God Never Violates Our Freedom of Choice
by A.W. Tozer, Renewed Day By Day, July 5

. . . And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.  Revelation 22:17

It is inherent in the nature of man that his will must be free.  Made in the image of God who is completely free, man must enjoy a measure of freedom.  This enables him to select his companions for this world and the next; it enables him to yield his soul to whom he will, to give allegiance to God or the devil, to remain a sinner or become a saint.

And God respects this freedom.  God once saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.  To find fault with the smallest thing God has made is to find fault with its Maker.  It is a false humility that would lament that God wrought but imperfectly when He made man in His own image.  Sin excepted, there is nothing in human nature to apologize for.  This was confirmed forever when the Eternal Son became permanently incarnated in human flesh!

So highly does God regard His handiwork that He will not for any reason violate it.  He will take nine steps toward us but He will not take the tenth.  He will incline us to repent, but He cannot do our repenting for us.  It is of the essence of repentance that it can only be done by the one who committed the act to be repented of.  God can wait on the sinning man, He can withhold judgment, He can exercise long suffering to the point where He appears lax in His judicial administration - but He cannot force a man to repent.  To do this would be to violate the man's freedom and void the gift of God originally bestowed upon him.  The believer knows he is free to choose - and with that knowledge he chooses forever the blessed will of God!