As usual, our discerning audience DOES NOT recommend this movie as 61% of those polled indicated.  32%, however, do recommend the movie.  This is strange given the fact that the movie produced little to no effect in the lives of those polled by George Barna, just as I have been predicting. For those of you who urge people to see this violent movie acted by some pornography stars, please read the many reviews of The Passion Of The Christ in the Book Reviews section.

To the question:

"Do you approve of Ted Haggard's election to the presidency of the NAE?" here are the results of the poll.

Yes = 23 (8%)
No = 166 (61%)
Maybe = 3 (1%)
Don't know = 79 (29%)

Out of 271 people who voted on this poll a majority thinks that Ted Haggard should not have been elected to the presidecy of the NAE.  For those of you who voted "Don't know" please read the articles on our site about Ted Haggard.  It is important that you read this article most of all.  I think it will persuade you to change your vote to "No".

To the question:

"Do you believe Benny Hinn's refute of Dateline NBC?" here are the results of the poll.

Yes = 9 (7%)
No = 103 (83%)
Maybe = 0 (0%)
Don't know = 12 (9%)

Well I never!  Not trust Benny Hinn?  What's this world coming to?

To the question:

"Is the Reinhard Bonnke dead rasing story true?" here are the results of the poll.

Yes = 65 (32%)
No = 113 (55%)
Maybe = 5 (2%)
Don't know = 20 (9%)

Sounds like the majority of you have a healthy distrust of false teachers like Bonnke and stories they bring back from remote countries where there stories cannot be verified.

To the question:

"Who has been drunk in the Spirit for 16 years?" here are the results of the poll.

Benny Hinn - 42 (30%)
Rodney Howard-Browne - 35 (40%)
Rod Parsley - 13 (9%)
C. Peter Wagner - 4 (2%)
Cindy Jacobs - 1 (0%)
Bill Hamon - 1 (0%)
John Bevere - 0 (0%)
Kenneth Copeland - 18 (13%)
Mary Crum - 1 (0%)
Jack Deere - 2 (1%)

Most of you were on the right track since people like Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne and Kenneth Copeland have all claimed to be "drunk in the spirit".  But you may be amazed to discover that only four of you got this one right.  C. Peter Wagner is the one who has been "drunk in the spirit" for sixteen years.  In 2000 at the National School of the Prophets "Mobilizing The Prophetic Office" conference, Jim Laffoon said this: "I mean, people say how can Dr. (C. Peter) Wagner at his age be with all these weird people?  He's been on a 14 year drunk, it's the only way to explain it.  He's not been sober for years."  Add two years to the above, if he is still "drunk", and you come up with 16 years.  Shocking?  Well, maybe for some of you.  Some of us know better.

To the question:

"Who coined the term 'Third Wave'?" here are the results of the poll.

Benny Hinn - 15
Rod Parsley - 6
Bill Hamon - 3
Kenneth Copeland - 18
Cindy Jacobs - 1
C. Peter Wagner - 44
Kim Clement - 1
Rick Joyner - 11

Out of 99 votes it was gratifying to see that 44 of you know that C. Peter Wagner coined this term, as well as the new term for the Third Wave which is the New Apostolic Reformation.

To the question:

"What is the most repeated sign of the end times in Matt. 24 & 25?" here are the results:

The poll site went down, but before it did I was amazed that so many people don't know what the most repeated sign of the end times it.  It is FALSE PROPHETS!

To the question:

"Who is T.B. Joshua" here are the final results of that poll.

Holy man of God? - 19
Deceived believer? - 19
Wolf in sheep's clothing? - 71
Moslem plant? - 10
Maitreya? - 0
THE False Prophet? - 8
THE Antichrist? - 1

I guess we can safely assume this man is a wolf.  I'm a little suprised that none of you suspect that he may be "Maitreya", since he operates in Nigeria.  What I don't understand is those who beleive he is a "holy man of God".  This guy is a pure shaman, nothing more, nothing less.

To the questions:

"Is a "New Apostolic Reformation" needed today where new apostles and prophets will lay new foundations for the church?"

No = 97
Yes = 3

"Do you believe the claims of the "Transformations" video by George Otis, Jr.?"

No = 98
Yes = 2

Is the concept of "spiritual mapping" biblical?

No = 98
Yes = 2

Can there be such as thing as a "Messianic Muslim"?

No = 97
Yes = 3

Is your church associated with YWAM?

