Son Of God Movie Review
by John Hayworth, 3/4/14

I firmly believe that we are in the days of the Great Falling Away that Paul prophesied would come before the revealing of the man of sin (2 Thes 2:3).  This apostasy is all but complete here in UK.  This year thousands of churches will be joining together under the banner of "Hope Together" (which has been promoted and steered behind the scenes by both Canterbury and the Vatican).  This all is part of the global strategy of "Evangelisation"!  In 2008 we witnessed a dry-run for this, but this year the Roman Catholic Church is fully integrated.

We see the invasion of both Mysticism and the Occult in the churches.  Hope Together recommends, as a prayer resource for children and families, Labyrinth Prayer:

Also, this year, we will see the release of the film "Son of God" produced by a Catholic Mystic and her husband.  The film is being endorsed by a number of leading churchmen, including;

"Market Driven's" Rick Warren, One of President Obama's advisers on Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships Sam Rodriguez, Cardinal Wuerl, Catholic ArchBishop José Orácio Gomez, Dominionist and Emerging Church Leader Bill Hybels, Prosperity preacher (and all round nice guy) Joel Osteen, Prosperity Preacher and Oneness Teacher T.D. Jakes, Church of Christ Pastor Max Lucado, Ecumenist Leith Anderson, promoter of Celtic Spirituality and Mysticism Erwin McManus and false prophet Pat Robertson.

These men partnered with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett in the production of the film, some even acted as advisors.  This film has been created in a way that aims to make Jesus attractive to the world and fits in with the general ecumenical mission of Global Evangelisation.  Judging from the broad cross section of supporters the film presents a "Jesus" that "Christians" from every denomination can agree on, Roman Catholics, Evangelicals, "Protestants", Charismatics, Pentecostals etc.  A Jesus that everyone can agree upon is NOT the Jesus of the Bible!  A Jesus that every type of Christian can unite around is Not the Jesus of scripture but another Jesus than the one we read about in the Gospels.

Some years ago I worked in the Bullion Centre for one of the big banks.  As employees we would handle, literally, millions of pounds every week.  One of the things I had to become deft at doing was spotting the many counterfeit bank notes that would sometimes end up in the takings of the hundreds of businesses that were delivered to the centre by Security Companies.  Smaller denominations were pretty easy to spot but occasionally some of the larger denominations (especially £50 notes) were extremely well made and harder to spot.  The counterfeiter seeks to produce something so close to the real thing that not just the average person could fall for it, but even the expert!

During WWII Hitler hatched a plan to flood Britain with millions of pounds of counterfeit banknotes in an attempt to destroy the British economy.  He used the world's greatest counterfeiter--a Jewish prisoner by the name of Solomon Sorowitsch--to produce bank notes so well made that they would be practically indistinguishable from the real thing. From the manufacture of the paper to the design and the inks used, so much care and attention to detail was invested in this project until the final product was created.  In 2007 the story of this conspiracy was made into a feature film called "The Counterfeiters" and starred Carl Marcovics in the role of Sally Sorowitsch.

What this group of people have done is to produce a counterfeit Jesus, one so close to the real thing that many will be unable to discern what is false from what is real, but one that fits in with the culture and mentality of the Globalisation of the churches which is being spearheaded by Rome.

Now you may think that I am being overly judgemental but consider some of the comments about the film:

"In this movie, you feel like Jesus is alive, like He is in your backyard. It feels like the scenes just happened a week ago, and you were there, or you could easily go see Him. Our children are bombarded with so many bad movies and messages. The message of this film is beautiful. It's a movie you can see with the kids, and they will love it. It will help them learn what our Savior and God went through. I encourage you to see this with your kids and your friends. I was amazed how well it was done."

"Son of God is a timeless gift of cinema that calls upon people of every faith to stop and reflect on the eternal impact of Jesus Christ, and global impact of Christianity. With its rich production and timely release, Son of God is a wonderful ally in the New Evangelization. I encourage every Catholic to see this film, particularly on opening weekend."
—Tom Peterson, Founder and President, Catholics Come Home, Inc.

A word is the expression of the inward thoughts of a person. When Jesus, the Word of God, became flesh, He was the outward expression of the inward thoughts of God. We have the opportunity, to be apart of something bigger than life. The Son of God Movie has brought together the finest cinematography and greatest creativity so we can see and hear the thoughts of God. When you complete the film, you will conclude with others that Jesus was and is the Son of God.

I believe that Son of God is the finest film produced regarding the Life Of Jesus Christ in the last forty to fifty years. When you walk away, having seen the Son of God, you will understand the love of God, wrapped up in the Word that became flesh: the outward thoughts of God. I want to encourage you to participate in the soon release of movie entitled, “Son of God.” Tell your fellow-leaders about it! Let’s mobilize millions on February 28, 2014 across North American to see and hear the thoughts of God!
—Dr. James O. Davis, Cofounder/Billion Soul

“Experience the Gospel anew.”
“The movie, ‘Son of God’, seeks to make present in a powerful and engaging way the person of Jesus Christ. This film can benefit the people of God as an expression of the New Evangelization, especially during the season of Lent as we prepare to celebrate our Easter salvation in the Lord. This movie has a great potential for leading people to a closer understanding of Jesus Christ and could help those who see it come closer to an authentic encounter with God among us. One of the archdiocese’s important priorities is the work of the New Evangelization. “Son of God” is an excellent example of media’s power to experience the Gospel anew, helping us to fall in love with Jesus once again.”
—Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, San Antonio, Texas

“It is a remarkable film, and I can for see many ways in which it could be used for our works of evangelization in our own time. Many people, especially our young people, are drawn to the visual in their lives, and this film is a superb use of modern filmmaking to capture the imaginations and the hearts of all.”
—His Eminence, Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

In Christ