Volume Four, Issue Nine

Volume 4, Issue 9

Dear All,

This newsletter is to alert the Christian community about another excellent opportunity to refute the heresy and false prophesies of the Third Wave, and in particular, Benny Hinn.

The title of the linked news story is called "Jesus Christ Slated To Star With Benny Hinn ... IN PERSON!" by Sandy Simpson, 4/2/00.  This story provides the details, but suffice it to say that Benny Hinn has legitimized a "prophesy" by Ruth Heflin that Jesus Christ Himself will appear bodily in future Benny Hinn crusade meetings.

This situation presents another in a long series of golden opportunities to refute the ministry of Hinn as well as Heflin.  TBN is also implicated in this nonsense.

There are only a two possible outcomes to this story, and all of them make Hinn and Heflin look bad.  I present them here in order:

(1) Nothing happens.  If nothing happens then Heflin is a false prophet because she supposedly heard this prophesy from an "audible voice".  If nothing happens then the Christian community should also come back to Ruth Heflin and ask her exactly what that "audible voice" was.  This also would prove that Hinn follows and promotes false prophesy.

(2) A man appears on Hinn's show and claims to be Jesus Christ.  Since those of us who actually follow the Word of God know that Jesus Christ will come back in one way and in one way only, He is not going to make that appearance in a Benny Hinn crusade.  Therefore if a man does claim to be Christ on Hinn's show, he is an antichrist if not THE Antichrist.  Lord Maitreya has been claiming through Benjamin Creme for years that he will appear in front of the whole world on TV and speak to his followers telepathically.  There is no doubt that Third Wave counterfeit revivalists have been softened up to the paranormal for some time now through the false anointing, so I would expect a large majority of them to follow whatever their "anointed" leader, Benny Hinn, has to say.  If Benny tells them to follow this false Christ, will they not follow?  In any case, this scenario proves beyond any shadow of doubt where Benny Hinn is coming from.

Benny Hinn has made many false prophesies, taught a multitude of false doctrine, and promotes a false anointing that is not of the Holy Spirit, which is plainly discernible by its fruit, method, and lack of Biblical support.  Those of us who are doing discernment ministries are not surprised to see Benny Hinn make yet another extravagant claim.  But sometimes demonic prophesies are fulfilled, and we should be on the alert for this antichrist's appearance.

This is a stark reminder that there is no better time than today to warn our friends, relatives, neighbors and the world about these false teachers.  We may be running out of time!

In Christ,
Sandy Simpson, missionary