Jesus Christ Slated To Star With Benny Hinn ...
by Sandy Simpson, 4/2/00
UPDATED - 6/20/00!

I received the following e-mails confirming that Benny Hinn has announced that Jesus Christ will appear bodily in Hinn's crusades.  This was "prophesied" by Ruth Heflin, now famous for serving up gold teeth and gold dust all over Christendumb (and I am not misspelling that word!).

Since this cannot possibly be the Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only Son of God, I have to assume it will be an antichrist if not The Antichrist. Lord Maitreya is a good candidate for this deception, as he has already been appearing and disappearing to groups around the world.  Maitreya has long promised to make an appearance on worldwide TV, speaking to those who wish to be deceived telepathically.

Benny Hinn's followers, as well as practically everyone else connected with the Third Wave, have been softened up to the paranormal realm long enough to be receptive to this kind of occult phenomenon.  Read the following e-mails for proof of this predicted event.  See the DITC Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 9 for more commentary on this issue.

Is this likely to happen?  As with all false prophesies, it is hard to tell what shape this will take if any.  I think the chances are pretty good that nothing will happen, in which case we all need to get back to Ruth Heflin and remind her that she heard an "audible voice".  If Maitreya or some other impostor shows up, this may signal the beginning of end time events.  In either case, keep your ears to the ground on this one.

From: H.

I was just wondering if anyone else saw Benny Hinn's program 'This is Your Day' on March 29. He announced that Jesus will be appearing in person - physically - on the platform in upcoming crusades. He knows this because Ruth Heflin heard a word from God - audibly - and she had the message related to Benny. Would it be inconceivable to imagine that Lord Maitreya will make another appearance soon?

You have a wonderful site. It has helped me tremendously in my coming out of Charismania. I would like to suggest that someone do a real search into Kim Clement.

Thanks & God Bless!

I was just wondering if anyone happened to see Benny Hinn announce on Wednesday March 29, 2000 that Jesus will be
showing up physically on the platform in Benny's upcoming crusades? He knows that because God spoke audibly to Ruth
Heflin so she could tell Benny.


Added 4/3/00 - And on with the developing story ...

Thought you'd be interested to know . . .

. . . that last night on TBN (4-2-00) Benny Hinn said that Jesus Christ will be appearing in person in many fellowships in order to let people know that his coming is soon.  Of course in light of this there followed the appeal to send money now to the "cause of Christ" at TBN.  WHOA!  Sad stuff, huh?


Added 4/4/00 - Here is the audio of Hinn making this proclamation.  Click on the following ...

It is March 29, 2000 from the Archived Broadcast drop down list.  The statement is about 10 minutes into the broadcast.

Following is a partial transcript of March 29, 2000 on TBN where Benny Hinn used prophesies of Jesus Christ appearing to raise money for TBN.   This is courtesy of "Let Us Reason" web site and Mike Oppenheimer.  More of this transcript and commentary will be available soon at:

It is of note that Nairobi, Kenya was where Maitreya made an appearance and was photographed on June 11, 1988.  These are the only known photos of the alleged Lord Maitreya.  Notice where "Jesus Christ" is supposed to show up again, according to Benny Hinn!  Coincidence?

Hinn:  "I know deep in my soul something supernatural is going to happen in Nairobi, Kenya.  I feel that I may very well come back. And you and Jan are coming - Paul and Jan are coming to Nairobi with me, but Paul we may very well come back with footage of Jesus on the platform. You know that the Lord appeared in Romania recently and there's a video of it, where the Lord appeared in the back of a church and you see him on video walking down the aisle. Yea. Paul do you remember when I came on TBN years ago I showed you a clip of the Lord appearing in our church in Orlando on the balcony on the wall. Yea you remember that

Paul Crouch: "Yea very well I saw it."

Hinn: "That was eighty, something eighty sixty, whatever. You know I always wondered why the Lord, why did He do that , you know why now I look back that was the beginning of the greatest move of God in our church.  Because 83, 84, 85 were horrible years for me horrible years. '86 the blessings of God began but they began with this manifestation of the Lord's face on the balcony that stayed for 8 weeks, 8 solid weeks. The Lord has done this in the past but He 's about to do it again.  Now here this I'm prophesying this Jesus Christ the son of God is about to appear physically in some churches and some meetings and to many of His people. For one reason to tell you He's about to show up. So wake up Jesus is coming saints. You have held back from the Lord in the past don't you dare do it now. The day will come you will stand before Him and give an answer. How dare we not give to God?  How dare we hold back?  Who do we think He is -- some neighbor of ours? He's God Almighty -- we fear the Lord God of hosts. He's not some man -- He's God. If Jesus tonight appeared on this platform here and looked through this camera and said to you I need your offerings so I can touch the world, would you give Him? Of course. Well I've got news for you.  He's saying it, He's saying it, He's saying it through his servants, He's saying it through his Word He's saying it. The Bible clearly states "how shall they go unless they be sent?" And God is speaking to you so obey him. Some of you need to give large sums tonight.  Don't you give those small sums if you have the large sums. Many of you have those small sums.  The best you can give is all God wants from you. The best you can give is all expects of ya. But some of you watching right now have money in the bank your gonna leave it behind, You may even lose it unless you obey God tonight. Give to God tonight.  God is speaking to you now.  Do you know by holding back from God you're keeping God's blessings from your family by holding back from the Lord?  You're saying "No, Lord, I don't want you presence in my home." And when you call tell the Lord "I'm sowing tonight because I believe what this man is saying on TV. I believe what Benny Hinn is saying is what I need to hear.  The anointing of God is about to invade my home, my life my children. I'm giving in faith believing Lord that my seed will touch your heart."  In fact I'm going to say something I never said on a telethon I believe that God is healing people while they are making a pledge tonight. There are people getting healed making a pledge. No, no, you are not paying for that healing, and you know that. But God is honoring you for your obedience and touching your body ..."

