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The Omega Syndrome
Once evidence is presented, this page will be updated so the public can review the evidence for themselves.


March 15, 2001: Deadline for extended (TBN missed two deadlines for submittal of this information) response to plaintiff's discovery request for identification of co-defendant, writer Lance Charles, his last known address and telephone numbers for service.

March 19, 2001: Second round deposition of Sylvia Fleener, author of The Omega Syndrome.

March 30, 2001: Deadline to bring Motions to Amend any of the pleadings previously placed before the court.

April or May, 2001: Parties are instructed to conduct some formal settlement discussions in the presence of a magistrate of the court.

June 5, 2001: Mandatory status report to the court of the results of the settlement discussions.

July 2, 2001: Deadline for discovery (cut off of discovery activities).

July 16, 2001: Deadline to bring before the court Substantive Motions.

September 17, 2001: Pretrial Tele-Conference Hearing.

October 2, 2001: Begin jury trial in Los Angeles, California.

Revelation 18:4

Omega Syndrome author VS TBN, et al

TBN Lawsuit Update!

Dateline Los Angeles, California - It all started July 11, 2000

SYLVIA FLEENER, author of The Omega Syndrome, filed suit in Los Angeles, Federal Court against Trinity Broadcast Network and it's principals, Paul and Jan Crouch, additionally naming their son Matthew Crouch, TBN Films, Inc., Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc., Western Front, Ltd. along with writers Stephan Blinn, Hollis Barton and Lance Charles for copyright and trademark infringement for their use of her original novel, The Omega Syndrome, in the creation process of the Christian movie and book, The Omega Code.


Mrs. Fleener is very ably represented in this action by attorney Daniel J. Quisenberry, copyright and intellectual property specialist of the law firm Nevers, Palazzo, Maddux & Packard of Los Angeles, California.

A hearing was held September 18th, 2000, between counsels of the parties to the lawsuit. A "show and tell" of evidence and witnesses to be presented at trial were exchanged. Witnesses for the plaintiff will testify to inside knowledge of TBN's access to and the handling of Mrs. Fleener's manuscript while those witnesses were employed at TBN. There will be more startling revelations.

A "Motion to Dismiss as Frivolous" was rejected by the Court on October 2, 2000.

A "Motion for Summary Judgement" (another attempt to have it thrown out) by the defendents, was submitted to the Court in response to that rejection.

On October 30th, 2000, Judge Baird made her official ruling and released a 38 page document as a "Final Ruling" stating DENIAL OF DEFENDANTS MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT. She told the court that she need not entertain expert testimony for this hearing as she had personally read both books and seen the movie. Let's move on.

TBN promptly filed a motion requesting the court to "certify" the ruling, so they can appeal the Summary Judgment Ruling earlier than the federal court rules allow. Judge Baird additionally denied this motion. They are using every stall tactic available at law to slow down the proceedings.

On December 4th, 2000, the Judge announced her decision to FURTHER DENY them (TBN) any certification of her earlier ruling, as well as DENY any MOTION TO APPEAL the Final Ruling she had previously rendered.

On February 13th, 2001, the Judge set July 2, 2001 as the date for completion of all discovery in this case and October 2, 2001 as the firm Trial Date. She further explained that she is sympathetic to the plaintiffs health issues and urged counsel to complete discovery and be prepared for an earlier trial if it can be moved ahead on her dockett.


SYLVIA FLEENER, author of The Omega Syndrome

In her deposition, Mrs. Fleener cited the effort she expended in the creation, writing, publishing and marketing of her novel, a fictional expression of an end-of-times story. These efforts included attempts to get TBN and/or it's principals to assist her with production of a movie from her original story, based loosely on Bible prophecy, global trends in religion, currency markets, politics and advances in technology. One comment from Mrs. Fleener is that "they took my characters, the beginning, the middle and end of my book." Thirty Eight "non-exhaustive same-nesses" are itemized in the complaint. Experts have found more than 100.


In his deposition, treatment writer Barton Green, AKA "Hollis Barton", denied ever having seen or heard of Sylvia Fleener or her work, The Omega Syndrome. He stressed over and over that his first "official" day as a writer for hire at GenerX8ion Entertainment (Matthew's Company) was September 1, 1997. He stated he did not work directly on The Omega Code until early in 1998. He did, however, talk openly about the use of Michael Drosnin's book, The Bible Code. If you have read this wonderful book and seen their movie, you will recognize the passages they took from his book. Do you suppose they had Drosnin's permission, or do they just have bad habits?