No = 95
Yes = 5

To the question "Who is Benny Hinn?" - the final results were as follows with 361 votes:

Holy man of God: 8%
Deceived believer: 19%
Wolf in sheep's clothing: 63%
THE False Prophet: 8%
THE Antichrist: 0%

This is the most definitive poll yet.  A vast majority of you say that Benny Hinn is not even a believer but a wolf in sheep's clothing.  I thought more would think that perhaps Hinn is a candidate for the False Prophet, and was surprised that so few of the Hinnites chimed in with "Holy man of God" which is their consistent mantra.  If Hinn is truly a wolf why do so few Christian leaders declare this fact from their pulpits?  I only received ONE response from An Open Letter About Benny Hinn which I sent out to every major ministry I could think of.  I frankly don't understand the reluctance to stand up for the truth these days in the face of someone who claims to be a believer yet is leading MILLIONS of people into a false gospel of signs and wonders.

To the question "Where are the feathers coming from in Third Wave meetings?" - the final results were as follows with 176 votes:

Angels: 5%
Demons: 26%
Someone plucking his pet chicken for potluck: 15%
Horses: 1%
Bratty kids having a pillow fight in the nursery: 8%
Up someone's sleeve: 42%

As I read it, a whopping 95% of you don't believe these are angel feathers at all showing up in these meetings.  It looks like many of you think that it is a trick, while another large percent think it is demonic activity.  Only one of you got my extremely obscure reference to the movie "Horse Feathers" by the Marx Brothers.  Oh, well.  This poll proves again there are still some people out their with their heads on straight.  Five percent of you need to have your heads examined.

To the statement "Vote on ideas for new myths Benny Hinn can tell." - the final results were as follows with 172 votes:

Hinn becomes 4th member of the Trinity!:  24%
Hinn heals his wife!:  8%
Paul Crouch can fly!: 15%
Jesus appears as Mother Teresa!: 5%
Hinn traces geneology back to Jesus!: 36%
Bill Clinton will be President for a third term!: 9%

Not much comment needed on this poll.  Kind of sorry to see it go actually.  Looks like we can expect Benny to trace his roots back to Jesus pretty soon when he runs out of steam on the "Jesus will appear physically in upcoming Hinn crusades" ruse.  Either that perhaps he will put himself into the Trinity (oops, forgot that a Trinity can only have three persons :)  I thought it would be quite a trick for Hinn to heal his own wife of her obvious mental condition but looks like most of you think that truly would be impossible!

To the statement "Your turn to predict who will actually appear bodily in upcoming Benny Hinn crusades!" - the final results were as follows with 143 votes:

Jesus Christ: 2%
Mary: 4%
Elvis: 11%
Jim Morrison: 9%
Maitreya or some other false Christ: 26%
Nothing will happen: 46%

Again, our astute discerning users of the DITC site have seen through this deception.  Good going!  The 2% of you who said Jesus Christ will appear bodily around the world in different places have not been reading your Bibles.  Shame on you!  It is interesting that Elvis and Jim Morrison got 19% of the vote, beating out Jesus and Mary handily.  But the big news is that 72% of you thought that either nothing would happen or a false Christ will show up.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  I only regret that I didn't test the theory that John Kennedy will come back from the dead as the antichrist.  I forgot all about him.  Perhaps in an upcoming poll I should ask you the question: "Is Benny Hinn the False Prophet?"

To the question "Why is Billy Graham making such strange unbiblical statements lately?" - the final results were as follows with 189 votes:

Don't judge Billy Graham!:  10%
Effect of Parkinson's/senility.:  7%
Influence of Franklin Graham.:  2%
This is nothing new.: 33%
Don't know but I am concerned!:  41%
Don't have an opinion.:  4%

The majority stated that they did not know why he was making these statements but they were concerned, or that this is nothing new.  This accounted for 74% of the votes cast.  9% were concerned that these types of statements are a result of illness or influences.  10% of those who voted apparently believe that no Christian leader should be questioned.  It is a source of amusement to me that there were 4% who took time to take this poll only to say that they do not have an opinion.  Does this not seem ironic to anyone?

To the question "How would you rate the Third Wave revival movement
out of Toronto Blessing and Brownsville A/G?" - the final results were as follows with 167 votes:

Move of God:  2%
Part God, part man:  3%
Move of man:  27%
Move of Satan:  48%
Wacky:  16%
Undecided: 1%

Looks like "Move of Satan" got the nod.  Certainly not "Move of God"!

To the question "What do you think of The Omega Code movie?" - the final results were as follows with 73 votes:

Saw it! - Great evangelism tool!:  1%
Saw it! - Good entertainment!: 4%
Saw it! - Didn't like it!:  12%
Saw it! - It's heretical!:  6%
Didn't see it! - Why support TBN?:  60%
Didn't see it! - Don't go to movies!: 15%

That so many of you did not see this film because it would give support to TBN is very encouraging!

To the question "Where do the gold  fillings come from?" - the final results were as follows with 61 votes:

Miracle of God:  1%
Miracle of Satan:  52%
Miracle of Dentistry:  8%
Mass hypnosis:  11%
Don't know:  21%
Don't care:  4%

Another "Miracle of Satan"?  It sure looks that way.