Night Marchers and UFOs on the Big Island
by Sandy Simpson, 1/13/14

Night Marchers representation

With the resurgence of the old religion of Hawaii and the continual invocation of Pelé and other "deities" for years in the secular culture and even in churches with regards to worshipping 'Io, is it any wonder that those beings are beginning to manifest again?  In a story called "Night Marchers" on the Kawaihae site and in a YouTube video on the same subject, eyewitnesses claim all kinds of sightings that they think are the warriors, ancestors and demi-gods of Hawaii coming back.  Interestingly the first book the Hawaiian Heritage site recommends in its "Suggested Reading" list is "Perpetuated in Righteousness" by Daniel Kikawa that we reviewed in our book "Idolatry In Their Hearts" by Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer. Since Kikawa claims that 'Io is the True God and one that the Hawaiians worshipped in secret, we have to wonder if Kikawa also thinks 'Io is showing up in these night marches? Since YWAM, Aloha Ke Akua and Hilo New Hope participated in worshipping 'Io at the "edge of Hale-ma'uma'u Crater" it sounds like they have all been inviting the old "gods" to return to Hawaii.

As we stood at the edge of Hale-ma'uma'u Crater, singing praises to 'Io (Jehovah/Savior), thoughts of what took place 171 years earlier on that very ground, were on the minds of all who came. Included in our present celebration were prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for Hawaii. In 1824 Chieftess Kapiolani (not to be confused with Queen Kapiolani) made that same trek from Kona to the volcano - by foot. It took her two months. Many had tried to convince her not to go. But she felt compelled by God, as if on a divine mission. This true Hawaiian story is not unlike Elijah and his confrontation with Baal, described in 1 Kings 18. After this event at Kilauea, many Hawaiians - including Kahunas (ancient Hawaiian priests) of Pele, believed in Jesus, as the Christ - 'Io. {See article on the Hula, this issue}. Included in our present celebration were prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for Hawaii. There was also special music by Leon Siu and friends, and hulas by young Hawaiian Christians, telling of the historical event. As the crowd disbursed joyfully about three hours later, there was a strong sense of having participated in a very significant event in Hawaii's spiritual history. I'm soooo glad I went!! Later in the day the celebration continued at "The Gathering Place" (Hilo New Hope).  'Io - Jehovah God- is indeed alive and well in Hawaii nei. ('Io.html)
So is it any wonder that the "old gods" of Hawaii are beginning to make a comeback in the islands?  But are these "night marchers" and "ufos" gods or extraterrestrials?  No.  It is clear these are manifestations of demonic activity as the enemy can see that opposition to his kingdom has fallen to the weakest point with many churches buying into the "supreme beings" nonsense of Don Richardson and Daniel Kikawa.  Kikawa has a new book out with more mythology, which Richardson has endorsed, entitled "God of Light, God of Darkness" where he retells a number of myths told to him by "the matriarch of the ‘Iokane family'".  This book should be sold as fiction but it is not.  It is being claimed as the truth about the religious history of Hawaii.  But it is clear that many of the stories do not square with true historical accounts. 'Io was not a secret god of Hawaii, but was a secret god of the Maori made up after contact with Protestant missionaries in order to sway the people back under the authority of the shamans ('Io - The Hawaiian Supreme God  by Mike Oppenheimer).  The only evidence of anything called "'Io" in Hawaii in ancient times was a hawk by that name. "The Hawaiian hawk was a royal symbol in Hawaiian legend, and it is sometimes called “'Iolani,” or “Exalted Hawk”, which was the name of Kamehameha IV and the 'Iolani Palace." (  If this hawk was being worshipped that would have been consistent with the animistic nature of island religions in virtually every island of the Pacific where birds, fish, rocks, trees and other created things were being worshipped.  Kikawa made up this religion from using very bad research and stories told to him by people whose myths cannot really be checked out.  Read "Idolatry In Their Hearts" for more information on this subject.

Having grown up in the islands of Palau since 1962 I was witness myself to many demonic episodes.  When you live in a place that has not totally divorced itself from the occult you will see these things.  I saw fire balls underwater, not phosphorescence, but big bright balls moving a much faster speeds that any fish.

Fireballs in the water

I saw torches in places where no person goes ... not just me but many others have seen ghostly entities.  We felt the presence of demons in their attempt to frighten and intimidate.  Black entities actually showed up and spoke to me in my mind.  I was witness to a number of demonic possessions.  One man was demonized by little green people.  I experienced demons coming out of individuals whom God delivered in revealing their true nature after having fooled their victims into thinking they were a dead grandmother or auntie. I could go on.  You can believe me or not, but the point is that these entities were not benevolent, nor were they any kind of gods, except that they were still being worshipped by some.

The fact that so many churches in the islands have bought into the false teachings of the World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People movement through the mythologies strung together by Inclusivists Don Richardson, Daniel Kikawa, Richard Twiss, YWAM and many others has left the islands open to the resurgence of demonic beings.  The fact that so many church leaders are getting together with false teachers, false prophets, heretics and false apostles to pray in "transformation" to Hawaii is forging an unholy alliance that the enemy is sure to take advantage of.  Not just Hawaii, but most of the other islands in the Pacific are going through the same things.  Rather than thank the Lord for the first missionaries who came shod in "feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace" (Eph. 6:15) they have repeatedly vilified missionaries and are thereby opening the door to the very demonic entities whose influence was drastically inhibited by the presence of true Christians and the Gospel message.

"Christians should cease representing Jesus as the Son of the foreign God of a foreign people, especially if these foreigners had never shown concern for nor had any involvement in the lives or culture of the natives. God lovingly created them in the beginning never left them without a witness and, in his great love for them, even sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for them!" (Daniel Kikawa, Perpetuated in Righteousness, 4th edition, p. 27, cited in Idolatry In Their Hearts by Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer)

“Indigenous peoples have perpetually been put in the position of the mission field never fully recognized as been given gifts and callings and anointings to be coequal partners …” (Richard Twiss, Word to the World with host Danny Lehmann, KLHT, 2001, show #541)

A few years ago some friends and I were contemplating how we would be able to reach indigenous peoples and we thought that what was prevalent at that time was a misconception among, within the church of God's presence here in the islands.  The misconceptions that, as was expressed earlier, was that God didn't arrive until the missionaries arrived.  You know, and so when we started to look at this we started to look into our culture and see what things within our culture what God had originally intended for this particular group of people, Hawaiians. (leon Siu, Aloha Ke Akua, "Word to the World" by Danny Lehmann, KLHT 1040 radio in Honolulu, HI in late 2001)

Of course YHWH was foreign to Hawaiians as He was to all Gentile cultures.  The missionaries brought news of Jesus Christ to the oppressive cultures of the Pacific and many were freed from the chains of demonization.  But now they want to bring it all back.