Disclosure documents he presented included some of his previous work. A "Rabbi" was one element in his previous creations, however it was all about a young man growing up to become a Rabbi. Never mentions any research that character might be involved in. More significant though is that few things he "created" in his tenure as a "writer for hire" ever made it into the movie. As to the samenesses identified to the court in the CLAIM, Barton Green said he did put some of them in the first draft of the treatment. The finished product was so changed from what he wanted to see done with his ideas, that though he needed the writer credits for his career, he would not allow his real name to appear in the credits, hence the pen name "Hollis Barton".

He also stated for the record that they asked him to do more work for them on the sequel (Megiddo), but he refused. Seems someone else was always driving the boat, he ended up writing what "they" told him to and he did not like the arrangement. Pretty evasive about who "they" were.


The deposition of Jan Crouch was re-scheduled and conducted January 15th & 16th, 2001. When questioned about her involvement in TBN, she acknowledged she is a Director but does not know what that means exactly, nor who else is or may be. She also said "always was and still is just" the Program Director for the network and as such does sometimes do original work. "You know, produce shows and find new stuff". She asserted she had never seen the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome and had never heard of Sylvia Fleener, until she was told about her pending deposition and was handed the Declaration of Kelly Whitmore to read in preparation for it. Further she said "she did not even know about the lawsuit until told in early December that she would be deposed".

A "surprise" question directed to her by Quisenberry concerning her use of an alias, "Do you know the name Beth Dell?"... got a shocked look, a pause, then a "Yes". Her attorney/nephew Casorio said for the record "She won't be using it anymore!"

Though she told that TBN has more than 400 employees, she did not have, never did have, the authority to instruct, supervise, hire or fire employees at TBN. So she never did. She further added that "Kelly Whitmore was just a housekeeper, probably hired by one of the property managers, she guessed, and was never, to her knowledge, promoted nor her title and responsibilities changed to anything else".


Kelly Whitmore's deposition followed Jan's. She testified that she was Jan's personal assistant through the transition or move from the Dallas, Texas area to Hendersonville, Tennessee. Her testimony included carrying Sylvia's manuscript around for more than a year at Jan's instruction "As this is our next project, an end-times" movie". Kelly confessed to hating the prospect of working on such a large project, as the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome was near 3" thick. The attorneys skipped over this pretty quickly, and were more interested in when and how Sylvia and Kelly became acquainted, just "how friendly" had they become and what might Kelly have given to Sylvia.

Kelly suffered through a day and a half of grilling over just what she gave to Sylvia. The things she testified to were her "day-timer" with addresses and telephone numbers and a record of some credit card numbers issued for her to use for transactions while at TBN, some miscellaneous receipts from some of those transactions, handwritten notes to Kelly from Jan Crouch, etc. A personalized, unlimited, TBN American Express Credit Card is Pretty significant for TBN to have issued to a housekeeper / janitor.


During Kelly's testimony, the TBN attorneys went ballistic with assertions that these items given to Sylvia during Sylvia's search for information concerning her lawsuit "will be recovered". They accused Mr. Quisenberry of "withholding evidence" (he was never given this stuff as it is not relevant to the case) and Paul Crouch's face reflected his anger, agitation and concern. Amazing how "not knowing what" can strike fear into anyone.

Remember on a recent Behind The Scenes broadcast, Paul said he might just call his "new movie" (working title Omega II, which is the much lauded sequel to The Omega Code) what he always wanted to call it; "When All Hell Breaks Loose"? Well, guess what? When they learned what Kelly had given Sylvia, "All Hell Broke Loose..."

Defendants Paul & Jan Crouch and Western Front, Ltd. (book publisher) were ordered by the court to respond immediately with information concerning Lance Charles as this information is already overdue at the court. Lance Charles (or someone) signed a declaration that "he never heard of The Omega Syndrome" which was filed with the court, as an attachment to their application for SUMMARY JUDGMENT dismissal. Paul Crouch asserts, under penalty of perjury, to the court that he does not know Lance Charles "real name" and all he has is some old phone numbers. Makes one wonder what kind of relationship Paul had with the writer who's name is on "HIS" book. On February 16th, Western Front, Ltd. furnished a "last known" address and telephone number. We'll see if it turns out to be another smoke screen.