Here Comes The "United Religions Initiative"
compiled by Biblical Prophesy Research with commentary by Sandy Simpson, 3/00

DITC:  The year 2000 is the springboard to a coming united world religion.  There are many conferences and celebrations this year heralding a "new world order" and "united religions".  Following is one article and one "call to participate" web sign up for the United Religions Inititative (URI).  We are NOT advising DITC readers to sign up for URI.  These items are provided for your information.  Many Christians are seemingly unaware of how strong the push is for a united world religion.  It is time to wake up and prepare.  Those who believe that Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life are headed for persecution ahead in this new tower of Babel.

The Coming United Religions
Bishop of California

For more than 100 years, visionaries have been dreaming of a day when the world's religions could work together for peace. "That day is coming -soon!" writes Bishop William E. Swing. He and others in the United Religions Initiative (URI) have already held consultations with numerous religious and spiritual leaders during global summits, regional conferences, and interviews. The 1998 Summit endorsed an innovative draft of the United Religions Charter, and the group is planning to inaugurate the UR in the year 2000. Meanwhile, URI is reaching across the planet to gather insights and support from people, young and old, of every faith.


"May the Initiative described in this book succeed for the sake of all believers!"
The Most Reverend Desmond M. Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus

Why a United Religions now?

*   On the threshold of the first global civilization, we face crises in which people of all faiths play significant roles - for good or ill.

*   Nations have been working for peace through the UN for more than 50 years, but religions do not yet have a daily, global forum for dialogue, conflict resolution, and cooperative action.

*   With the approaching millennium come rising expectations of a new spiritual paradigm, beyond the clash of beliefs, where believers respect the differences as well as the wisdom in other faiths.

*   As emerging "global ethic," initiated at the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions, invites the consensus of religions and spiritual traditions, but also needs a permanent forum for its expression.

William E. Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, has been a primary catalyst for the creation of a United Religions since 1993. Part One is his story building on the work and vision of many others for more than 100 years.

Part Two of this book reflects the work of many others. It includes the 1998 drafts of the Charter, organizational design, and action agendas such as the 72 Hours for Peace project at the New Year, and opportunities for reader feedback and participation.

A CALL TO PARTICIPATE in the BIRTH of the United Religions Initiative

Prepare for the birth with 72 Hours of Interfaith Prayer, Practice and Ceremony June 23 - 25, 2000

You are invited to join with people on every continent to participate in the birth of the URI.

Building on the profound impact of 72 Hours of Peacebuilding Dec. 31 - Jan. 2, 2000, the URI is calling people to support the birth of the URI with 72 hours of prayer, practice and ceremony. The 72 hour period from June 23-25 is an opportunity to welcome the URI with your prayers, meditation and signing ceremonies in locales around the world. Join with others to offer blessings on the new organization, invoking its potential to be an active hope in the world. Invite people to affirm the URI's
purpose and acclaim its birth by signing the opening line of the Preamble to the Charter (see newsletter insert). Signatures from individuals, groups and organizations will allow people all over the world to be a part of the Global Signing Ceremony June 26 and serve to help sustain the spirit of the URI.



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