"… if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:20

Articles on the false teacher Tommy Tenney. 
(1) Another Story Is Exposed To The Light by Sandy Simpson, 1997
"Another Veil Is Torn In Two" is an article about an event that took place at a Toronto "Blessing" type church in Houston whose pastor is Richard Heard where Tommey Tenney was speaking that has been passed around since October 1996. What I would like to do is quote from the article and give you my comments in bold as we go along. There are some factors involved in this "sign and wonder" that make it very hard for me to believe that this is a sign from God."

(2) A Very Close Look At "God Chasers" By Tommy Tenney by Rev. Bob Liichow, Truth Matters Newsletter, 2000
"There is a book which is sweeping through many charismatic congregations and it is also making inroads into some mainline denominations and evangelical churches too, and that book is The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney. I purchased Mr. Tenney’s book and read it in a couple of hours and I am very concerned about the content of this popular book. I am going to take great pains to make you aware of why I am troubled about this book and I fear for those who blindly swallow the concepts Mr. Tenney sets forth in his writing."

(3) Book Review Of The "God Chasers" By Tommy Tenney by Bill Randles, Believers In Grace Ministries, 2000 
"... Is the GODCHASERS really about the kind of hunger for God that perhaps Tozer wrote of, or Spurgeon, Wesley, Nee and the other giants of the Faith of days gone by? You be the judge. But lest there be any doubt that some other kind of hunger is at work here, consider that the last page of this Destiny Image book is an advertising page featuring the full line of GODCHASERS products, The GODCHASER hat is available for a mere $17.99 and the God chaser shirt is available in four sizes for a mere $16.99, and for those who truly want to attest to this new hunger, the GODCHASERS license plate is available for a mere $6.99!!!!! "

(4) Tommy Tenney's Background & Connections by Sandy Simpson, DITC, 2/00
For those of you who have been duped into believing that Tommy Tenney is a perfectly harmless believer by Christian Book Distributors who just featured his books and videos on the entire back cover of their latest catalog (CBD 2/00), here's a little history lesson on Tenney.  First of all read up on his UPC roots (you know, the guys who deny the Triunity of the Godhead and teach baptismal regeneration!). For more info on UPC check out this article.  Though Tommy left the UPC over its legalism he has never flat out denied his UPC anti-Trinitarian beliefs to our knowledge. Then peruse the trumped up "broken pulpit in Houston" story, and finish off looking at some pictures from a recent Pastors Conference 2000 at TACF with John Arnott and others.  I guess the "laughter" movement isn't dead after all and Tenney is a "shoe" in.

(5) Book Review Of The God Chasers - Chasing Esoteric Gods by Joseph Chambers, Paw Creek Ministries, 2/01 
"False spirits representing themselves as “god” are clearly manifesting throughout the world.  It is Satan’s last-ditch effort to prepare to be the god of this world.  Anyone that wants to encounter God, but refuses the authority of God in His Bible may soon meet a god of his or her own liking.  Whether it is in the “Sophia” worship of the mainline churches, the user-friendly god of the evangelical (Willow Creek), or the Charismatic gods of the “New Wave,” something paranormal is occurring worldwide."

(6) Tommy Tenney And The God Chasers - A Review by Mike R. Taylor, 3/4/01
"The book The God Chasers[TGC] was published in February 1999 by Destiny Image of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.1  The author is Tommy Tenney, an annual speaker at Dave Markee’s church, Follys End, in Croydon, southern England.  Tenney has raised a number of issues as a serious challenge to the Church of today, many of which are valid.  The radical solution to the Church’s malaise which he proposes is examined in this survey.  The issues Tenney raises are rightly disturbing to those who are willing to think seriously about the real state of today’s Church, particularly in the USA and UK. "  Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4

(7) Walk Don't Run by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason, 7/01
"Tommy Tenney - Is he bringing the church to God or away from what God said was needed?"

(8) Tommy Tenney And The God Chasers by Mike R. Taylor, 3/4/01
"A person brought up in the Oneness tradition, which is blatant and utterly unapologetic about such psychological manipulation, yet still calling both his forbears and himself “Spirit-filled”, clearly accepts all such manifestations as true products of the Holy Spirit.  But unless such a person repents of all counterfeits which he has experienced or accepted, he will remain undiscerning in such matters.  His discernment will always be compromised until he stands in clear judgment against past false experiences." Read Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4.

(9) God’s Dream Or Tenney’s Dream? - To Dream The Impossible Dream by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 8/01
"Review on Tommy Tenney's book on what is unity."

(10) TOMMY TENNEY AND "THE GOD CHASERS" - Aren't They Really Just Chasing After the Wind? by G. Richard Fisher, Personal Freedom Outreach, April-June 2001
"If the Church continues to go down the road of distorted Bible interpretation, mysticism, esoteric experiences, neo–gnosticism and fleshly experiments, we know where it will all lead and how the Church will look. The Church will be turned from truth to fables (2 Timothy 4:4) and be led into more error and confusion."

(11) CATCHING GOD: OLD PRACTICES IN NEW PACKAGES - The Further God Pursuits of Tommy Tenney by G.Richard Fisher, Personal Freedom Outreach, 2001
"Tommy Tenney has pulled off a creative switch. What was being called "anointing" and "impartation" for the last sixty years1 is being renamed and repackaged by him under the name "God chasers." While it appears to be the latest Charismatic fad, in reality it is the same old, same old: an old, worn practice in a new package.


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