Those who try to deconstruct the Trinity
by Sandy Simpson, 5/26/19

These days every core doctrine of the Church is under extraordinary attack.One of the most important core doctrines is that of the Trinity, the Triune God …“God is one God eternally existent in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. Another way of stating it is “God is one "What" and three "Whos" with each "Who" possessingall the attributes of Deity and personality”.I am going to lay out the general case first against any teachings that intentionally or unintentionally try to deconstruct who God is, in particular who Jesus Christ is.I will then move on to a few specific cases and answer their assertions individually.

First and foremost, any teaching that claims that God changed in character along some timeline is teaching heresy.God does not change.

James 1:17Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Fatheroflights,with whom is no variableness, neithershadowofturning.
1 Samuel 15:29Alsothe Glory of Israelwillnotlie orchangeHis mind; for He isnota man that He shouldchangeHis mind.”
Psalm 55:19Godwillhear and answer them—Eventhe one who sits enthroned from of old— Selah. With whom there is no change,And who donotfear God.
Psalm 110:4TheLordhas sworn andwillnotchangeHis mind, “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.”
Hebrews 13:8Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

These statements in the written Word are either true, or they are false.If they are false they can be disproved by other verses here and there.If they are true, which they are since we can see that from context and co-text, then God does not change.If he does not change then His character does not change.God purposed in Himself to send the Son to add humanity to Himself in the Incarnation so that He could shed his blood for our sins as the perfect sacrifice (Heb. 9:22), and rise from the dead to become thefirstfruitfor all who believe.

So then anyone who teaches that there is no Son of God in the Old Testament or that God (the “What” or the “Whos”) changed somehow in the New Testament is attacking the character of God.

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