John Wimber - Deceased Nov. 17, 1997
Following are excerpts from some e-mail on the subject of John Wimber's death.

"John Wimber died this morning. He was recovering from recent heart bi-pass surgery. There will be a memorial service Friday, October 21 at Anaheim Vineyard. For more information you can call the church at (714)777-4777. The church address is:

Anaheim Vineayrd Christain Fellowship
5340 E. La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, California 92807

Please pray for Carol Wimber and the family."

Another e-mail:

"John Wimber fell down a few times over the last few days (apparently had a brain growth), fell down yesterday (Sunday, Nov. 16) and bumped his head and was hospitalized Sunday afternoon. He was declared 99% brain-dead, was taken off life support, and died at 8 a.m. today (Monday, Nov. 17). Memorial service is this Friday at 6 p.m."

Official Anaheim Vineyard response as told to San Fransisco Vineyard Christian Fellowship:

"The details, as told to our Church administrator by Anahiem are: John Wimber died at 8:00 AM PST on Monday Nov 17. He died of a cerebral hemmerage (e.g., bloodclot). At this time, please do NOT call the Anahiem Vineyard for information or details. They will publish a release as soon as they can. At present they are being overwhelmed with phone calls and would appreciate your understanding/assistance by not calling their office at this time."

Teresa Seputis
San Francisco Vineyard Christian Fellowship