Ted Haggard Invites Robert Schuller as NAE Speaker
reported by The Calvary Contender, Jerry Huffman-Editor, April 2004

SCHULLER AN N.A.E. SPEAKER-Robert Schuller spoke at the National Association of Evangelicals' annual meeting last month (2/04 BB). He received a standing ovation. But some conservative theologians were concerned over his reinterpreting doctrines of Scripture "to conform to his self-esteem philosophy." In his Self-Esteem book, Schuller says positive Christianity does not hold to human depravity but to human ability, that to be born again means we must be changed from negative to a positive self-image, and that sin is any act or thought that robs myself or another human being of his or her "self-esteem." Further, hell is "the loss of pride that naturally follows separation from God." Some say Schuller is an apostate and universalist. ACCC Exec. Sec'y Dr. Ralph Colas covered the NAE meeting and his report will be ready as soon as free-will-offering funds are available. When you read the quotes from Schuller in Dr. Colas's report next month, you may wonder why the NAE would schedule him and honor him as a speaker!

DITC Comment:  The reason why the NAE now welcomes heretics like Robert Schuller is because they elected one as president.  Please read our other articles on Ted Haggard including:

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You will also want to read the entire section on the New Apostolic Reformation.

Haggard lied about his participation in the International Coalition Of Apostles under "super apostle" C. Peter Wagner, a secret organization with a password protected web site at Apostlesnet.net.  We have videos of the National School Of Apostles held at Ted Haggard's "New Life" church with Haggard as a featured speaker.  We have entire transcripts of his messages on a variety of unbiblical and heretical topics.

The information in the articles above was circulated among most of the NAE membership, but as of 3/21/04 there has been NO response from ANY NAE member!  This lack of response ought to give you an idea of how bankrupt that organization is.  It is no longer being populated with real evangelicals, but increasingly with apostate Third Wavers.  It is high time for true biblical evangelicals to get out of the NAE and find some other avenue of cooperation.  Those that stay in have either already been diapraxed with Third Wave and New Thought (Schuller) heresies or will be soon.  Those who hang out with heretics and false prophets will share in their destruction.

Jeremiah 27:15  ’I have not sent them,’ declares the LORD. ’They are prophesying lies in my name. Therefore, I will banish you and you will perish, both you and the prophets who prophesy to you.’"
The NAR is full of false prophets and false apostles, and now they have taken over the leadership and membership of the NAE.  Let those organizations with any integrity leave the NAE lest they end up under God's judgment!