Statement On Jacob Prasch
by Sandy Simpson, 10/5/13

I am writing this note in response to recent charges that Jacob Prasch is a "gnostic" because he uses Midrash.  Let me state for the record that Jacob is not a "gnostic" by any stretch of the imagination and his teachings abundantly prove that, as well as his statement of faith.  He also does not exclusively use Midrash to interpret Scripture but as one tool in the arsenal of exegesis.  You can read the article on his site called How To Do An Exegesis as proof of what I am saying.  Those who make these charges against Jacob have neither read this article nor his statement of faith.  The ridiculous older article forwarded to a number of discernment ministries railing against Midrash is ill informed on that subject and should be ignored.  Jacob has helped many Gentile believers to understand the Jewish mindset when it comes to the Scriptures which is desperately needed.  He has been a champion of correct exegesis and proper Biblical hermeneutics for decades.  He was one apologist who helped many of us to understand the falsehood and dangers of the counterfeit revivals and Third Wave movement.  Jacob has been indispensable to the churches which is why I am proud to call him a friend and mentor and why my ministry is now affiliated with his.  I am very saddened by this attack on Jacob and would like to encourage those who are doing it to cease and desist and learn to focus on the myriad of serious issues facing the churches these days.  Get back to work on apologetics and stop putting down a man who has helped so many people and will continue to do so into the future.  I would like to advise all the discernment ministries to stop this infighting and go back to the task at hand.

In His hands,
Sandy Simpson