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I think this excercise will be illuminating for people who have "opened" their minds and bought wholesale into the "new" revelations being handed out worldwide by people like Rodney Howard-Browne (Revival Ministries International), Benny Hinn (Benny Hinn Media Ministries), John Arnott (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship), Steve Hill (Brownsville AOG, Pensacola, FL), John Kilpatrick (Brownsville AOG, Pensacola, FL) and many others in this movement. Hopefully this will warn you not to buy into something too quickly without checking out where it comes from first!

For those of you who have not been "absorbed" yet, see if this type of glowing testimonial sounds all too familiar.

This testimony has been altered. See if you can see through the alterations and guess what denomination this comes from.

Testimony of a ficticious Toronto "Blessing"/Brownsville "Revival" devotee

"I live in the presence of (the Holy Spirit). I treat Him as real, as all there is. I treat His nature as Bliss. That's all. Do it every day, whenever you can, and you will find the little moments of your day will fill with that joyful awareness. I actually gaze upon God, as the One (Who) is self-luminant. I have a (prayer language), that is used to address God, who cannot be addressed by mental concepts. The (prayer language) is your words of love of God. I sing the (prayer), and never repeat it idly without attention, contrary to what some other people teach. I whisper it, and I shout it out loud, though these days usually there is no (prayer), just awareness..."

"It is helpful to be involved with a like-minded group, a group with power, to have (fellowship) with them. Read devotional literature, not intellectual ramblings nor dogmatic dictations. Do not (be focused on experiences) that feel unnatural or cause strain of breath or muscle. The only strain you should feel is when you get (zealous for the Lord)!"

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