Vatican hosts international meeting
on inter-religions dialogue
Weekend News Today
By Andra Brack
Source: ArabicNews

Sun Oct 17,1999 -- The Vatican will host on Oct. 24-28 an international meeting on dialogue between religions on the eve of the 21st century, organizers said. The encounter, to be attended by more than 200 representatives of 50 countries, seeks to "consolidate inter-religions dialogue for a future of peace and solidarity among all humankind," the organizers said. The meeting features side-meetings among the representatives of the different religions. The encounter will be crowned with a final declaration.

DITC Comments:  The Vatican remains at the forefront of interfaith dialog and the signing of covenants and declarations as evidenced by this news story.  At the same time, they are attempting to position themselves as being a perfectly orthodox church by allegedly agreeing (on paper) that they believe that salvation is "by grace through faith in Christ".   Notice that they cannot agree to the Prostestant and Biblical version which states that salvation is "by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone" (sole gratia - sole fide - soli Deo gloria).  The questions then must be asked: "Is Christ the only way, truth and life ... the only way to the Father?"  "Is salvation by the grace of Christ alone without works?"  "Is the only way to appropriate this salvation through faith alone in Christ alone?"  How can they have their cake and eat it too?  Are Evangelicals and Lutherans too blind to see that they have signed on with an apostate church that is setting the world stage for a world church which includes all religions of the world?  I would ask the Lutherans who recently covenanted with the RCC and the Evangelicals who signed the ECT document in particular: "Where is your discernment?" Perhaps a deeper question needs to be asked.  "When you signed your agreement with the RCC, what spirit were you of?"