by W.B.Howard, DESPATCH MAGAZINE March 12, 2000

The connections from one organization to another, one movement to another, which is forming the Union of All in this end time One World is very complex. It is difficult in a more compact magazine to line these connections up properly. Should the reader want deeper and fuller documentation on any matter, please write for it with a donation for costs only. There is so much
documentation here, please be specific.

Let us then put down a simple Outline here:

· National Apostolic-Prophetic 21st Century Church Conference. In Australia, February 1-12 2000. Dr. C. Peter Wagner leads.

· Australian Christian Churches - new Force amalgamated in Australia.

· The Heart of Australia. Pentecostal groups join forces. February, 2000. Dr. C. Peter Wagner and Bill Hybells initiate.

· Hearts on Fire Catholic Conference -July 14-17, 1999. Bill Hybells is mentioned a number of times enthusiastically.

· Fuller Theological Seminary and The US Center for World Missions. Connections with Ralph Winter and Jay Gary UN and NWO facilitator).

- UNITED NATIONS Thrust for Unity and Conformity.

- US Center for World Missions and the UN Politics Agenda.

The main points on this astonishing merger of many organizations here and in the USA would take a book! Startlingly there is
far more behind scenes than one could possibly imagine. One co-worker in America has attempted to get down as much as
she can to alert Christians to the activities of Fuller Theological Seminary which has spawned the US CENTER FOR WORLD
MISSIONS. The name she uses is Neff. These are a few of her comments when we received a file of info late last year:

"I wanted to briefly express my concerns - at the time I thought I was the only one who had seen the whole picture [extreme persecution threatens] force me to send you this in its current form.... It is big enough to get me I severely persecuted! For your information, Neff"

What we have in a nut-shell is that the ACC union here (Australia) of the Pentecostal Churches is a pad of the global
movement to bring a gigantic One World Church together under the Luciferic New Age. Neff told of her shock in visiting US
Center for World Missions, she saw how huge this organization is with millions of ties to churches, groups, denominations,
missions, the UN groups and countless people involved! The funds available seem to be staggering. I will quote from her hastily
prepared note which we received from her by air mail. She has sent us documentation at cost to herself, not just on Internet, so that we Australians can be alerted to the whole picture. You think this ACC merger is just small potatoes? You are wrong, it is part of massive thrust for global power.


A missions strategist, a Fuller "think tank" genius who has contrived methodologies and strategies for the reintroduction of fake gifts and mission to the churches. He co-authored MCS101 Signs and Wonders with John Wimber and took this course globally to every continent. He arid John were the implementers of the so-called restoration of the missing Holy Spirit to the Churches. The Postdenominational Church Movement and AD2000 United Prayer Tract Spiritual Warfare movement are spearheaded by C. Peter Wagner. Involved with him in the work are several dozen church leaders including Francis Frangipane (co-pastor with Reuven Damn - working under direct authority of Latter Rain leader James Watt). Ed Silvoso, T. Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, James Morroco, John Dawson, Esther Linisky, Larry Stockstill, Larry Lea et al.

FROM NEF: [USA]  "Dr Claser - who defined the technology of progression of integration theory."

Basically this was the methodology employed for ecumenism. It is still successfully being used to integrate their doctrines with people globally.

The four steps are:

1. Communication (dialogue and consensus) getting people together so they can "talk" and find areas of agreement ..."consensus." The most successful strategy for implementing "communication" has been to hold ecumenical prayer meetings. This has been employed at the city level-regional level, national level, global level, and has been utilized in areas of interest (secretaries, etc.), and among people groups as well...pastors prayer breakfasts, women's prayer organizations (Aglow), Businessmen (FOBMI), denominations, etc. Concerts of Prayer, and Mission America are currently being employed.

2. Fellowship - due to dialogue and consensus they now begin to like one another, have camaraderie.

3. Cooperation - get together around a common goal or project - like March for Jesus, the Bill Graham Crusades, Spiritual Warfare conferences, General of Intercession, Post-denominational Church Seminars. At this level there are still denominational differences.

4. The fourth and final step of integration is "Association." This is creating a whole NEW ORGANIZATIONAL IDENTITY. Inter-denominational groups were an example, people left their denominations and re-grouped into a new "Form.

