Can Rick Warren Change The World?
by Sandy Simpson, 8/20/06

With the recent rash (and I use that word physically) of Rick Warren appearances all over the TV networks, touted as the man who is going to save the planet, I have finally reached my maximum saturation point.  I just want to address one statement that Warren made on Fox, though I could go into his appearances and what he taught in ultimate detail as I have in the past. But this one statement is more than enough to illustrate that Rick Warren is trying to change the world through his use of diaprax and his INCREDIBLE lack of discernment.

I would trust a pastor or a rabbi of a synagogue or an imam of a Muslim mosque more then I would trust a government or NGO. (Can Rick Warren Change the World? Fox Video video time 2:15 Aug.19, 2006 Fox News).
Six points ...

(1) The title of the show on Fox was "Can Rick Warren Change the World?".  Rick Warren does not have a mandate from God to change the world.  Christians have a mandate to preach the Gospel and disciple all nations, being light and salt to the world.  We do NOT have a mandate to fix the problems of the world, to take over the NGOs of the world, nor should any Christian make that boast.  Yet Warren makes those boasts over and over again in a variety of ways. He is simply following the agenda of his mentor C. Peter Wagner who has been teaching this Latter Rain/Dominionist agenda to a whole generation of Fuller Seminary graduates like Warren, stating that Christians must "overthrow the governments" of the world.

(2) We are to place our trust in God, not in man.

(3) At this time in history Warren' ludicrous statement claiming we should "trust" Islamic Imams of any type is unconscionable.  Islamic Imams have taught a whole generation of Muslims to hate Israel and the West, to either convert or kill "infidels" in obedience to their false god and their false scripture, and who are raising funds for Islamo-fascists and hiding them in Mosques.

(4) The problems of bad governance and bad non government organizations (NGOs) PALE in comparison to the threat of the false religion called Islam in the world today.  Anyone who has studied their Bible knows this.  But Warren doesn't mention the Bible or Jesus Christ very often, and especially when he is on worldwide television programs.

(5) Rick Warren has NGOs of his own including and Saddleback, so does he not "trust" himself?

(6) Warren is really using the Hegelian Dialectic (diaprax) to try to persuade people that religion, apparently of ANY variety, has the answers to the problems of the world as opposed to governments and NGOs.  The problem is that God has instituted governments (Rom. 13:1) and we are to obey our leaders and the laws they uphold (Tit. 3:1).  What God has NOT instituted is the false religion of Islam.

The not-so-subtle message for people is that we all need to trust blowhards like Warren who come along with a quasi-relgious message, made palatable by Rick sticking his finger into the wind of public opinion. Warren publishes materials and establishes programs that cater to the "felt needs" of people, full of the self-esteem building messages he learned from his mentor Robert Schuller.  What came off in Warren's recent TV blitz was the size of his head (not literally, but figuratively this time) ... the man has an ego that just won't quit!

Men like Warren can cause true biblical Christians to become discouraged.  Why does God allow these men to prosper?

Look at Psalm 73.  When you despair because of the schemes of unfaithful, egotistical, and wicked men then realize that God is your strength and portion.  Those who have sold themselves for a buck will perish.  Those who ride the beast and bring the world into idolatry and harlotry will ultimately be judged.  Put your trust in Jesus Christ.  Be faithful to Him, declare His works (not those of Rick Warren) and the Lord will hold you in His right hand!