Added 4/8/00 - Here's the relevant transcribed portion of the 3/29/00 TBN program where Hinn refered to the Ruth Heflin prophesy.

Benny Hinn with Steve Brock
"This is Your Day" - Television broadcast
03-29-00 From 700 Club Studios, Virginia Beach, Va.

Hinn: "Iím gonna show you the power of God on young people, I know you may have seen this before, maybe you havnít - if you have, youíll get blessed all over again. Iím in Pheonix Arizona this Thursday and Friday. What youíre about to see is gonna happen there, so you in Pheonix make sure you show up for that crusade. Now, what youíre gonna see happens usually at the last night at the end of the service for the young people. Itís gonna be a powerful crusade, great, great things. Let me tell you something. The Holy Spirit has spoken, He told me He is about to show up. Oh, I gotta tell you this just before we go. I had a word of prophecy from Ruth Heflin, you know who Ruth Heflin is? Ruth prophesied over me back in the seventies. Everything she said has happened. She just sent me a word through my wife and said: The Lord spoke to her audibly and said, That He is going to appear physically in one of our crusades in the next few months. Yeah, She... Iím telling ya,.. she said, the Lord spoke to her audibly and said, tell Benny Iím going to appear physically on the platform in his meetings. Lord, do it in Phenox Arizona in the name of Jesus! And in Kenya too, Lord, please, Lord, in fact, do it in every crusade. In Jesusí name."

To hear the above statement in audio form from the original video clip of 3/29/00, click here!  It is an .mp3 file so you will need an .mp3 player like Winamp to listen to it.

I have had response to this news story in the form of this type of objection:  "Hey, don't put God in a box.  If Jesus wants to show up, He can show up any time He wants."  Sound familiar?  It's back to the same old tired false argument they have overused a million times.

The "don't put God in a box" argument is dealt with in my booklet called "What Should I Say".  Those who ues this argument just so they can continue to believe in Benny Hinn no longer show any regard for the words of Jesus Christ Himself.  Jesus addressed this EXACT issue in telling the circumstances of His bodily return to earth.  The following verses show clearly that Benny Hinn, Ruth Heflin and anyone who believes what they prophesy are following "false Christs" and "false prophets".   Since Hinn already declared himself a "little messiah" and a "God-man", Hinn is both a "false Christ" and "false prophet".

Let's see what Jesus has to say about all this:

Matt. 24:23-27   At that time if anyone says to you, `Look, here is the Christ!' or, `There he is!' do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect--if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. "So if anyone tells you, `There he is, out in the desert,' do not go out; or, `Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it.  For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Could it be any clearer?  This is the dividing line!  If you are a true believer it is time to decide which side are you on?  Are you with those who follow Jesus' words, the Word of God ... or with those who are making up their theology as they go.

UPDATE:  Prophesies were made by Ruth Heflin and promoted as a word from God by Benny Hinn repeatedly in March 2000 that Jesus Christ would appear "physically" in Hinn's Nairobi and Nashville crusades.  Those crusades have now come and gone as of this 6/20/00 writing.  Benny Hinn and Ruth Heflin have again been proven to be false prophets who care nothing about the very words of Jesus Christ Himself.  It is worth noting that not only did Jesus not appear physically on stage with Benny in Nairobi, but four people died waiting for Hinn's "healing" touch.  Here's the news story from the Vancouver Sun:

The Vancouver Sun
May 4, 2000

"4 Kenyans die waiting for miracle-cure man: The victims, including two young children, were hoping to be cured by a visiting American evangelist.

NAIROBI -- Four Kenyans, including two young children, died at a religious meeting while they waited for miracle cures from a visiting American evangelist, a paper said Wednesday.

Police told the Kenya Times the four had been released from hospital to be cured at Benny Hinn's ''Miracle Crusade'' in the Kenyan capital on Sunday, but they died before Hinn could pray for them.

The dead included a four-month old baby girl and a three-year old girl who was reported to have been
suffering from a heart complaint.

Ten other people suffered serious injuries including broken jaws after falling from trees they had climbed to get a view of the American preacher, who was reported to have attracted up to a million people to his two-day weekend meeting.

Hinn regularly preaches to vast audiences across the United States and his shows are broadcast on Kenya's terrestrial religious channel every night.

Preachers promising miracle cures from ailments ranging from AIDS to blindness have become increasingly popular in recent years in Kenya, a country where health care is out of the reach of many ordinary people and living standards have been gradually falling for years."

How many more will have to die physically and spiritually before these false prophets are denounced by true believers?