"River Flush USA" Event To Precede 7/7/7 "The Call--Nashville"
reported by Sandy Simpson, 6/5/07

I received this email about and event sponsored by the New Apostolic Reformation false apostles and prophets that is to come before the superstitious "The Call" event on 7/7/7.

Dear Sandy,
I've noticed that you've picked up on the occult references to 7-7-07 and The Call--Nashville, which is proclaimed to be a "solemn assembly."  However, since this is the New Apostolic Reformation, there is more involved behind the scenes than just calling tens of thousands of teens to Titans Stadium.
It turns out that the Wagners, Chuck Pierce, Jim & Faith Chosa, et al have "prepared the way" so to speak by conducting an occultic event called, "River Flush, USA" where they used Native American and New Age shamanistic techniques to conduct deliverance of the midwestern and southern continental US's river systems, which they claim are being used as a "vast network and communications base for the 'prince of the power of the air' and for the second heaven principalities to legally link into the earth."  One of the primary goals of the event is to "prepare the Way for the release of a 'NEW SOUND' and new rhythm in the heart of America on 07 07 07 in Nashville, Tennessee."  (Note that "Way" is CAPITALIZED!!),  They additionally claim to have erected "altars of worship" in order to flood the nation with light.  Given your research and exposition of First Nations and World Christian Gatherings of Indigenous Peoples I thought you would find this of great interest, though this seems to be a synthesis of both Native American and New Age (Gaia worship) techniques--bordering on something resembling an I AM cult event.  Those who participate in the 7/7/07 Call event in Nashville are being deceptively led into false unity with New Agers, Wiccans, Gaia worshippers, etc. doing the same on that date... of course you knew this already but this preparatory event makes this even more abundantly clear.

This memo from Chuck Pierce says it all much better than I can:


Also see this itinerary:


 Too bad I just found out about this today as I would have liked to have seen what happened first hand here in Louisiana.