Promise Keepers appears to be a new Form (even though they adamantly deny this! their group structure promises to bind men together in groups that will find consensus and so on). [Despatch adds here that Alpha does a similar thing cf. our 2 Alpha Booklets ~ The Alpha Course Friend or Foe" & "Alpha & Diapraxis"]. Antioch Networks and Cell Churches act in bring consensus as well. Where people get involved in all-new organizational structures which become stronger to them than the denomination.


Those involved in the Fuller! US Center for World Missions global enterprises would shock and surprise the reader! Just a few are Richard Foster, Billy Graham who was on the board of trustees, Bill Bright was there during the "think tank" years ... this was a conspiracy! And all these men work in conjunction with David (Paul) Yangi Cho, under the guidance of whom they have modeled their cell group church structure. This cell church structure (and software) includes an integration technology that ties it to Promise Keeper s database, Bethany World Prayer Center, Brigada, et, al. A global database that soon will include every man, woman and child on the earth; where they are, what they are doing, and what ETHNICITY they are! Ethnic cleansing could well be at the root of this monster, and could be a part of a highly kept secret doctrine to eradicate many of those they happily embrace at the moment.

Despatch comment:

This sounds extreme, but we are dealing with incredible forces and power grabs on the earth RIGHT NOW!

Millions of Christian workers are being utilized to bring about their own destruction, all in the name of evangelizing the world...How diabolical...Satanic! Not only does this movement rationalize their need for this information based on a purported need to find the hidden people groups and evangelize the world , but countless millions of Christians have been trained up in, and indoctrinated into their methods and mission. Cho has also been active for years, according to Al Dagar s "Celebration 2000" report on Jay Gary [ Despatch has a booklet on Jay Gary and associates] in the CATHOLIC CHURCH as well. It all comes together at the CHO level ( he founded the Church Growth International and is the pastor of what is purported to be the world s largest "Christian" church with over one million members!)

There is literally not one denominational church organization today that is not at least partially involved in this movement. Many of whom, I am sure, are incredibly gullible and innocent in their participation. (As with all conspiracies the fewer who know the real agenda the better). However, the theology that these promote speaks for itself, and the dearth of true doctrine is the shame of all who join in this movement. They have been deceived into taking up banners, and taking to the streets in a bold display of "power" in Marches for Jesus, because they do not understand the Word of God. The plain fact is that Apostasy is prophesied, not end-time revival of masses. What a huge deception this all is. Our most recent dose of this movement is the "mission America door-to-door data basing in the USA. These are NOT nice people, they are using the churches to set up the numbering system of the ANTICHRIST,"


The US Center for World Missions now effectively oversees the outreach ministry of the entire global evangelical churches. Under the Lausanne banner, AD 2000 and Beyond Movement, GCOWE, project director was Jay Gary while at US Centre! After directing several notable projects there, Gary went on to found B.E.G.I.N. where he developed an AD 2000 campaign aligned with the UNITED NATIONS. The US Center (which has infiltrated C. Peter Wagner into our midst, with his amalgamation of the Pentecostal churches and groups here in Australia) is an umbrella organization for nearly every major missions organization in the world. This is a thinly disguised movement working with the UN agenda, to take dominion over the whole world and implement a fake "biblical theocracy"

This is a political movement of the most powerful order and must not be confused with anything remotely Christianity! It works by "spiritually mapping" every square inch of the globe in huge databases, they use a cell "GRID" to mark every pocket or person or "resistance" to the move of the counterfeit "holy spirit." Targeting every and each true believer who resists the takeover.

Dispatch Issues this warning ...

Do not reveal any personal, intimate data which can be used on files for churches. Do not fill in any Survey Sheets send out by united church organizations by mail. Churches are collecting (in some cases) personal data in cell groups and other areas. Some are compiling congregational profiles on computer disk. To be sent to World Missions groups or personnel? To end up on global databases?)

Naivety and unwise "trust" is foolish. No one has any right to any of your personal information, that is between you and the Lord.

DESPATCH MAGAZINE 12.1 March 2000 W.B.Howard