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Deception In The Church e-Newsletter - Editor, Sandy Simpson

The Contenders Mailing List - Editor, Bob Hunter

Apostasy/NWO Update List - Moderator, Ed Tarkowski

A Voice In The Wilderness - Editor, Paul Becker

Diakrisis E-Mail Newsletter - Editor, Alan Morrison

Proclaiming The Gospel - Editor, Michael Gendron

"Take Heed" Ministries Mailing List - Editor, Cecil Andrews

Calvary Contender - Editor, Jerry Huffman
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Printed Newsletters

The Watchman Expositor "Profiles" - Watchman Fellowship

The Berean Call - Editor, Dave Hunt

End Times Newsletter - Editor, Joseph Chambers

The Quarterly Journal - Pesronal Freedom Outreach

CETF/Vanguard Magazine List - Editor, Phillip Powell

Discernment Newsletter - Editor, Jewel van der Merwe