"Stigmata" At A Kenneth Copeland Meeting

Is "stigmata" now being endorsed by Kenneth Copeland?

Paul Crouch on Benny Hinn's program "This Is Your Day" said that there has been a case of stigmata at one of Kenneth Copeland's meetings.  If this is true, it further illustrates the "spirit" that has been providing "signs and wonders" as well as apparitions in the Roman Catholic context for many years, and is now at work in the Third Wave.  Stay tuned on this one because we hope to get the video tape where this statement was made, as well as the video of the Copeland meeting, if it was taped.  Following are the e-mails we have received on this development so far.

Did you know that Paul Crouch said that there was stigmata at one of Copelands meetings. Will be working on this article of all the "new" stuff. I'll send you the transcript of all this if you need it for the quotes. Just let me know.
Mike Oppenheimer
Let Us Reason

I did not tape the show. But I definitely did hear Crouch make the stigmata statements. His comments about this phenomenon were in the context of him explaining that he is a skeptic.  Hinn and Crouch were talking about the gold dust appearing on Hinn at his Denver meeting.  Crouch was there and saw it.  He used to be a skeptic and then Copeland had him meet the lady who had the stigmata on her hands and head. When he saw it he realized that some things he never believed in before were just unexplainable and he is much more opened minded now. You can always get tapes of previous shows from TBN. I pray someone does have this very important tape for you.

If this story is true this is further evidence that these demonic manifestations are being accepted by the Third Wave.  Soon nothing will be out of bounds, as long as it is "miraculous" in some way.  This is an example of what happens when people lose their ability to discern truth from error.  It also tends to confirm the trends written about by Tricia Tillin and Ed Tarkowski in the following articles:

Doctrines Of Demons by Tricia Tillin, 1999

JANUS: The Return Of The "God" Of New Beginnings by Ed Tarkowski, 1999