Pope To Consecrate New Millennium To Mary
as reported by Bible Prophesy Research (BPR), 2000

Pope John Paul II will conduct an act of dedicating the new millennium to Mary, the Vatican has announced. According to The Immaculate Heart Messenger, a major Catholic magazine, the consecration will take place on October 7th, 2000, on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Pontiff has ordered that the "miraculous statue" of Mary which rests on the spot of the apparitions of Mary at Fatima, Portugal, be transported to Rome to be set up inside St. Peter's Basilica. There the Pope will lead a night-time torchlight procession, then kneel and pray before the statue of Mary.

A number of Catholic officials are convinced that the Pope will also use the occasion to formally declare as dogma the widely held Catholic belief that Mary is Co-redeemer of Mankind. They note that when Pope John Paul II first took office, he pledged, "Totus Tuus Maria" ("I am totally yours, Mary.")

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