Report From Singapore On FCBC & Cell Church

This paper is an update of events happening in Singapore and Asia as we also noted the many problems brought about by those seeking to promote "heresies" and misguided truths into unsuspecting Asia. Many known "charismatic" speakers such as Ed Silvoso, Carlos Annacondria, Peter Wagner, Sergio Scataglini and others have been invited by these "churches" to influence
even the main stream churches with many unbiblical teachings and new-age teachings concerning healings, "miracle gold teeth filling", "imparted 100% Holiness", "Territorial spirits", "Prayer Walking", demons in headaches that need casting out, and many more such unsound teachings. They have even used the Bible Study Small Groups and have renamed them "Cell Groups" to further their materials which they print and sell to unsuspecting local churches and bookshops. They sell, "anointing oil claiming magical powers", promote "slain in the spirit" which is unbiblical and cultish, and practice "false teachings and taking the Bible verses out-of-context". Even local pastors have fallen for the con and some have now picked up "slaying" as their normal service instead of sound preaching of God's Word. They have followed the paths of false prophets and false teachers.

We, and many, have seen the sad state of events in the US and other places being influenced by the Cell Group model out of Singapore and hope that this will forewarn those who are seeking "signs and wonders" to take a careful look at such groups. The only solid rock we stand is Christ and all other ground is sinking sand. The time is now to win back those "lost" in seeking God but misled by Mr. Worldly Wiseman and Apollyon who tried to turn Pilgrim back from his journey to the Celestial City (note: See John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress). Christ has already finished his redemption and given us salvation. It is time to seek the lost and bring them back to God if they repent.

This is a first hand account of what is going at present in Singapore.

In Singapore, they have been gearing up for a visit by Steve Beard who has advocated "Toronto Blessing" and his false representation of Methodism by misquoting John Wesley.  He was invited there by the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) president, who has slanted into the charismatic movement and Beard's erroneous theology.  Beard recently did not answer written objections by Dale Crow who wrote to him of his errors in omitting the passages in his article to support "Revivals" and the "Toronto Blessing".

Recently another "modern day prophet" by the name of Keith Gerner has been penetrating local churches to incite religiosity with modern day prophesies and he is starting up a "Prophetic School".  He has his Audio-Visual Ministries site on the Internet.  He has told some horrendous lies that are affecting local churches in Singapore.

Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) who is the main church distributing cell church materials to the world has a web site which has claimed gold teeth miracles, visions, dreams, etc. in their organization.  FCBC may be linked to Lighthouse and involved with Third Wave luminaries like C. Peter Wagner, Jack Deere, Paul Yonggi Cho, Ed Silvoso, and Carlos Annacondia.  Annacondia recently visited Singapore and is supported by many charismatic churches including Third Wave churches which have been influenced and penetrated by these groups. When Rodney Howard-Browne and Robert Schuller visited Singapore many pastors, including those from FCBC went to their meetings.

As for FCBC, their origins are from pastor Lawrence Khong who was "sacked" from Grace Baptist for reported "unorthodox and heretical positions". Then he and his followers started FCBC and he even visited Paul Yonggi Cho in Korea and brought many of their methods to FCBC (this is reported in their own web site). The membership of FCBC is now 5,000 to 8,000 (undisclosed)

Lighthouse Evangelism has a  pamphlet called "5 Miracle Steps by Rony Tan" is used by this particular group in claiming
healing and miracles by Word Faith movement methods. The pamphlet contains doctrines associated with the Word-Faith Movement and has the many false claims by these groups. Some churches have been influenced by those from these camps and especially by the Third Wave movement - namely C. Peter Wagner, WCA, Robert Schuller, Yonggi Cho and Steve Beard, editor of Goodnews who is coming in March 2000 to Singapore.

There are also a number of new Third Wave churches in Singapore like City Harvest, The Rock ...Even three Mormon churches have grown from one since then. Many deceptions have taken place and many are abandoning God's Truth for man-made untruths.

Asia is becoming more and more susceptible as weak pastorship is allowing the Third Wave to gain easy entry to churches. Denominational lines are being blurred due to in-fighting, politics and bad decisions by leaders who lack of the solid food of the Scriptures.  They often feed on unscriptural diets offered by these groups and visits by their leaders to Asia. Economic depression times are the best ground for these groups to sing to the tune of "prosperity theology".  They say "give more to God and God will bless you, even double your blessing".  There is much cheap talk, getting people hyped on miracles, healings, dreams, gold tooth filings, etc. that are trumped up myths.

The many dangers posed by such "visitations" is often planned and sponsored by the "charismatic churches" who fund these many events by the money generated from their members buying books, videos, cassettes, DVD by the truckload. The struggle is on-going and until the churches stand firm on what the Bible teaches, many will fall into the devil's snare.  The Third Wave has even affected leaders in Anglican Churches, Methodist and Baptists in Singapore.

The leaders who visit Singapore often leave to visit other Asian countries, boasting of visiting churches in Singapore and sharing many ridiculous claims of healings, miracles, etc.  There is a great struggle in Singapore. Pray for us and for people who love the LORD that they will expose these fakes and bring them to answer for "deceiving the people". We see this as the only viable step to counter the inflooding of materials that promote devilish teachings.